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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Terra Papers - Hidden History of Planet Earth

This is a very rare video tape from the lectures of Robert Morning Sky, although the sound is poor in quality, his interpretation of the ancient myths and his personal memories from his grandfather's experiences are fascinating and balance the whole presentation.

These video series unfortunately have poor quality in sound, Robert as a hopi dancer is very narrative in an Indian way, unfamiliar to Westerners used to follow cold approaches to everything via their dead scientific intellectual way of understanding what a lecture is. His magical movements, a heritage of thousands years old art of storytelling were ignored. So most people cannot appreciate Roberts speech and style, because it is too live for them!

In the terra papers, the main inspiration of the Star Wars movies for a detailed analysis of the story of Earth as Hopi traditions knew and kept this secret knowledge hidden from the white people.

The story corresponds with Alex Colliers story. Credo Mutwas stor, Matrix V material, Bill Cooper, (behold a Pale Horse, the amazing book!), Planet X (Zacharia Sitchin) HOWEVER, this information is MUCH more detailed than Sitchen could put together with major information that appears nowhere else.

Robert, kept his promise to his grandfather to spread the story all over the world for one time only, for 51 weeks continuously, almost a year and then he put himself in silence again.

After the one year universal tour, he continued to make public appearances till 2000, then he disappeared.

The Terra Papers - Hidden History of Planet Earth 1

The Veritas Show - Show 13 - Robert Morning Sky - Part 1/22

Here is his letter, acceptance to speak in radio on March:

Dear Sir:

Thank you for your invitation. As I hope you will have seen from my website (www.robertmorningsky.com), I have not made but one public appearance since the year 2000. (I am most astonished and extremely appreciative that your listeners even remember me.) An interview on your program will be the very first since my recent return to the public forum. Thank you, yes, I would be most interested.

Also, please note I have always argued for and supported the premise that extraterrestrials exist and that extraterrestrial visitations to our world have occurred. (All of our major religions are based on that very premise.) I have argued in the past and argue again on my website that the direction taken by the UFO community at large is fraught with errors and assumptions that seriously damage any legitimate investigation into the UFO/ET phenomena. There is a better way to research and present evidence on this very important subject.

Thank you again, I would like to accept the opportunity to express myself on your program. If you could please advise of the appropriate information (times, date, etc.), I would be pleased to make the announcement on my website. Robert Morning Sky.

He ll make his first public appearance on 27th of March 2009 again.
As a researcher he is a humble one, always declaring that he is a nobody and he asked from everyone to check him with his own research.

His site is here, he prepares a future site for the womans sacred knowledge. http://www.robertmorningsky.com/

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