"Always be aware, that humanity, the whole population of the world, is illusory. That includes the one reading these words. Humanity is not real or valid. The illusory body of humanity is not at all who and what we really are. We have simply been conjured up, given a 3D name, body, mind and spirit/energy, (all aspects which are fake), and then filled with endless suggestions in our illusory brain, that this is who we really are. From this point on, in our 3D life experience, believing that our 3 dimensional life experience is real, leads to endless confusion and suffering. This belief manifests the notion of being imprisoned. However, we are not imprisoned, but if we believe we are, then for all intents and purposes, we might as well be." - Bryan Kemila, IlluminatiMatrix


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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The New World Order...Will It Ever End?

WARNING to the Sheeple with a sensitivity to foul words...RUN!

"We as humans have allowed our faith in certain religions to be used as a tool against us by falling prey to our own emotions, prejudices and ego driven perceptions. Research ALL for yourself and do not allow your faith to be used against you as a form of control to fight against another human being. This is the ultimate deception, one that will be our demise if we continue down this path." - The S1nister M1nister

Illuminati Capital: - ASTANA, Kazakhstan

Lucifer with his New World Religion unveils his Capital : Astana (The Sun Worship) 2012

Resist the New World Order-Spoken Word (Final)

Tupac - They Don't Give A Fuck About Us!


The symbolic Rock that supposedly was the Rock that Jesus would build his church on, is the light atom symbol. The atom is the conjured up evidence of the thinking process. It is this thinking process that produced the atom, (the electron, proton and neutron), the trinity. Which in turn is the illusion we call Matter, which is the Mother of the 3 dimensional experience. The atom symbol is subsequently divided into 4 quarters, or 4 Corners, as the luciferian egregore conjure up ways to perpetuate the 3D myth through subliminal symbolism and incantational hypnotic suggestion.

One quarter/corner of this whole atom symbol includes one right angle. The word ANGLE = ANGEL. One quarter of the atom symbol also includes an ARC.

The word ARC = ARK = K-RA = Killing Ray.

This is the Ark of the Covenant notion, that the luciferian god has perpetuated through the Holy Spirit concept, the Holy Angel, which is the Holy Right Angle of the atom symbol. This Holy Angel, Holy Spirit, Holy Corner, Holy Right Angle concept, is the Cornerstone that Jesus said he would build his church upon. This is the Cornerstone that the builders supposedly rejected, but later became the Chief Cornerstone upon which the whole Temple of God was built upon. Far from rejecting this Rock, it was the full intent to use it as the main manipulation tool throughout the course of the lucferian agenda.

In the British Parliamentary system, and in my country of Canada, they use the term when referring to Members of Parliament, as Right Honourable so and so. This is the inspiration for such a term. Even as the title SIR = RIS in reverse, which is a subliminal referring to the RIS-ing Flood Waters. British Israelism absolutely permeates our society in forms that have become common place and never looked upon as hypnotic trance inducers. These Right and Sir titles are a reference to the right angle of the atom sex symbol.

The Rock is evidenced everywhere throughout history, and in the most astonishing ways. The Rock, the Coming Flood of Judgment, and the Global Warming Flood Waters are all suggested in every instance.

Fuck – The Name of God!

The reason this Corner, in combination with the Arc, is so incredibly holy to the luciferian agenda, is because it is the symbol of sexual union where the intersecting lines of the 4 seasons of the Zodiac atom symbol form a Cross. Sun god worship is completely controlled by the sex drive implanted within the whole conjured up illusory creation.

GOD = DOG in reverse. Dog refers, in a subliminal sense, to the name of God. Many of us have heard of Fuck, the Dog. This is telling us the name of God is Fuck, or Fucking, which is to have sex, which in turn is the Sex Ritual Atom Symbol, the Creator of All Things conjured up. This is also the reason the word Fuck is so revered by humanity, and the most common word in usage when wanting to make a dramatic statement. There is no word higher than Fuck. One word we’re never supposed to use in society, in polite company, is the word Fuck. Why not?

It’s just four letters that simply mean FUCK = KCUF = Killing You Father in reverse, or the Father Who Kills You. The Great Pyramid of Egypt echoes the name of God, with the name KHUFU = FUCK YOU. This is again, not good or bad, it’s just the way it is. The other two pyramids of Egypt echo yet again, the K or Killing sound of the name of God, The Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of MenKaure. Dignified names, to be sure, and with the reverence deserving of the corrupting luciferian beings who conjured up everything in the 3 dimensional realm. Mind you, it was all in their better interests, not that of humanity.

The Rock of Christ, the Rock of Allah and Jehovah, and the Rock of all religious and intellectual thought is the Rock of Sex. We’ve heard of the term, ‘Getting You’re Rocks Off’. This is a religious/science/seance term based on the atom sex symbol. Sex is not bad or good, and it’s usually very pleasurable, however, it’s the weapon used to control and manipulate.

When it comes to using the symbol of the Rock to manipulate, what is always implied symbolically, in every instance of sigil magic markers and subliminal suggestion, is the Right Angle, the Right Angel or Spirit, in combination with the Arc, the Ark, which is the Circle of the All Seeing Eye. The word ARK = Killing RA in reverse, or Killing Ray of light.

This 90 degree angle need not be perfectly drawn with straight lines, but only implied points that suggest a 90 degree angle. Suggesting a 90 degree angle, or suggesting an arc, or suggesting both at the same time, is just as powerful, and even more powerful than perfectly drawn lines and arcs, when manipulating the subconscious mind. If symbols are drawn to perfectly then the conscious mind interprets and interferes with the power of the subconscious which is enormous.

As the days go by the whole of humanity is going to reconnect to awareness and wisdom, and they’re going to do it very quickly. Humanity never reconnected before because the lie wasn’t uncovered accurately enough to assist with reconnecting to the wisdom state. The people of the world have had enough of lunacy.

All frequencies and beings composed of energy are part of the 3 dimensional experience, and are part of the illusion even as our physical bodies are. Everything will simply, and very soon, dissolve to nothingness and unimportance as the reconnection continues.”

A simple test to see if someone is in the trance state is to ask that person if the 3 dimensional experience can be eliminated? If they give a negative response, they are still in the trance mode. If they reply positively, that yes, it can be eliminated, then they are not bound any longer by religious and intellectual notions that have attempted to imprison us in the hypnotic trance. If they have no response, they are also in the trance mode. - MUFF SAID!


  1. speaking of angels ,I called out to the angels yesterday in my mind ,then last night archangelMichael sent me a message on facebook to add him as a friend.he said"Humans against humans,how primitive the battle would be.There is no glory in humans fighting humans.only ridicule.Unfortunitly any battle that ends here is strictly flesh and bone friend.The corruption in this world is what you should be fighting...Within 24 hrs of me calling on the angels for help he pops up in my email.love tammy

  2. Starr had a dream that the dog across the street came into our yard on guard ,she said some one yelled get in the house and lock the door ,she looked over there was a bear coming in our yard .The guy grabbed the dog and then she woke up.Tammy I share this because to some it's given to some it's not.

  3. The 360 degree zodiac circle, the perfect pi system of 3.14 and the golden mean phi ratio of 1.61 are all examples of a ridiculous system of the luciferian Mind that was invented to manufacture all kinds of seductions.

    Everyone of these seductions is meant to deceive the world as it manipulates every aspect of the illusory body of humanity. It’s amazing how, even the seemingly enlightened people of the world, find the thought of giving up the everyday common practices of the 3D world as extreme.

    This is but another example of the hypnotic MATRIX illusion, where even the wise are not. There are no numbers or language systems in the awareness state. When these ‘teachers’ say that learned knowledge will set us free, understand that this a complete lack of awareness. It is, of course, learned knowledge that placed us in this circumstance we now find ourselves in.

    Every thought process and every molecule of information, is knowledge. Knowledge kills. Knowledge isn’t wisdom and knowledge can’t reconnect you to the wisdom state.

    Wisdom knows nothing. Knowledge THINKS… it knows something. The Serpent in the fable of the Garden of Eden story said (as it pretended to speak with some authority) that Adam and Eve could eat of all of the fruit in the garden but not of the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil,…” or they would die. What a twist on reality. This is a perfect example of seeming to say something wise, when in fact, it’s laced with deceit.

    ANGLES Are ANGELS – The Sacred Geometry of Freemasonry!

    A pentagram, the five pointed star, flipped upside down, has the strongest luciferian subliminal associated with this shape of the letter Y.

    The letter Y is derived from the shape formed by the two points at the top meeting in the centre of the triangle and then forming a line to the lower third point of the triangle. This Y is then joined from the top 2 points to the lower point. This forms a winged shaped triangle when combined with the letter Y in the centre. This wing shaped triangle is then shortened to read as WINGED ANGLE.

    The word ANGEL comes from ANGLE and to the luciferian inspired Mind, the part of the brain that is completely controlled by the luciferian egregore Thought Process, that seems to make a lot of sense.

    This might help to better understand why geometry is considered sacred to sun god worshippers such as Freemasons, and all religious and intellectual organizations throughout the world. Every angle is an angel. Every manipulation, mathematically, of every angle, is a spiritual undertaking. This is the reason for the incredible drive and desire to build pyramids, skyscrapers, cities, and countries. It’s all a complete religious expression of the highest order, implanted by the egregore group of Thinkers, into the Sun/Son worshippers mind. There are no such thing as angels but there are DREAMS, awake or not!


  4. you are about to realize that angels are real , Michael has been prepared.love Tammy

  5. Not a concern!

    No angel will harm me. They know I'm their Master...AWARENESS!

  6. he's not hear to harm or rule he said he just wants to return.

  7. Return here?... Why the hell would he want? Is he NUTS? LOL

  8. He's already here,he said he comes to lay his sword down.He also said that my son is on the right side .And for my son to rule he has to go in as a servant .Do what is right at all times no matter what.why would he want to return ? I'll ask him ,but it is probably because he loves us all.love tammy,he even told me my name meaning.

  9. I am praying for all of you in Jesus name.