"Always be aware, that humanity, the whole population of the world, is illusory. That includes the one reading these words. Humanity is not real or valid. The illusory body of humanity is not at all who and what we really are. We have simply been conjured up, given a 3D name, body, mind and spirit/energy, (all aspects which are fake), and then filled with endless suggestions in our illusory brain, that this is who we really are. From this point on, in our 3D life experience, believing that our 3 dimensional life experience is real, leads to endless confusion and suffering. This belief manifests the notion of being imprisoned. However, we are not imprisoned, but if we believe we are, then for all intents and purposes, we might as well be." - Bryan Kemila, IlluminatiMatrix


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Friday, June 25, 2010

The MATRIX! 3D Illusion! Death! Wake-up! ... UPDATED 06.27.2010

The screen in front of you is empty …

Now imagine the empty screen is the totality of everything that is … even though there’s no shape … no colour … and no sound.

As you look at the screen in front of you … what do you see?

You see nothing.

As you look at the screen in front of you … what do you know?

You know a lot.

Even though you don’t see anything on the screen, you still know … and have locked up inside you, a vast storehouse of knowing. At this point in time, and in this scenario we’re contemplating, what you know may be correct, or it may be incorrect. It makes no difference. You still have an incredible amount of information recorded somewhere within you, even though you can’t see anything.

Imagine again, that all that knowing you possess, has within it, the power and strength to exist forever. There’s no beginning and no end. You have the power and wisdom to be eternal. Imagine that you’re filled with this knowing and completely possessed with this eternal power and strength. This is about as powerful as anyone could hope to be.

Let’s imagine that this knowing not only exists in you, but it exists in every person on the planet. It’s not something you have to go out and find, it’s just there, in you and in everyone that ever walked on the face of the earth.

Now imagine that someone, or a group of individuals, with that same eternal power, also wanted to have your power, and my power. Imagine that this group wanted to take possession of all that is ours. However, they can’t take it from us by force, because it’s locked inside us, and it is who we are. Still, they desire to at least control it. This group wished for our power to work in unison with their power, and the enormity of that combined strength of power and knowing would make them greater than the greatest … the most massive force in existence…

they would appear to be GOD…!

Something from Nothing!

From the void and emptiness of nothing, … thought conjured up something. Within this grouping of the father proton, the son neutron and the mother electron, the whole of everything is formed. This is the first atom, the beginning in the womb of thought. This is the matrix womb. Thought formed this energy that glowed as an electrically charged atom. This glowing in turn, produced light.

Everything that’s visible within this 3 dimensional space, is light. If matter is accelerated to the speed of light, times the speed of light, it becomes energy, which is light. All that exists is formed from energy and light.

For thousands of years, humanity has contemplated, and asked repeatedly, where did we come from? The origin of everything, … the source of light … and the creation of all 3 dimensional matter … which is energy ... which is THOTH (thought).

Before light existed there was a void of nothingness. A like-minded luciferian group of beings took upon themselves to control this void of nothingness. This void contains all the greatness of the eternal state. These beings desired to control for themselves, all the power and wisdom of this nothingness, and thereby be worshipped as god.

Death is an illusion!

A manipulation of light through thought. Manipulating humanity with this illusion instills fear and desperation.

Fear is the foundational characteristic that allows hypnotic, subliminal, thought, light patterns to be focused … and injected into, … and forced to pass through, our crystal brain. Our human 3 dimensional brain has the same physical characteristics as that of a solid crystal … or prism, except in liquid form. There’s nothing godly, loving, or sweet about this group entity or it’s method of manipulation. For thousands of years, the use of fear and desperation has resulted in murders, wars, bloodletting, and endless disease. Children have been tortured, women have been raped, and men have marched blindly off the end of the plank into the ocean of hypocrisy and death. This has all been courtesy of the god of the Bible, the god of love, the god of the old and new testaments, the god of the koran, the god of Buddha, the god of every religion and intellectual system known to man. This is the god of light, the luciferian light bringer.

Genesis 1 continues to say that, ‘God saw the light, that it was good’. … But good for who? Obviously, good for those who were using it to control humanity through the manipulation of light. Yet again, we have another subliminal. God doesn’t say that anything is bad, … it’s just implied, …suggested … implanted … if light is good, … then something must be bad.

Intellectual Perspective On How We See.

When we consider how we see things in this 3D space, we’re told, from an intellectual perspective, that light enters through the pupil of our eye, where it strikes the back of the eye where it’s reversed, and then travels along a neurological path to our brain, where it’s flipped right side up again, and we see an image.

Unfortunately, this is incorrect. Light is thought, … and the thought of what we are intended to see is implanted within the liquid crystal prism of our brain. The suggestion, which originated from the luciferian mindset, travels through the crystal brain, and similar to a ray of light passing through a rain shower, … a rainbow of 3 dimensional colour, form and sound explodes in front of us. Whatever suggestion is attached to that explosion emanating from our crystal brain determines colour, shape, depth, sound… and so on.

The things we see, the sounds we hear, the smells we smell … all these details are within the thought, … which is the word, the sound, the vibration, the energy, the glowing, … and is the light.

This has all been implanted in our brains as subliminal suggestion, and we believe it. Because we believe our senses, and all the suggestion attached to them, it seems real. Even the sun, moon and stars that reflect light to our eyes make up the hypnotic suggestion to convince us that what we see is real. It¹s only light. It’s just a seductive, illusory, convincing thought form, conjured up by the luciferian group of thinkers.

The simplest way to understand this is to imagine a stage hypnotist with his subject in a trance. The hypnotist suggests certain things, and the subject is only able to see … and hear … those things the hypnotist is suggesting. The subject can hear the voice of the hypnotist and true to the suggestion he can see a giraffe, … or an elephant, or whatever is suggested. The hypnotized subject can’t see the audience, … can’t hear them laughing … the subject can only recognize those things the hypnotist suggests.


Why can’t the hypnotized subject see the audience, or anything … other than what the hypnotist suggests?

Simply because the suggestion is a subliminal thought, a word, and it created a whole new light pattern to emanate from the entranced subject’s eyes. His eyes and ears still function, but because the thought implanted in the crystal brain has changed, then the reality of what seems to be real, also changes. The hypnotized subject¹s eyes and ears work perfectly, but the reality is, the hypnotized subject can’t see anything other than the words suggested.

But Why? Why can’t the subject in a trance see anything else?

Because the audience and everything associated outside the trance state, really isn’t there.
If the audience members were really there, really 3 dimensional, and really solid, … then the eyes of the subject in the trance state would see them. The audience can’t be seen because the audience is just light, just a thought, and when the new reality state, the new thought pattern, doesn’t include them any longer, they cease to appear as a 3 dimensional form. The audience didn’t die, … didn’t leave the theatre … the subliminal messaging changed, the reality shifted, and they ceased to appear as 3 dimensional.

From this, we have to keep in mind, that light goes out of our eye. This is how we see. Light is a thought implanted in our crystal brain and explodes into a 3 dimensional rainbow of forms, right before our eyes.

Thought patterns are contrived to distract us from our place in the present moment.

There is no such thing as time and space, just a 3 dimensional light illusion simulating something called time and space.

When we can be manipulated to leave the present moment, the seduction of the thought-energy-light illusion is able to control our strength and power. Staying in the present moment of awareness allows us to reconnect to our original state.

We’re no longer manipulated to be concerned over the past or the future. Since time is non-existent, … then concern for the past or future is to forfeit your awareness for something that doesn¹t exist. Only the present moment exists. Staying in the moment, by simply watching and waiting, not reacting ever, reconnects us to reality, allows us to take back our power from this luciferian egregore group of thinkers. The MANIPULATION … by the 3 dimensional physical state of everything is nullified… as we connect to the eternal state of awareness, that state of NO-THING, that state of no 3 dimensional thing, … which in turn … is nothingness. Our power and strength, our wisdom and knowing, exists in the moment before thought.

We have no thoughts of our own. All thoughts are implanted by the perpetual motion set into play from the beginning of creation. We are taught to believe that a thought can originate with us. It can’t. The 3 dimensional system implants all our thoughts so that we then experience the reality they, the luciferian thinkers, want us to have.

A Metaphor...The Movie Inception!

In a world where technology exists to enter the human mind through dream invasion, a single idea within one's mind can be the most dangerous weapon or the most valuable asset.

Warner Bros. Pictures released a new trailer for the movie Inception which will be directed by Christopher Nolan and will star Leonardo DiCaprio. The Sci-Fi thriller is set to be released in theaters on July 16 of this year.

"Inception" Trailer #3

"Inception" Meet the Characters Trailer

Inception Trailer - Wake Me Up!

Do people thinik dreams are real? Most don't, but the veruy opposidte is true. To me it's stunning clear from the above trailers, that this movie, "Inception", is straight-out telling us that there is no difference between DREAMS & our preceived REALITY. When we dream, we go back to our home for a few hours. This is our Paraidise State, where we come from...WISDOM!

This 3D Reality (Matrix) or so-call-life, is the REAL DREAM World...the TRUE ILLUSION! The wool is over your EYES (VEIL of the Mind!) Wake-Up, Sheeple, Cattle, Celery & Bacteria! Break the trance now. Reclaim your freedom and your power. How?

What we need right now is an Evolution Revolution. With the power of our minds, not one shot need be fired. We can cleanse our food of all impurities such as MSG and preservatives with just our intention. With our minds we can heal our bodies of disease and overcome the chemicals from chemtrails. We can release a provable power within to change our earth and the dark politics. We can use our inner power to bring down the NWO!

If you believe this is impossible, then you are a bird that has been manipulated into believing you cannot fly.

The biggest fear that the NWO has is that we awaken to the power we have within. They have us dependant on their intuitions of government and religion. These are set up so we have faith in things outside of ourselves. Religion teaches us that we are helpless pathetic sinners with no power of our own. Government teaches there is power only in political parties and more government. Look within to find the real power!

The power within us all is now scientifically proven. With this power within, we can overthrow the NWO and create a world that does not include them, we can, with this power, overthrow corrupt government and bring in a new heart for the country, We are powerful children of God (us or ourselves). We are angels (through our conciousness) that need to learn how to fly!

Luke 17:20-21 - "Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, "The kingdom of God does not come with observation; "nor will they say, 'See here!' or 'See there!' For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you."

I Jn 4:4 - "You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world."

Matt 17:20 - "So Jesus said to them, "Because of your unbelief; for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you."

The Matrix is everywhere...

The truth is that everything is an illusion and that we focus on the wrong things. We focous on the illusion and not the reality. We tend to focus on NWO and doomsday scripts which are illusions created to keep us from not focusing on ouselves and who we really are. Who we really are is the final reality.

The Final Truth Pt 1

Richard Vizzuti - The author of Return of the Stargods and webmaster of a site by the same name. Mr. Vizzutti offers a unique insight of the paranormal as viewed through the Bible. Proposes that there are only two genetic seedlines of mankind. One is the humans, and the other is the ancient Nephilim who are with us this very day. It is they that control our world and our sense of reality through a satanic bloodline matrix that seeks to destroy all humans in order to dominate earth. Our real reality is more shocking and more sinister than can ever be imagined!

NEW addition 06.27.2110

The Final Truth Pt 2 sound fixed


Join the Evolution Revolution!

Max Igan and The Great Intention at The CrowHouse.

And for an in-depth look at the creation of our universe, the explaination and truth of wisdom. Answers to who we are? Where we came from? What are purpose? What is the Matrix (refering to the 3D illusion we call reality in which life don't not exist)? See Bryan Kimela's work...The IlluminatiMatrix.

Reconnect to wisdom. Watch, Wait & Don't React.

Don’t get upset when you’re instructed to. Don’t react when you’re demanded to. Don’t resist when you think you want to. Don’t try to suppress your feelings when they tell you to suppress your feelings. Just observe these thinkers telling you to suppress your feelings … and this little act of watching and waiting puts you in control of you. You reconnect with your awareness and the manipulation perpetuated through the religious and intellectualism systems of the world is neutralized.

Nothingness is our original eternal state of patience, joy, beauty, caring, knowing and freedom. It’s the power of this awareness that these entities desire to control.

Wisdom knows this. Wisdom is not thinking about how to manipulate affairs so that events work out in its favour. Wisdom performs none of this. Wisdom just knows that we are being manipulated. To stay connected to wisdom through awareness, we need simply to stay in the moment. This involves doing NOTHING. This involves NO PRAYERS, NO MEDITATION, NO MANTRAS, NO RITUALS, NO JOINING,… NO THING.


  1. wow ,I have seen that box like structure in my livingroom before ,it was like a square see threw box that turned a bunch of ways ,it tripped me out,twylight zone stuff.I even had a omega rainbow appear on my ceiling it had a star in the middle of it '.it was there for about an hour.my daughter woke up one time and seen a pointy star like a twelve pointed star floating in the hall way.it was cool she said .tammy

  2. darkstar be careful who you call master,we are our own Masters.tammy

  3. Doesn't matter if master is said, it only a word tammy. I know exactly what I'm saying. I'm talking to my friend and author of the NoWhere Blog, Master Crumbles, its' his name or Master for short!

  4. Peace DarkStar888,

    I'm just sitting down to take in this post, but first, a little exclusive from the unpub files of Da PPPandava especially for your readers and most especially for you, to reciprocate your gracious, excellent comments at Da WWWiz.

    You are interested in tunings. Well...

    Back in the day, in da oily '80's, I came across the properly infamous Lyndon Larouche on late night TV. As a part of his political campaign fer prez of Amerizone, an opera singer appears to endorse Larouche's promise to modulate common tuning from A 440 to A 420. I shit you not! Tuning is a key platform of the Larouche political agenda.

    Now you may be aware that Kubrick took his "Eyes Wide Shut" password from the name of a zine published by Larouche - "Fidelio" -to which Kubrick was a known subscriber.

    Tinkering with letters Stanley Kubrick becomes "I turn black keys". The "black keys" on a piano keyboard form an f# pentatonic scale, which goes a long way to clue a certain pet theory of mine that A.C. Clarke and Stan are a simulacra of the Jupiter/Saturn partnership, aka Jehovah/Satan, that lingers limitless like a dark star at 888 million miles from the Sun. Hmmm...?!?

    But here is the kicker...

    The standard piano has 88 keys. 52 of them are white and 36 are black. Do you hear bells?

    Kubrick's Monolith is HAL - HAL is "the black key". The Gematria for HAL is 36: Heh is 5; Alef is 1, Lamed is 30. The black keys are 36!

    The standard myth is that HAL derives from the letters to precede IBM. The Gematria for IBM
    is 52. Yod(I) is 10. Beth is 2. Mem is 40. IBM is the white keys. IBM is 52! I mean, RU getting this, Dave!? Just what do you think you are doing?

    About Larouche - at worst he is totally insane, at best he brings out the worst in his chosen advocates. Nevertheless, his article "On the Subject of Metaphor" is the most important piece of literature I have ever almost read. It is brilliantly, acidly funny, on purpose mind you, and in a manner so deceptive that a sharp reader might infer the deepest and most dangerous inspiration at the authors instant disposal.

    It's online. Read it. Learn it. Love it.

    Now I'm of to the Dark Star

    Da PPPandava

  5. since you guys say you do not exist there is no need for me to stick around any longer ,it was fun but I have things and beings to meet.when I write my book I'll put you down as the beings who do not exist.till we are all one.love tammy. Don't say I didn't warn ya about the master thing.

  6. LOL Tammy, Be well and be aware, that's all you need to do do.

    I know who the master are and I have No Fear Thuo Shall walk in the shadow of death. See the shadow (fake image) of death (preceived only, no such thing). We really don't die, it says it everywhere, you just need to look! Eye Wide Shut, look inside, all the answers are there. Don't listen to anyone esle...not me wither. :)

    You are welcome back anytime. Peace & a friend in the DarkStar. ds888

  7. Herbie Mimbitz: The Ping Pong Pandava said...
    Peace DarkStar888,

    "I'm just sitting down to take in this post, but first, a little exclusive from the unpub files of Da PPPandava especially for your readers and most especially for you, to reciprocate your gracious, excellent comments at Da WWWiz.

    You are interested in tunings. Well..."

    Beautiful & welcome Herbie. the minute I hit your blog i feel the enery. It's a awesome. i love a fellow human being & cynic.

    Why can't more people be cynical. I know... because most of our teachers...of all kinds, not just academics, tell you it's rude to interupt and being cynical... they don't like. They say it's rude. Hmmmmm...fuck rude...ask questions. George carlin was great for questions...but he had the answers too. I don't see any laws, other than made up bullshit ones, to disallow our greatest asset...Cynisim, from being used as we wish. It's only words after all!!! :)

    WOW to your comments. I love the sync and symbolism you discussed here & on your blog. May you recieve the same stimulation on darkstar, nothing/nowhere & JeditheOne. Thankyou.

    Now a little thoth on the comments...

    Of course the writers that script movies, really don't know why they are putting certain words in the writing. They think it's their own thoughts, fools. Some may be aware(but I doubt very many) and intentionally place certain information in the script. Mostly they do it through our thoth entities that control us like puppets. People of this world don't seem to understand this simply concept. Why? Because the idea of even thinking that we are being controlled by a luciferian thought enty creating us as in a Matrix... with energy & light beams in to holograms though our 3D holograpic projector, a crystal brain called the mind.

    Gee, the sheeple, the will believe in a bible written by man, hundreds of years after the fake facts (you know how a one pragraph storie translates around the campfire with 10 to 20 people, it gets fucked up, totally), faithful, with no proof ever. Duh!

    here some numbers for you & the readers...you'll see it makes sense with the sublimals with the numbers alone, never mind mega subl in the writing.

    "Larouche's promise to modulate common tuning from A 440 to A 420."

    440 - 4+4+0 = 8 for control
    420 - 4-2-0 = 6 Christ, the sacrificer

    The standard piano has 88 keys. 52 of them are white and 36 are black. Do you hear bells?"

    88 = Total control
    52 - 5 + 2 = 7 for perfection & completeness. (the WHITE keys, perfect, lol)

    "Kubrick's Monolith is HAL - HAL is "the black key". The Gematria for HAL is 36: Heh is 5; Alef is 1, Lamed is 30. The black keys are 36!"

    36 - 3 + 6 = 9 is FALL, as in 9/11

    5 = sacrifice
    1 = New Age NOW ONE
    30 - 3 x 10 = 3 for pyramind shape of deity and 10 for intensity.

  8. peace be unto you too ,my friend love tammy

  9. and...Dave or David.

    This is a direct copy form the IM (IlluminatMATRIX)...

    D for Death – The Dessert Of Kings
    The letter D is symbolic of Death. It’s the shape of one half of the All Seeing Eye being the letter O – but cut in half. It’s the destroyer. It’s desolation. It’s a Dog. Dog? Of course, with a touch of reverse symbolism, (mirroring letters) Dog is God. With a bit more manipulation, DOG = DOY, or YOD, which suggests the word for GOD in Hebrew. YOD, suggesting GOD, is then suggesting DEITY. An even trickier part to this subliminal messaging, is that DEITY then suggests the number 8, as in EIGHT, and yet again, ATE, as in a Supper Meal.

    All subliminals which will have an incredible manipulative effect as part of the luciferian agenda.

    Now for HAL

    H stands for Horus. This is the ancient Egyptian sun god or son of god. This is the source of the word Hor-izon. Horizon meaning Horus – the rising son. But now, take a close look at the formation of the letter. There are 2 vertical strokes – the man and the woman, both joined by the horizontal stroke which is the sun/suo. Here we see the letter H is symbolic of the triune or trinity god concept. The letter H symbolizes that, not only are the father and son One and the same, the mother is also part of the triune god concept.

    The letter H also sounds like 8.

    The number 8 is the number of TOTAL CONTROL, as demonstrated by the OCTAGON, or Stop Sign. The letter H, representing HORUS, the SUN GOD, takes CONTROL of ALL THINGS, and then submits in turn, unto the Father, the FODDER. All this might sound like some notion of a saviour, but it’s double-talk, and hypnotic manipulation, that’s really saying, that we, this illusory body of humanity, will be 8, or ATE, or EATEN, for we are of our FODDER. This event is recorded in religious writings, as the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. We are, of course, the LAMB to be EATEN.

    Being that we’re not looking at these things scientifically, (because of course, science is part of the flawed system, SCIENCE is SEANCE) but looking at these things as they really are, through sound, shape and colour association, the ability to reveal is fascinating.

    When you see the hieroglyphs in ancient Egyptian tombs and temples and you see the dog, therein lies just another representation of the god of deceit. This is how the luciferian Mindset thinks, or conjures up the 3D illusory reality we’re now experiencing.

    It’s not how, Who and What we really are, would do things, it’s how the luciferian inspired and manipulated elect does things. Strangely enough, to hide this incidious way of reasoning, they teach us in the school systems they build for us, that if we even begin to think that the world is run by a luciferian egregore group entity, that in turn manipulates the rich and royal elite puppets who agree to perpetuate the lunacy through rituals, then we’re considered to be a few cards short of a full deck.

    Quote: "Always be aware, that humanity, the whole population of the world, is illusory. That includes the one reading these words. Humanity is not real or valid. The illusory body of humanity is not at all who and what we really are. We have simply been conjured up, given a 3D name, body, mind and spirit/energy, (all aspects which are fake), and then filled with endless suggestions in our illusory brain, that this is who we really are. From this point on, in our 3D life experience, believing that our 3 dimensional life experience is real, leads to endless confusion and suffering. This belief manifests the notion of being imprisoned. However, we are not imprisoned, but if we believe we are, then for all intents and purposes, we might as well be." - Kimela

    Enjoy - DS888

  10. I didn't go far,your sight is addicting. The name David that is my oldest son's bio dad's name.so he really is a son of David.You know how they talk about seperation of church and state ,well his last name was Staite,and we seperated over 14yrs ago ,he was to violent for me and he carried a machete, big sword to close for my comfort.love tammy

  11. I don't think we have to worry about DS looking at me as his master.It's just a blog name.More in line with your idea of being your own master.Actually it's about watching your masters crumble and thinking for yourself.It's also a name of a cereal I eat over here in Germany :_)

  12. I wasn't too worried.Know thyself and you can master anything .Germany eh nice to know.tammy

  13. Thank you my friend. The Wise & Witty Master Crumbles...Peace. :)

  14. What about our pets? Can they also be with us in the wisdom/paradise state?
    What about our deceased loved ones? Where are they now? Can we reunite with them in the wisdom/paradise state and of so, how?

  15. Some half truths along with really subtle fear mongering... Always have been and always will be, no need for additional dogma, the world has enough bullshit/illusion already.... Silly little people, remember who you are.... it's time....

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