"Always be aware, that humanity, the whole population of the world, is illusory. That includes the one reading these words. Humanity is not real or valid. The illusory body of humanity is not at all who and what we really are. We have simply been conjured up, given a 3D name, body, mind and spirit/energy, (all aspects which are fake), and then filled with endless suggestions in our illusory brain, that this is who we really are. From this point on, in our 3D life experience, believing that our 3 dimensional life experience is real, leads to endless confusion and suffering. This belief manifests the notion of being imprisoned. However, we are not imprisoned, but if we believe we are, then for all intents and purposes, we might as well be." - Bryan Kemila, IlluminatiMatrix


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Saturday, November 28, 2009

IlluminatiMATRIX Update - November 26 – 27, 2009

Another oddity occurs on these days. The USA celebrates Thanksgiving on November 26, 2009, which coincides with the Islamic Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca. As mentioned previously, the Hajj is a luciferian ritual, in the same fashion as all gatherings of people with strong emotional intent. This year, the Hajj has attracted 3 million faithful to Mecca, only to be greeted by 2.76″ of rain on the first day. This is more rain than is normally received in a whole year in this part of the world.

November 26/27 – 2009 is 76-77 days before the 2010 Olympics begin in Vancouver. In this first day of the Hajj, 77 people have drowned from the flooding that’s occurred as the pilgrims arrived in the RED SEA coastal city of Jiddah. Once again, a world event, the largest religious gathering of the year, includes a sacrifice to the gods of Olympus. Even though this is occurring in Saudi Arabia and is to honour Allah, keep in mind, that all the mythological gods of all nations and cultures, are but one and the same gods. The names and faces are only changed to protect the guilty.


As mentioned, this Hajj ritual coincides with another luciferian ritual called Thanksgiving. Barack Obama graciously pardoned a 45 lb. TURKEY the day before Thanksgiving, bearing the name of COURAGE.

45 = 4+5 = 9
45 coincides with 9 on the 4th clockface.

Yet another oddity coincides with both the Hajj ritual and the USA Thanksgiving ritual. That being the 1 year anniversary of the attack on MUMBAI India, on November 26, 2008. What’s very peculiar about this 1st anniversary of the Mumbai attack, is that the 1st State Dinner given by Barack Obama just 1 day before, was to honour the friendship of India and the USA, and the guest of honour was the Prime Minister of India, Mohan Singh.


The same day of this 1st State Dinner, the largest animal sacrifice in the world occurred in Nepal India, high in the Himalayas. Over 200,000 animals were slaughtered in ritual sacrifice. Bulls, goats, chickens and pigeons were offered to a Hindu god who would grant prosperity and rid evil if the faithful would eat the meat. This included hundreds of bulls, not just the odd token bull.

All of these events are occurring at the same time, with a very unusual set of circumstances linking them together. Today is November 26, 2009, and tomorrow, November 27, 2009, is 77 days before the Olympics begin.

NOVEMBER 27 – 2009 = 2+7=9 / 11 / 09

NOVEMBER 27 – 2009 = 3×3x3 the MAGIC CUBE or KAABA / 11 / 09

November 27 is also known as BLACK FRIDAY in the USA as the population looks for special deals when shopping.

November 26, the Hajj pilgrims journeyed to the Plains of Arafat, then prayed on the Mountain of Arafat for ‘World Peace’. The next stage of the Hajj celebration is for the faithful to gather pebbles, then journey to the JAMARAT BRIDGE (a J and B word) to STONE the DEVIL. If the reader recalls years of media footage, where Islamic and Arabic nations refer to the United States of America as the Great Satan, or the Devil, its not a stretch to consider who they’ll be stoning symbolically on November 27, 2009.

Black Friday – Dubai $80 Billion In Debt

77 DAYS Before 2010 Olympics

November 27, 2009 – The Arabic city state of Dubai announced on November 26, (when Wall Street was closed for Thanksgiving) that it needs an extra 6 months to meet its payments to creditors. Dubai owes a total of $80 Billion. This announcement sent stock markets reeling around the world, except for the Wall Street in New York which was closed. This also coincided with an Arabic holiday in the Gulf region. Dubai, the city which boasts the World’s Tallest Building at 2600 feet in height (800 metres), and which will open at the end of 2009, is also building the largest airport in the world, (out in the middle of the desert). Dubai has the largest shopping mall in the world, (DUBAI = DO BUY), and the largest hotel in the world. With this credit crunch just announced, combined with the falling USA dollar, exactly 77 days before the Olympics begin in 2010, the stage is being set for a New World CURRENCY, … and it has little or nothing to do with MONEY.

A few symbolic numbers in regards to Dubai:

Dubai’s coordinates = 25 degrees N / 55 degrees E
25 coincides with 1 on the 3rd clockface = 5×5
55 coincides with 7 on the 5th clockface = 5×11 sacrifice and death / 7 perfection and completion / 5 sacrifice

The Birj Dubai – the world’s tallest building = 2,684 ft. tall = 2+6+8+4=20 which coincides with 8 total control. Measured in metres, the Birj is 818 metres tall. 8+1+8=17 = 1+7=8, once again, total control. 17 also coincides with 5 (sacrifice) on the 2nd clockface.

The Birj Dubai is 160 stories. This number relates to that of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president, the LION KING, the Great Sphinx within the luciferian agenda. As well, this relates to Barack Obama, the 44 president = 4×4 = 16 and his symbolic connections to Lincoln.

It should be noted that Dubai has built 3 island communities by dredging the sand from the sea. The obvious subliminal needs no explanation. These are called WORLD DUBAI. One of the communities goes by the name of The PALMS = Pay ALMS.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CARE – The Implementation of Hypnotic Control

If the Elite's NWO master Plan for Utopia is so great then why all the wars, death, destruction, starvation, SECRECY and LIES?

I see all countries are passing Gestapo style anti-terrorism laws that allow them to target people that criticize government. Thought crimes.
The truth is being suppressed. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. We are like the ants driving off the elephant, we don't need a leader.
The Theorem of Cognitive Dissonance holds that the mind automatically and involuntarily rejects information not in line with previously held beliefs.

Keep following the Elite's script to global Armageddon and a one world dictatorship as laid out in their book, the revelations.

Sycophants to authority all simply going along with it.
I love that you are educating yourself but there are only a few million people awake globally at the present time. If you could think of better content for the short clips take it away. I'm just sharing suppressed information. I see a large grassroots movement growing slowly, email and internet video sharing sites as well as p2p is causing the global conscience to stir. I see family and friends physically sick from what they now see is going on. No more hiding from the facts.

Derren Brown NLP - Embedding disabled by request


It seems so right to CARE… however, the religions of the world CARE … passionately … according to the Laws of God and the Love of God … BUT – THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS GOD! So what’s going on? There’s a luciferian Light Bringing egregore group of Thinkers who have conjured up a massive light illusion where the concept of CARING is promoted by the elite families of the world. The RED CROSS is a Rockefeller organization. The Salvation Army and their RED SHIELD APPEAL is a Rothschild (or RED SHIELD – Thor’s Child) corporation.

Every year during Christmas (Christ’s MASS, or Christ’s BIRTH) which is also Christ’s Death, or the celebration of the MASS, the Red Shield appeal goes out to appear to fix the woes of the world. This is just another example of instilling confusion,, or hypnotic manipulation, where the birth of Christ, or Christ-MAS, is also the event celebrated within Christian churches as the MASS, symbolizing the celebration of the Lord’s Supper, the Last Supper, which in turn symbolizes his death. This Mass is celebrated endlessly in the Roman Catholic Church, the first such organization formally adopting this ritual, and is shown throughout this site to actually be the MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB in the Lord’s Illusory Day of Judgment. Therefore, every Christmas, the celebration of the Birth of Christ, celebrates the Death of Christ, and is in reality, establishing the illusory reality, where the Marriage Supper of Christ’s Judgment is designed to fall upon the world.

From this subliminal manipulation, the SANTA / SATAN ritual, with his REINDEER / REIGN RED / BLOOD coming DOWN / Death OWN / Death NOW / Death WON from the NORTH POLE / THRONE POLE in a SLEIGH / SLAY to bring PRESENTS / PREY SENTS for everyone, has graced this illusory reality for all these illusory years, establishing the cataclysm of the Lord’s Judgment now being witnessed in its formation and execution.


Jesus supposedly said to Peter, ‘Thou art Peter (meaning stone), and upon this ROCK I’ll build my church’. This is the ROCK of CARING and CURING, and is the ROCK instituting SICKS-NESS, or 666, at its very foundation. - IlluminatiMATRIX pg 48 -

Mind Control Overview, Hypnosis, CIA MKUltra, Psychiatry, Conspiracy Theory, Psychology.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The LUCIFERIAN MINDSET - Sarah Palin/The PAIL/The DIPPER & William Cooper

Luciferianism constitutes the nucleus of the ruling class religion. While there are definitely political and economic rationales for elite criminality, Luciferianism can account for the longevity of many of the oligarchs' projects. Many of the longest and most brutal human endeavors have been underpinned by some form of religious zealotry. The Crusades testify to this historical fact. Likewise, the power elite's ongoing campaign to establish a socialist totalitarian global government has Luciferianism to thank for both its longevity and frequently violent character. In the mind of the modern oligarch, Luciferianism provides religious legitimacy for otherwise morally questionable plans...

The Pure Luciferian Doctrine Revealed - William Cooper


We’re manipulated into performing acts of CARING, when in reality, the intellectual and religious systems of the world are conjuring up the 3 dimensionals systems of disease, sickness and death, and then, through the elite corporations that serve this luciferian Mindset, they go about asking the population of the world to FIX THE PROBLEMS through CARING for one another. Of course, this is an illusory world and consists of only Light manipulation, and is impossible to fix!

Something’s truly fucked up here!

Why don’t they just tell us the truth about what’s transpiring? Why don’t the religious, political and intellectually indoctrinated elite of the world inform the population that everything is a scam, a sham, a total and complete act of terror upon the illusory population of the world, for the ultimate purpose of attempting to acquire TOTAL CONTROL of our eternal Paradise State. Of course, the elite leaders of the world can’t tell us, because they simply don’t know what it is they’re doing, or who it is they serve. Indoctrination in intellectual endeavors breeds a leadership so lacking in wisdom and the concept of reality, … and yet they run the world. This alone should clue everyone in on the real value of this 3D illusory world, when the grandest of lunatics are placed in charge of coordinating its course.

But why doesn’t everyone clue in? Everyone is unable to clue in, because everyone believes the illusion, the illusion that they truly are REAL BEINGS as manifested in this 3D illusory light show. When all the while, who and what we really are, is the Eternal Wisdom and Freedom of the Paradise State. Not to shabby when you consider it! We are that already, and the hypnotic Thought Process manifests this 3D illusion to create the deception that appears to separate us from this truth.

Hypnosis is a powerful manipulation tool! What we truly are is still intact. We are still the One Wisdom and Eternal Ultimate Expression of Being. But for the 3D illusion MASQUERADING / MOSQUERADING as some form of reality, we could recognize and reclaim this ultimate power, freedom, joy and liberty right now. Reclaiming this eternal strength is achieved by simply disconnecting emotionally from placing any value on the 3D illusion. Just let go! The mind is the tool they use to keep us locked in emotion, locked in the concept of CARING, when in reality, when we emotionally disconnect from the illusion, there would be no appearance, or illusory manifestation of pain, suffering, disease, or death, and the notion of CARING would be a concept with nothing to apply it to.

The ROCK, with all its CARE, CERE, CIRE, CORE, and CURE concepts (as shown in the chart above), is the luciferian Thought Process and the Mindset of bondage. This has been designed to disconnect us from reality. To become slaves to an illusory system as we relate fervently to our illusory life experience as if it were real. Truly an ingenious plan, but to implement such a plan, the EGO that initiated this Thinking Process, has to lack, and be completely separated from, the freedom, liberty and wisdom that’s inherent within the eternal Reality State. This is a mindset that’s completely contrary to CARING, and the notion of CURING; it’s a mindset dedicated to suffering, pain, disease and death… with just a touch of eternal damnation thrown in, just in case there are a few stragglers attempting to break free. This is also the Mindset that promotes and appeals to the masses to CARE and to promote a CURE. The HYPOCRATIC oath is just that, HYPOCRISY and HYPNOSIS. by Bryan Kemila

All the best moments of Sarah Palin interviews, starring Sarah Palin, Charlies Gibson, Katie Couric, Sean Hannity, and special guest appearance from John McCain himself...

I'm sorry...Palin is such an idiot. How does someone like this get in to office and a position of power? NO other Sarah Palin interview or video is needed, this one say it all.

Welcome to the matrix where anything goes.

Sarah Palin – The PAIL – The DIPPER
Sarah Palin Book Tour = RAHS PAIL KABAAH ROUTE = R-OZ (ROSE) Little DIPPER Kabaah Route 66

The release of Sarah Palin’s Book Tour corresponds to the Olympic Torch Relay. On November 16, 2009, the flooding that began in the Pacific Northwest coincided with the kick-off of the Palin interview with Oprah Winfrey. The next day, the 6.6 earthquake in the Queen Charlotte Islands, which occurred 666 kilometres from the site of the 2010 Olympics, coincided with the launch of Sarah Palin’s Book Tour. At the same time the Olympic Torch Relay is playing out as it passes over the exact point on the Queen Charlotte Islands where the 6.6 earthquake occurred. The Torch Relay then circles the northern territories of Canada and before dipping down below the 4 Corner Cross of Nunavut Territory, circling the area of the Canadian Shield (Orion’s Shield), before heading to eastern Canada and making its way along the St. Lawrence on its way back to Vancouver and the 2010 Olympics.

THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE! This is initiating even more sacrifice and suffering. - IlluminatiMATRIX pg 48 -

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ultimate Warrior: Robert Duncan O'Finioan!

Project Camelot interviews Duncan O'Finioan

Duncan O'Finioan was the Ultimate Warrior... brainwashed, conditioned and controlled as part of a highly classified MKULTRA program called PROJECT TALENT. From a thousand others trained as child warriors in 1966, he is now, he believes, only one of 20 left alive to tell the story.

In his powerful and compelling testimony for the camera -- one of the most extraordinary we have ever heard -- Duncan describes: -- His mission to "terminate" the very drunk, future President of the United States... George W Bush;
-- His dizzying enhanced physical and psychic abilities... including the abilities to hurl someone across the room with his mind, and walk through a solid wall;
-- How he and 11 other children were flown to Cambodia to deliver a targeted death blow to all the surrounding Khmer Rouge troops... using only the combined power of their minds;
-- How his right arm is "hardwired" and is capable of astonishing speed and strength;
-- His struggle to regain his memory, aided by a car accident which led to the discovery of a cranial implant uncovered by an MRI machine... deactivating the implant and causing the MRI machine to catch fire;
-- His role as a programmed assassin, targeting Americans under the command of an undisclosed agency;
-- The selection, torture, and brutal training process that he endured... and which children are undergoing to this day;
-- And more...

Twenty years later, Duncan (who is of mixed Cherokee and Irish blood) comes forward to tell the truth about the Ultimate Warrior project: how he was chosen, groomed and tortured into becoming the perfect fighting machine, combining physical superiority with the extraordinary mental abilities of a psychic spy.

Fearless, principled, and determined to regain control over his life, Duncan O'Finioan tells his story in detail. Do not miss this interview.

To contact Bill Ryan or Kerry Cassidy, please e-mail us at support@projectcamelot.org.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lord Christopher Monckton - Lord of climate change sceptics hot under collar!

Lord Christopher Monckton believes a treaty in Copenhagen next month would create a new tyranny in world affairs. Photo: Jerry Galea

Lord Monckton served as a policy adviser to Margaret Thatcher. He has repeatedly challenged Al Gore to a debate to which Gore has refused. Monckton sued to stop Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth" from being shown in British schools due to its inaccuracies. The judge found in-favor of Monckton, ordering 9 serious errors in the film to be corrected. Lord Monckton travels internationally in an attempt to educate the public about the myth of global warming.

Michael Coren with Lord Christopher Monckton - part 1 - 5

NO DARK and smoke-filled room greeted the man Prime Minister Kevin Rudd decries as part of a worldwide conspiracy of sceptics intent on sabotaging any new climate treaty.

Instead, a gathering of avowed ''sensible'' environmentalists listened closely in the plush surrounds of Melbourne's Park Hyatt Hotel to a speech by Britain's Lord Christopher Monckton, who dismissed as ''bogus'' fears of global warming.

''Those who have been fostering what is essentially a baseless scientific scam have being trying to make the obvious sound absurd and the absurd sound obvious, and we are now going to turn the tables on them,'' Lord Monckton said.

With a rapid-fire computer slide-show as counterpoint to the famed warnings by former US vice-president Al Gore, Lord Monckton set out to an Institute of Public Affairs conference what he called a litany of lies by the United Nations on climate change. Most egregiously, Lord Monckton said, UN reports on climate change ignored evidence of global temperatures that were higher during medieval times than now.

He also rejected often-cited claims that 2500 scientific papers have backed the case for climate change, as well as the analysis of data that showed the problem was worsening.

''I'm calling these lies because that is what they are; they are deliberate attempts to mislead,'' he said.

Mr Rudd last week repeatedly called Lord Monckton, an adviser to former British Conservative prime minister Margaret Thatcher, a ''world government conspiracy theorist'', warning that unfounded and sceptical claims were hampering climate change negotiations.

''When Monckton speaks, prime ministers tremble,'' the British peer quipped yesterday during a video link-up from London.

Lord Monckton warned that the treaty proposed for climate talks in Copenhagen next month would create a new tyranny in world affairs.

''What I think will happen at Copenhagen is they won't agree on how much emissions for each country,'' he said.

''The bureaucrats will then sidle forward with their silky voices and their shiny shoes and their shiny pants, and they will say, 'Well, Prime Minister, you've come all this way, you need to go back with something. Why don't we all agree just to carry forward the institutional framework.

''And thus, by stealth - by bureaucratic coup d'etat - a world dictatorship, long the aim of those who set up the UN's climate panel, will have come into being.''

On October 14, Lord Christopher Monckton gave a presentation in St. Paul, MN on the subject of global warming. In this 4-minute excerpt from his speech, he issues a dire warning to all Americans regarding the United Nations Climate Change Treaty that is scheduled to be signed in Copenhagen in December 2009.

Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty? 4:00Mins

Full Speech...Lord Christopher Monckton's presentation in St. Paul, MN

There has been considerable debate raised about Monckton's conclusion that the Copenhagen Treaty would cede US sovereignty. His comments appear to be based upon his interpretation of the The Supremacy Clause in the US Constitution (Article VI, paragraph 2). This clause establishes the Constitution, Federal Statutes, and U.S. TREATIES as the supreme law of the land. Concerns have been raised in the past that a particularly ambitious treaty may supersede the US Constitution. In the 1950s, a constitutional amendment, known as the Bricker Amendment, was proposed in response to such fears, but it failed to pass. You can read more about the Bricker Amendment in a 1953 Time Magazine article:


Monday, November 9, 2009

November 5 – 2009 – 99 Days Before Olympics!

H1N1 – Swine Flu

The text that follows shows some of the symbolism in the contrived title applied to the Swine Flu.

H1N1 = H the 8th letter / 1 / N the 14th letter / 1 = 8+1+14+1=24 / 2+4=6
or again 8+1+1+4+1=15 the deity number / 1+5=6

The title H1N1 relates to the 6, or SICKSNESS of the Holy SEE, or Holy CEASE, or the Holy SIX (en francais)

H1N1 = 8-1-N-1 = ATE ONE N ONE = Consummation and the number 1 and 1, or 11.

H1N1 = H + A the 1st letter / N + A the 1st letter = HANA = ANNA = ANANNA the QUEEN of HEAVEN = MARY the Mother of God = Saint ANN Mother of Mary = Immaculate conception of Mary by Saint Ann – 66 DAYS before Olympic Games begin.

H1N1 = HANA = ANN = December 8 – 2009 = Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

The H1N1 Flu is just another subliminal suggestion, linking the cleansing of the earth to the Environmental Green Movement, and the ancient illusory myth of domination of the Paradise State. The flu relates again to the Flood of the Queen of Heaven that fosters hysteria and fear, the prime ingredients for manipulating the population, keeping the distraction intact that separates us from our original wisdom state of freedom and liberty.

The London Telegraph newspaper ran this headline yesterday:

Climate change belief given same legal status as religion

This headline was based on the court case regarding employment dismissal of Tim Nicholson, 42, of Oxford UK. It was concluded that strong environmental conviction is tantamount to the philosophical views of a religion.


The month of November in the year 2009, is a month of 9-11’s. Everyday this month is associated with the symbolic numbers of 9, the 9th year, and 11, the 11th month. The events built into the luciferian agenda will come to some sort of symbolic fruition during this month, either reaching a plateau, or initiating the next stage. Events are unfolding extremely fast, and for the most part, not being detected by the population for what’s really transpiring.

November 4, 2009 was exactly 1 year since Barack Obama was elected President of the USA. At his acceptance speech, Michelle Obama wore the Black Widow dress shown above, which relates to the Bleeding Heart of Mary, the Queen of Heaven.

November 5, 2009, in honour of this luciferian egregore ritual that brought the desired President into the fore, a sacrifice must be offered. This involved the manipulation capacity of the Thought Process, the luciferian Mindset, as it set into motion certain principles and players that would eventually play out at Fort Hood Texas, and the killing of 13 people and wounding 30 more.

Major NIDAL MALIK HASAN – aged 39 – a follower of Islam, shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’, ‘God is great’, and began shooting. Hasan, a soldier for more than a decade, was trained at VIRGINIA TECH, the same school that saw the massacre of April 16 2007. The massacre occurred in Virginia as the state was about to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of its founding. Named after the Virgin Queen Elizabeth, the present day Queen Elizabeth II was about to pay a visit, and in symbolic fashion, the luciferian egregore provided a sacrifice for the occasion.

As custom dictates, the British Royals are once again on the move, and on the North American Craton Rock, as Prince Charles and Camilla are visiting Canada, beginning on November 2 and continuing for 10 DAYS until November 12. These events may seem unconnected and of no relevance one to another, but only from the 3D perspective and how the Thought Process has indoctrinated the population to reason. One day after the Fort Hood attack, the Royal couple visited VICTORIA BC, named after Queen Victoria, a Freemasonic icon, to symbolically do the Royal Rounds, but in actual fact, this was to acknowledge the location of the 2010 Winter Olympics in British Columbia. Keep in mind once again, that this is not done knowingly by these elite members. They are operating, and functioning according to the luciferian Thought Process, which is complete and total mind control. They have not the slightest inclination of the ritualistic symbolism they’re fulfilling.

The month of November began with the Swine Flu hysteria and the initiation of the vaccination program. Then the shortage and further confusion and stress was introduced. At the same time, the ongoing Health Care Reform Bill is bouncing around like a rubber ball in the American Senate Chambers, and the war in Afghanistan is falling into disarray. Pakistan has likewise become a flurry of instability. Then the shooting at Fort Hood occurs. … and the British Royals … the man who would be King … visits the ROCK.


November 5 – 2009 – The NY Stock Market – NYSE / SION / NAZI – passes 10,005 for the first time in many weeks at almost the exact time that the Fort Hood shooting occurs. Another 10.

The Fort Hood shooting occurs just outside the town of KILLEEN / KILLING Texas.
The building where the shooting occurred is a CROSS SHAPE inside an OCTAGON, or the symbol of SACRIFICE and CONTROL, the very same symbol demonstrated in Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican in Rome.

November 6 – 2009 – Unemployment in the USA reaches 10.2%. Another 10.

November 6 – 2009 – The price of GOLD sours to $1093 oz. Another 10.

The IN-TEN-SITY is building as we head into the year 2010, which will initiate further manipulation and sacrifice on behalf of the luciferian egregore, which is the Thought Process. None of the players in this process, the elite and the powerful of the world, have the slightest clue as to the integral part they play. The elite and the powerful are indoctrinated to the deepest extent within this illusory realm, and being that they are experiencing the deepest trance state of all, have no comprehension of the manipulation of the luciferian egregore.

The shooter at Fort Hood Texas:

= NILE Death
= HASAN = SAHAN = SION = SUN = ALLAH = All Seeing Eye

The Fort Hood massacre occurred 99 days before the Olympics. The attacker was an Islamic Major in the US Army. Islam has 99 names for God. The number 99 is the mirror of 66, which represents SICKS SICKS from a subliminal perspective. At this moment the Health Care Reform Bill in the USA drags on, in what seems to be, a never ending exercise in futility. In actual fact, this is a Death Induction ritual being foisted on the American people and the rest of the world. The repetitive nature of repeating the terminology associated with Health Care, is in actual fact, implanting the very idea of death, not life or health.

IlluminatiMATRIX pg 47 update 11.06.09

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Planet X Special Report No. 1: Where is Planet X?

ABOUT PLANET X SPECIAL REPORT No. 1: The first video briefing of this new series, it addresses the questions: Where is Planet X (Nibiru) and what is the most likely worst-case scenario.

HOST: Marshall Masters. Publisher of Your Own World USA and co-author of Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival

FAIR USE NOTICE: You may freely share complete and unedited copies of this program with others.


Part 1/7 introduces the series and gives views a real life example of what to they can expect to see during a Planet X (Nibiru) flyby.

Part 2/7 explains how disinformation about this topic has yielded valuable clues and offers a location estimate for Planet X (Nibiru) as of Sep-2009.

Part 3/7 explains the unpredictable nature of Planet X (Nibiru) due to its comet-like orbit, such as that of Comet Hale-Bopp.

Part 4/7 explains the difficulties of observing an object with a comet-like orbit and projects a location estimate for Planet X (Nibiru) in Aug-2010.

Part 5/7 addresses the often-asked question, what is the worst-case Planet X (Nibiru) flyby scenario?

Part 6/7 examines projected catastrophic threats for modern civilization and the Earth in 2012, with or without Planet X (Nibiru) flyby.

Part 7/7 offers a vision of positive future of for humankind in the years following 2012, well beyond the hardships of a Planet X (Nibiru) flyby.

For more information about this video:

NOVEMBER 2 – 2009 – Another 911 - IlluminatiMATRIX


November 2, 2009 breaks down as 02/11/09, or another 911. Today the USS NEW YORK battleship, with some 7 tons of steel from the WTC buildings smelted into its hull, anchored in New York Harbour and performed a 21 gun salute. For those who read this site, the number 21 coincides with 9 on the 2nd clockface. Adding 9+2=11, the very same numbers in today’s date, and another bit of 911 symbolism.

This event is coinciding with the Swine Flu vaccination program, and the hysteria now built up to manipulate our reality. The World Trade Center complex was originally built in exactly 6.66 years, or 80 months. The number 666 relates to SICKS SICKS SICKS as stated on page 45. The World Trade Center was built in conjunction with this symbolic subliminal, meant to take, or SEIZE, control of our reality. This now coincides with the attack on our ability to focus on reality with the fabricated Swine Flu (FLUID), and to demolish our awareness of what’s transpiring in the 3D realm.

The Swine Flu is a DISEASE. Deciphering this word as previously done with the number 666, reveals yet another bit of misdirection of the truth.

DISEASE = Di-SEAS = Moon Goddess Sea = DEATH SEAS
DISEASE = Di-SEES = Moon Goddess = DEATH All Seeing Eye
DISEASE = De-CEASE = DECES or DEATH en francais (excuse lack of acute and grave accents)
DISEASE = Di-SEIZE = to take Moon Goddess CONTROL
DISEASE = Di-SEASE with 2 soft ‘S’s = De SIX or the number 6 en francais

What this reveals, is that the World Trade Center attack, and the building of the World Trade Center, coincides with the luciferian egregore agenda using hypnotic mind control, fabricating a manipulation tactic employing DISEASE to create anxiety, suffering and death, to establish absolute control of our eternal Paradise State. Absolute control is symbolized by the number 80, the number of months it took to build the WTC. The word DISEASE is telling us straight out, that this is the NUMBER SIX, the Di, the De, the The, the La, Le, or Al god called 6, or SICKS.

Three 6’s, or 666, gives us the Trinity of all religions. The word DISEASE also shows us that the numbers 6, 8, and 9 are completely bound together with geometric and mathematical cohesion. 6+8+9=23, which coincides with 11 on the 2nd clockface, the number of death.

Finance/Currency – Fiance/Wetting – Cure/Sicksness

WATER is measured in CURRENTS
MONEY is measured in CURRENCY
TIME is measured as CURRENT

… and there is yet another CURRENT, one which ties all the other CURRENTS together as one destructive manipulation ploy, and this one measures the SICKNESS, or SIX NESS, or the 666 NESS of the world.

The CURE and SEE / SEA

The CURE to restore our Energy, the CURE to restore our Water supply, the CURE to create a strong Financial system, and the CURE to extend the Years we experience in this illusory 3D experience are all brought together in one single CURRENT MOVEMENT through the manipulation of our HEALTH and the unending drive that creates the hysteria to prolong and perpetuate the illusory life experience at any cost. This is MASS HYPNOSIS that Hitler, Mao, Stalin, the Vatican, the British Royals, the Saudi Shieks, etc., have only hinted at, not at all aware that the luciferian egregore is an merciless master who conjures forth particular elite slaves to particular elite positions within the particularly peculiar 3 dimensional experience. All for their own, (the luciferian Thought Process’ power and glory), with the elite being sacrificed as the need arises, with absolutely no reward awaiting them in the afterlife.

Electricity, Water, Money and Time are one and the same, expressing themselves within this 3D illusory experience as separate entities, however, completely linked as one within the veil of the trance state.

The announcement on October 25, 2009, by President Obama, that the SWINE FLU was a national emergency, was orchestrated to ramp up the fear which has been building WITH THE AID OF THE CONSPIRACY MOVEMENT, who work unwittingly to further the trance state on behalf of the luciferian group of Thinking entities. The Swine Flu fabricated pandemic, and the accompanying vaccination hysteria link completely with the Financial chaos which is unfolding throughout the world. Its amazing that all these things should be coming to a head at the very same illusory moment in the agenda. The subliminal and the hypnotic suggestion contained within all this manipulation is as follows:

and this SIX NESS NEEDS A CURE = SIX NESS NEEDS / EDEN the Garden of the Dawning of a New Age

The foundation of this CURE and SEE / CURRENCY is based on the characteristics of the Light Beam. The Light is the Lie, and is that which illuminates all things. Which is to say, it makes all things appear as being real. This illuminated illusion is credited to the creator god that goes by many names, two of which are MERCURY and HERMES. The modern medical symbol with the 2 serpents climbing up a centre staff to a set of spread out wings, is referred to as the Caduceus of Mercury or the Caduceus of Hermes. Here are the two names deciphered:

HERMES = an anagram MERSEH = MERCY = SEA SEE / and again MERCY = MURKY as in the SEA KEY

IlluminatiMATRIX pg 47

Sunday, November 1, 2009

G. Edward Griffin - Interview

An interview, in July 2009 with G. Edward Griffin, famed author of "The Fearful Master, a Second Look at the United Nations" , wherein he discusses the illusion of the United Nations as a peacekeeping organization and its true agenda for a New World Order and totalitarianism, as well as the treaties that bind the United States.

G. Edward Griffin pt 1-5

Mr. Griffin discusses how the U.S. can cancel its ensnaring treaties with the United Nations. He also gives advice on how to spread the truth about the totalitarian agenda of the United Nations, and, finally, how it can be overcome.

In this segment, Mr. Griffin explains that global warming is an excuse for the United Nations to promote fear in order to expand its power. He also acknowledges Alan Carlin's EPA report indicating that global warming is not man-made and that the EPA surpressed Mr. Carlin's report.

Mr. Griffin explains how the IMF (International Monetary Fund), an agency of the United Nations, distributes taxpayers' money that strengthens third world dictators. He also covers the Obama Administration and how the right and left wing groups are both controlled by the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations

In this last segment, Mr. Griffin details how people who want liberty and the preservation of individual rights can create a Protectorate as opposed to an invasive government.