"Always be aware, that humanity, the whole population of the world, is illusory. That includes the one reading these words. Humanity is not real or valid. The illusory body of humanity is not at all who and what we really are. We have simply been conjured up, given a 3D name, body, mind and spirit/energy, (all aspects which are fake), and then filled with endless suggestions in our illusory brain, that this is who we really are. From this point on, in our 3D life experience, believing that our 3 dimensional life experience is real, leads to endless confusion and suffering. This belief manifests the notion of being imprisoned. However, we are not imprisoned, but if we believe we are, then for all intents and purposes, we might as well be." - Bryan Kemila, IlluminatiMatrix


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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mooji ~ What Are You Afraid Of? Fear or not Fear

"What you are looking for...you are looking from!" Mooji.

In other words, we are already there, we just don't know it! - DS888

" Once you have this urge [to find out who you are], the whole Universe is helping you." (Mooji)

Thursday, October 13, 2011


www.postmoderntimes.com ... is a series of short animated films presenting new ideas about global consciousness and techniques for social and ecological transformation. Our first episode, "Toward 2012", introduces the project, explaining concepts from the best-selling book, "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl" (Tarcher/Penguin, 2006) by Daniel Pinchbeck, in the author's own voice. Future segments will focus on shamanism, sustainability, alternative energy systems, the Mayan Calendar, quantum physics and synchronicity, and a host of other subjects.More Episodes at iclips dot net.Directed by Joao Amorim.

2012 - Consciousness is the key.

Episode features four underground hip hop artists -- Naada, Propaganda Anonymous, 2HL, and iLL SpoKKinN -- and producer euphAmism in an animated music video packing lyrical and graphical punch in a call for global awakening. Directed by Joao Amorim

Toward 2012 - A myth about matter!

Jim Fournier is founder and President of the Biomass Energy & Carbon, a Colorado based R&D company commercializing biomass gasification and developing a revolutionary new "carbon negative" bio-fuels technology that can remove CO2 from the air by generating sustainable energy and a high-carbon fertilizer from biomass.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pink Floyd – The PINK FLOOD

"One of the most influential ROCK bands of all time is PINK FLOYD.
The name PINK FLOYD = PINK FLOOD = the Flood of the Vulva.

The titles of their more popular hit songs suggest so much of what the luciferian agenda involves and especially with the Occupy Wall Street Movement occurring at this illusory time. Their acknowledged leader was ROGER WATERS = ROYER WATERS, or ROY-RE, or ROY-RA, or ROY-EL, ROYAL WATERS, suggesting the WATERS of God.

Titles include:

Their debut album – The Piper At The GATES Of DAWN.
Commercial successes include – The Dark Side Of The MOON and The WALL, which suggests a strong link to the Occupy Wall Street.

Pink Floyd reunited for a May 12, 2011, at the charity concert LIVE 8.
Suggesting again, the OCTAGON of CONTROL and FLOOD.

The LIVE 8 concert took place at THE O2 arena in London.
THE O2 = THEO 2 = GOD 2.

Band members Gilmour (G word) played “Comfortably Numb” with WATERS, and “OUTSIDE THE WALL” with WATERS and MASON." - IM

Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd - The Wall

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (Very Rare Video)

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon

Friday, October 7, 2011

Mary Jane's Last Dance - Myths & Truths About MJ!

What we believe to be OUR MIND and OUR THOUGHTS, is actually the luciferian conjured up illusion of OUR MIND. This is THEIR MIND and THEIR THOUGHTS we experience in this 3 dimensional plane. For this reason we must always watch and wait. Don’t react to anything in anyway, for this is all luciferian based emotional manipulation. Emotionally detach from placing value on the things that the luciferian mindset suggests are of value in this 3D experience. In this way we reclaim the power of our original state and once again reconnect with Paradise – RIGHT NOW!

The one comment I will make here on this topic is: OUR USA GOVERNMENT is a FUCKING LIAR about MARIJUANA...PERIOD!!!! This is one topic of the sheeple's misunderstanding of the truth that really pisses me off. This could help millions to heal people but the ELITES want us SICK SICK SICK...666... and kill us all (well almost, they will let a few hundred million live for slaves).


And people want JOBS! Update from the IlluminatiMatrix.


Steve Jobs Dead at 56: Apple Founder Resigns for Health Reasons, Fans Mourn Around World... 

Steve Jobs Dead at 56 (link for YouTube)

The world Financial / Fiance situation is in utter turmoil.
The people throughout the world want JOBS to feed their families.
President Obama (BURAQ the magic HORUS) has proposed a JOBS Bill to get people back to work.
… and then, on October 5, 2011, STEVE JOBS DIES!

… nothing fishy goin’ on here, … NO, NO, NO!
STEVE JOBS = ST. EVE JOBS = Saint EVE – the ‘Coming Of The Light”, the Saviour, the Light of the World is Coming.

The word JOB is a J and B word.
The Pillars of Solomon’s Temple are the J and B Pillars.
The secret societies of the world worship the J and B Pillars.
The Freemasons have the J and B Pillars as some of their main symbols that is associated with bringing Order Out Of Chaos, which is their motto.

And so the chaos has been created throughout the world, and as the masses of humanity strut about in total confusion for the CHAOS TO END, … the elite of the world, the rich bankers, the royals, the religious tycoons, … they will bring the chaos to an end, … and the masses of the world better REMAIN IN THAT POSITION FOREVER, or the CHAOS WILL RETURN!

The good goddess mother NUT is going to feed her babies with her MILKY WAY / WHEY. Her breasts are full of nourishment for the protesting OFF-SPRING that she’s bringing forth in her FLOOD of CHAOS. The goddess mother NUT is also symbolized as a mother SOW, allowing her piglets to suckle at her tits…

Here’s a couple of interesting numbers, courtesy of a professional in the trading business in Chicago:


“Interesting to note that many articles are listing Apple’s stock market capitalization at the time of Jobs’ death at 322 billion, despite the fact it is higher than that. Also, according to Yahoo business, the average daily trading volume of Apple is

(End quote).

The number 322 billion relating to the Skull and Bone Secret Society number and the 22,448,800 relating to the Union (22), the Sphinx Lion King Lincoln (44), Control and the Flood (88), and Double in-TEN-sity (00).

The 3 dimensional world is of the luciferian Mind, as is every form of Energy within this entire universe. Once liberated from this sphere of Duality, our Original State of Wisdom (which is who and what we really are) would never choose to reincarnate into this illusion. For it is, that our 3D life experience, with its body, mind, soul and energy/spirit, is an illusion itself. Once dissolved by experiencing the illusion of Death, the being that we appeared to be in the 3D illusory sense, ceases to exist. Who and what we really are becomes obvious, and the manipulation and confusion manifested through deceit, comes to an end. This manipulation and confusion can end with the illusion of Death, or it can end with coming out of the Trance State before experiencing the Death illusion. It’s all, totally, completely, within the Mind to perform this act. The Mind, what we believe to be Our Mind, is, in actuality, the illusory Receiving Dish, conjured up by the luciferian egregore, that accepts the Thoughts of the luciferian Mind, or the Thought Process, and we consume, and believe that these are our thoughts, our beliefs. The confusion that ensues, then masks, or veils, the Eternal Being that we really are. We’re still that One Eternal Wisdom Being, however, the persistent nature of the luciferian Mindset, relentlessly forces its nature and opinions upon our Eternal State, intending that the resulting confusion will cause the imprisonment of that Eternal Wisdom State of Power, or the imprisonment of our Eternal Being. In turn, this Power, they intend to harness for their own ends.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Klaus Dona : The Hidden History of the Human Race

Klaus Dona, is an Austrian artifacts researcher. His Project Camelot interview (available here) was extremely well received, and many people wrote asking for a follow-up.

This video is a 45 minute slideshow, with a personal commentary from Klaus. It's data-rich, detailed, intensive, absorbing, and may contain more startling information about the history of the human race in one place than any other video you've ever seen.

The journey we embark on covers Atlantis, reptilian humanoids, the Anunnaki, ancient symbolism, ancient science, an ancient global language, and much more. This is astonishing material has my highest recommendation. Enjoy.

At this time, be aware, that what we’re dealing with, (as pertaining to the luciferian/illuminati agenda), is NOT FLESH AND BLOOD HUMAN BEINGS. What’s being described are the entities that have conjured up this total 3D illusion, through the THOUGHT PROCESS and everything we see is a THOUGHT FORM. Who we really are, is not the illusory body of humanity numbering in the billions. We are that formless thing called WISDOM, and we are the ULTIMATE EXPRESSION of BEING that the luciferian 3 dimensional illusion was designed to separate us from. Separation from that wisdom, brings us into total control under their intellectually based systems of science and religion. We’re in a war with the mythical gods of old, the illusory THINKERS, who attack us through the fabricated minds we’re certain are our minds. Yet, these minds that we use to contemplate all things 3 dimensional, are their minds, fabricated to receive the THOUGHT PATTERNS meant to disconnect us from the powerful stillness and knowing of the ETERNAL PARADISE STATE, which is who we are.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Multiverse / Observing the Observer

From the root source... SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING...this messaging is the luciferian-based THINKERS control and manipulate an illusory smoke and mirrors reality through indoctrination of the masses in intellectual and religious lunacy. Humanity is in a massive state of hypnosis. HUMANITY IS ITSELF, an illusory form, and the product of HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION. The consideration of this information WILL BREAK the TRANCE STATE.

The 3 dimensional curtain of deception, otherwise referred to a SINISTER FORM of HYPNOTIC MISDIRECTION, separates us from our natural state of wisdom, through awareness. The 3D perspective, everything we see, is a curtain formed in 3 directions – height, width and depth. Part of this 3 dimensional curtain is our physical body. The body has 5 physical sensors programmed to be receptive to the 3 dimensional illusion around us. The way these sensors pick up the signals from the 3D curtain is through subliminal messages. Subliminals are constructed through such techniques as simple shapes, sounds and colours, and then more complex, multi-layered methods, such as reverse imagery, reverse symbolism, distorted symbolism, reverse speech patterns, neuro-linguistic (brain language) programming techniques, and the elaborate use of the language and number systems, among other devious modes of manipulation.

The Washington Monument...an Illuminati Symbol and then some.

A direct post of information from the IlluminatiMatrix - Sept 30, 2011

"Great Pyramid Of Giza – 11 Wall Street – 14 Wall Street – Washington Monument"

"An incredible amount of subliminal symbolism is built into the characteristics of the pyramids of Giza, and the subsequent off-shoots of these pyramids as they’re presented throughout the world in one way or another. These pyramids show up in the USA with the footprint locations of the destroyed Twin Towers and the new Freedom Tower location which coincide with the Giza Pyramids, which in turn coincide with the stars of Orion's Belt. The pyramid shape isn’t obvious, but the suggestion of the Giza Pyramids is obvious with the footprint locations. Consider for a moment, that the Luciferian agenda incorporated the WTC building layout within its manipulative scenario, when it conjured up the stars of Orion’s Belt. …!

The WTC is located right in the middle of the Financial / FIANCE district of Manhattan, with the most famous street of all being WALL / LLAW / ALLAH’s Street. The NYSE / SEYN / SION, is ‘chapel’ area of the symbolic ‘SOL-O-MON’s TEMPLE’ in the Financial District, where the MON-EY / MOON-EYE / MOON & SUN / SUN & MOON / SOLOMON, is worshipped on a daily basis, … while being completely undetected.

The address of the NYSE is 11 WALL Street.
The number 11 = DEATH.

Right next door to the NYSE is the EQUINOX Health and Fitness Center.
Within the EQUINOX Center is the Cafe Du Soleil = Cafe of the SUN.
The building itself is a converted Art Deco style bank building with a perfect pyramid roof with the capstone missing, in the same manner as the Giza Pyramid.

The chart immediately below shows the roof of the EQUINOX Health Center pyramid roof.

The address of the EQUINOX is 14 WALL STREET.
The number 14 = 1/2 MOON, or the mid-cycle of the female menstrual cycle, and the ability for conception to occur.

Pyramids of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza was built using the CUBIT measurement.

CUBIT = CUBE = 3x3x3 = 27.

The CUBE is the iconic square building in the center of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, referred to, and which houses, the Kabaah Stone.
The worship of the CUBE, and the KABAAH, and the KABBALAH obviously predates Islam, as the characteristics of the Giza Pyramids incorporate ALL that is ALLAH, within the pyramids of Egypt. Which were constructed thousands of years before Muhammad.

The Great Pyramid called KHUFU was 280 CUBITS high.
Each side of Khufu is 440 CUBITS.
The number 44 relates to the Lion King, the Sphinx, Lincoln and Obama.
Multiplying 440 x 4 (for each of the 4 sides) = 1760 CUBITS.
The number 1760 = 1+7+6+0 = 14 the CONCEPTION number.
The number 176-0 divided by 2 = 88-0, or simply 176 = 88, the FLOOD number.
The CONCEPTION results in the FLOOD.
The number that the USA became a country was 1776 divided by 2 = 888.
The importance of the number 888 in regards to the COUNTRY = CUNT-RAY = the FLOOD source.

The number 280 CUBITS = 28-0 = 1 FULL MOON, relating again to the menstrual cycle of the woman.
Dividing 1760 by 280 = 6.28 divided by 2 again = 3.14, or PI.
Pi is the circumference of a CIRCLE.
Therefore, 2 – PI = 2 CIRCLES or 1 SUN and 1 MOON.
These 2 CIRCLES in turn create the CRESCENT SHAPE of the MOON, which in turn is represented by the VULVA, again, the source of the FLOOD.
The number 6.28 = 6+2+8 = 16, the Lion King number, or 4×4, 44.
Removing the 0′s from 1760 and from 280 = 176 and 28.
Divide 176 by 2 = 88.
Divide 28 by 2 = 14.
Divide 176 and 28 by 2 again = 44 and 7, the numbers associated with the Lion King and Perfection and Completion.
Adding the numbers 44+7=51 = 51, which coincides with 3 on the 5th clockface.
Adding 5+3=8, or the number of the FLOOD and CONTROL.
Adding 88 and 14 = 102 which coincides with 6 on the 9th clockface, which is a sex position symbolized by the PISCES fish astrological sign, which is the VESICA PISCIS or VULVA.
Dividing the number 44 by 2 again = 22, the number of floors in the MARRIOTT HOTEL, which coincides with the state of CALIFORNIA.
The number 22 divided by 7 = 3.14, or PI, the SUN and MOON and relates to the Flood of the Milky Way, or P=16 and I=EYE=ION=, or I the 9th letter = FALL, and EYE = EYN = N, ‘Something from Nothing’, the 14th letter of CONCEPTION.

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is 555.5′ high.
It’s a phallic symbol topped with a pyramid the shape of the Giza Pyramid.
The monument was supposedly finished 4,444 years after the Khufu Pyramid was finished .

The Washington Monument is named after President George Washington.
George Washington’s birthday was FEBRUARY 22, 1732.

February 22, 1732 = 02/22/1732 = 2/22/17+32 = 2/22/49 = 2/22/7×7 = 2×22 and 7×7, suggesting 2×22=44, or PI x 2, and 7×7, or Perfection and Completion, and the 49th Parallel, the USA/Canadian border where the 2010 Olympics were held on February 12, 2010 (Lion King / Lincoln’s 201st birthday), in the month of February (28 day month), with Valentine’s Day occurring on the 14th of February, and Washington’s birthday occurring 10 days into the Olympic ritual of sacrifice. The sacrifice involved the Haiti EQ, exactly 1 MOON before the start of the Olympics, the Chile EQ at the end of the Olympic ritual on the CUBE DAY, or February 27, 2010. And eventually the Christchurch New Zealand, and Japanese EQ’s, in September 2010, and March 2011.
The Mother (Mary) has conceived the Seed of the Son!

The Washington Monument CORNERSTONE was laid on July 4 (USA Birthdate), 1848.
The Washington Monument CAPSTONE was set in place on December 6, 1884.
The total time to build the Washington Monument was 36 years, or 6×6, or 3×6=18 = 6+6+6, or 3+6=9, the FALL.

The Virginia EQ of August 23, 2011, damaged the Washington Monument, leaving CRACKS in the structure.
On September 27 (3x3x3 the CUBE), 2011, engineers began repelling down all 4 sides of the Washington Monument looking for CRACKS.
The Washington Monument coincides with the 4 Corner Cross States, when the National Mall is laid over the nation as a whole.
The exercise of looking for CRACKS in the monument, is a subliminal suggesting the EARTHQUAKE CRACKS that will appear in the 4 Corner Cross States, which is the Sacrifice Cross of the 11 Western States, which in turn is the Foundation Stone of Sacrifice under the Dome of the ROCK in Jerusalem.

The completion date, when the CAPSTONE was set on December 6, 1884, was to become the EVE of PEARL HARBOUR, on December 7, 1941. Up until December 7, 2011 there will be 163 years since the Washington Monument was begun.

163 coincides with 7 on the 14th clockface.
The numbers 7 and 14 relate to the week, fortnight, and conception cycle of the moon, as well as the time between a NEW MOON and FULL MOON.
It’s this conception cycle we’re now experiencing with the birth pangs quickening on a daily basis.

By December 7, 2012, the symbolic day of the CONCEPTION of MARY in her Mother St. Anne, which coincides with PEARL HARBOUR, there will be 164 years.

The number 164 coincides with 8 (FLOOD) on the 14th (CONCEPTION) clockface.
164 = 16×4 = 64 = 8×8.

The PEARL HARBOUR EVENT suggested in the PROJECT FOR A NEW AMERICAN CENTURY is the subliminal relating to the World Trade Center attack of 2001, but is again referring to the PEARL HARBOUR EVENT built subliminally into the dates, shape, location and height (as well as other dimensions) of the Washington Monument.

In other words, a great many events are suggested subliminally, which are occurring and will continue to occur in short order, and will continue to transpire even after December 7, 2012, as the luciferian agenda unfolds as foretold, even from the conjuring of Orion and the Sun and the Moon in the sky. We are experiencing the ultimate dream and we revere it as reality and truth.

The Washington Monument was dedicated on February 22, 1885, or 153 years after Washington’s birth.
February 2, 1885 = 02/22/1+8+8+5 = 02/22/22.

The number 153 coincides with 9 on the 13th clockface.
Adding 1+5+3=9 as well.
Adding 9+13=21 which also coincides with 9 on the 2nd clockface.
Adding 9+2=11.
In other words, the dedication occurred on a symbolic date suggesting 9-11.

From the dedication date of in 1885, to 2011, there are 126 years.
The number 126 coincides with 6 on the 11th clockface.
Multiplying 6×11=66.
The number 66% coincides with 8, or the FLOOD.
Adding 1+2+6=9.
Again, the dedication date suggests 9 and 11, as well as the Sacrifice and Flood.

October 9, 1888 = 10/9/18-88 = 10+9+18+88 = 125
The number 125 coincides with 5 on the 11th clockface.
Multiplying 5 x 11 = 55, the number of Sacrifice.
The Washington Monument is 555.5 feet in height, which also suggests the same event.
Obviously, the YEAR 1888 = 1-888, or subliminally, = 888×2=1776, the birth of a NEW USA as a result of the FLOOD, or CLEANSING, in whatever form that may take.

When considering the dates concerning the building, dedication and opening of the Washington Monument, here are some symbolic number breakdowns:

CORNERSTONE LAID – 1848 to 2012 = 164 years.
164 = 8 on the 14th clockface.
8+14=MARRIOTT Hotel.
8×14=112 = coincides with 4 on the 10th clockface.
4×10=40, suggesting 40 DAYS of RAIN, suggesting Noah’s Flood, and cleansing of the world, and the Conception of a New World.
The number 112 = 11×2 = 22, the MARRIOTT Hotel again, suggesting the Marriage Union.
Also, 112 divided by 2 = 56 coincides with 8 on the 5th clockface.
Then 56 divide by 2 = 28, the MENSTRUAL FLOOD MOON number.
Divided by 2 again = 14, the CONCEPTION number.

CAPSTONE SET – 1884 to 2012 = 128 years.
128 = 8 on the 11th clockface.
8×11 = 88.
1+2+8 also = 11.
The number 88 coincides 4 on the 8th.
Multiplying 4×8 = 32.
32 coincides with 8 on the 3rd clockface.

DEDICATION – 1885 to 2012 = 127 years.
127 coincides with 7 on the 11th clockface.
11 x 7 = 77, the coordinates of Washington DC (1/2 77, or 38.5N/77 W).
The number 127 = 12×7 = 84 = 12 on the 7th clockface.

OPENING – 1888 to 2012 = 124 years.
124 coincides with 4 on the 11th clockface.
4×11 = 44, the number of the Lion King, Lincoln, the Sphinx, and Obama.

Symbolically speaking, there are 4 dates to keep in mind.
The Cornerstone Laid – July 4th, USA birthdate.
The Capstone Set – December 6, Eve of Pearl Harbour, Conception of Mary in Anne.
Dediction – February 22, Washington’s birthday.
Opening – October 9, … which, in 2011, coincides with the 10th DAY OF ROSH HASHANAH, or YOM KIPPUR, the DAY OF ATONEMENT.
For 10 days of the Jewish New Year, the DAY OF JUDGMENT, the fate of the WICKED and RIGHTEOUS, hang in the balance as the books of account are opened.
The judgment is said to be sealed forever, on Yom Kippur, the 10th day of the Judgment.

The 7 Day War in Israel took place in 1967, or 44 YEARS ago this year, 2011.
The Palestinian request in the UN to be given official state status is based on the borders previous to the 7 Day War which occurred on YOM KIPPUR in 1967, the Day of Atonement.

From a subliminal perspective, the suggestion is obvious. The Lion King, the 44th president, the 7 Day War, or 44 divided by 7, as in PI x 2, as suggested in the dimensions of the Giza Pyramid.
The year 1967 = 1+9+6+7=23, which coincides with 11 on the 2nd clockface.
11 x 2 = 22.
22 / 7′s = PI, or 3.14"