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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator - Official Proof 1 ( ...

Barack Obama Faked Birth Certificate!

See definitive proof that President Barack Obama’s birth certificate was faked using adobe illustrator program. Since it was absolutely faked, the question remains, why was it faked? And why was it faked so badly, with very little skill employed by whoever did the faking? The answer, of course, is that the Mindset, the luciferian agenda, needs it to be discovered as being a fake. The Thought Process, which is the luciferian egregore group of Thinking Entities must manipulate the masses into a frenzy and state of confusion, so as to bring about the events that have yet to unfold surrounding the 44th president and all things Lion King related.



  1. So they can release another obvious fake death image of OSAMA, but can't look into OBAMAS BIRTH? It should be obvious to anyone with the most basic graphic design experience.

  2. Yes iAdmin, when the Government recently released the information on OBAMA's birth certificate, I looked at it and imediately thought there was something wrong with the document but didn't know what it was about it but I do now.

    By doing such an amature job with photoshopping this certificate, it would appear they want us to find out it's fake! I'm courious why Donald Trump hasn't said anymore about it recently. Not that it means much but he was very aggressive about it few weeks ago. Now he has gone soft it may seem.

    Also, I really don't care if Obama is legally born in the US or not because whoewver is president, won't make a fucking bit of difference anyway. They are not in control. It's the hidden power many will never see that run the world. The "Bankster" and a few others. :)

  3. Yeah this is so blatently fudged it's pretty ridiculous, I opened this up myself in AI to check it out and it's just like the vid says...If it was a true scanned document, it would be a flat pixelated image, not in layers...

  4. Cool. Thanks TD for checking that out and verifying it. WTF? They want us to find don't they. Idiots, all of them (our so called leaders I mean)!

    The singer Roger Whitaker once said a joke that rang so true..

    "Politicians are like bananas, They hang in a bunch, they are all yellow and not a straight one among them." LOL