"Always be aware, that humanity, the whole population of the world, is illusory. That includes the one reading these words. Humanity is not real or valid. The illusory body of humanity is not at all who and what we really are. We have simply been conjured up, given a 3D name, body, mind and spirit/energy, (all aspects which are fake), and then filled with endless suggestions in our illusory brain, that this is who we really are. From this point on, in our 3D life experience, believing that our 3 dimensional life experience is real, leads to endless confusion and suffering. This belief manifests the notion of being imprisoned. However, we are not imprisoned, but if we believe we are, then for all intents and purposes, we might as well be." - Bryan Kemila, IlluminatiMatrix


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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The 7 Billionth Person – Born On Halloween – DANICA, by IM

"Born in the Philippines on Halloween, a baby girl has been chosen as the symbolic 7 billionth person. Her name is DANICA. Danica, or Danika, is a Slavic girls name. Danica means the MORNING STAR. This is the name given to Venus, lucifer, and Jesus, the “Bright and Morning Star”.

The word MORNING = MOURNING = as in to MOURN a death.
The word STAR = is linked to the 5 Pointed Star = North Star = VULVA / VENUS / GODDESS OF LOVE / CONCEPTION, and the suggestion of a New World.

DANICA = DIAN-CI = DIANA SEA = Flood Goddess Diana.
DANICA suggests CA-NADI-an. Water Sacrifice From Canada.
DIANA further suggests = DINE, as in Marriage Supper.
DIANA = MADONNA Moon/Flood Goddess= MA-DAWN-A = A Mother Dawn.
DAWN = WAND = Magicians Wand Made Of HOLLY WOOD = Illusions.
ILLUSION = ALEUTIAN Islands = When the WAND is WAVED the DAWN will come.
ALEUTIAN Islands = Al-Aqsa Mosque / Alaska = the source of the FLOOD WAVE." - IM

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mooji ~ What Are You Afraid Of? Fear or not Fear

"What you are looking for...you are looking from!" Mooji.

In other words, we are already there, we just don't know it! - DS888

" Once you have this urge [to find out who you are], the whole Universe is helping you." (Mooji)

Thursday, October 13, 2011


www.postmoderntimes.com ... is a series of short animated films presenting new ideas about global consciousness and techniques for social and ecological transformation. Our first episode, "Toward 2012", introduces the project, explaining concepts from the best-selling book, "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl" (Tarcher/Penguin, 2006) by Daniel Pinchbeck, in the author's own voice. Future segments will focus on shamanism, sustainability, alternative energy systems, the Mayan Calendar, quantum physics and synchronicity, and a host of other subjects.More Episodes at iclips dot net.Directed by Joao Amorim.

2012 - Consciousness is the key.

Episode features four underground hip hop artists -- Naada, Propaganda Anonymous, 2HL, and iLL SpoKKinN -- and producer euphAmism in an animated music video packing lyrical and graphical punch in a call for global awakening. Directed by Joao Amorim

Toward 2012 - A myth about matter!

Jim Fournier is founder and President of the Biomass Energy & Carbon, a Colorado based R&D company commercializing biomass gasification and developing a revolutionary new "carbon negative" bio-fuels technology that can remove CO2 from the air by generating sustainable energy and a high-carbon fertilizer from biomass.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pink Floyd – The PINK FLOOD

"One of the most influential ROCK bands of all time is PINK FLOYD.
The name PINK FLOYD = PINK FLOOD = the Flood of the Vulva.

The titles of their more popular hit songs suggest so much of what the luciferian agenda involves and especially with the Occupy Wall Street Movement occurring at this illusory time. Their acknowledged leader was ROGER WATERS = ROYER WATERS, or ROY-RE, or ROY-RA, or ROY-EL, ROYAL WATERS, suggesting the WATERS of God.

Titles include:

Their debut album – The Piper At The GATES Of DAWN.
Commercial successes include – The Dark Side Of The MOON and The WALL, which suggests a strong link to the Occupy Wall Street.

Pink Floyd reunited for a May 12, 2011, at the charity concert LIVE 8.
Suggesting again, the OCTAGON of CONTROL and FLOOD.

The LIVE 8 concert took place at THE O2 arena in London.
THE O2 = THEO 2 = GOD 2.

Band members Gilmour (G word) played “Comfortably Numb” with WATERS, and “OUTSIDE THE WALL” with WATERS and MASON." - IM

Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd - The Wall

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (Very Rare Video)

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon

Friday, October 7, 2011

Mary Jane's Last Dance - Myths & Truths About MJ!

What we believe to be OUR MIND and OUR THOUGHTS, is actually the luciferian conjured up illusion of OUR MIND. This is THEIR MIND and THEIR THOUGHTS we experience in this 3 dimensional plane. For this reason we must always watch and wait. Don’t react to anything in anyway, for this is all luciferian based emotional manipulation. Emotionally detach from placing value on the things that the luciferian mindset suggests are of value in this 3D experience. In this way we reclaim the power of our original state and once again reconnect with Paradise – RIGHT NOW!

The one comment I will make here on this topic is: OUR USA GOVERNMENT is a FUCKING LIAR about MARIJUANA...PERIOD!!!! This is one topic of the sheeple's misunderstanding of the truth that really pisses me off. This could help millions to heal people but the ELITES want us SICK SICK SICK...666... and kill us all (well almost, they will let a few hundred million live for slaves).


And people want JOBS! Update from the IlluminatiMatrix.


Steve Jobs Dead at 56: Apple Founder Resigns for Health Reasons, Fans Mourn Around World... 

Steve Jobs Dead at 56 (link for YouTube)

The world Financial / Fiance situation is in utter turmoil.
The people throughout the world want JOBS to feed their families.
President Obama (BURAQ the magic HORUS) has proposed a JOBS Bill to get people back to work.
… and then, on October 5, 2011, STEVE JOBS DIES!

… nothing fishy goin’ on here, … NO, NO, NO!
STEVE JOBS = ST. EVE JOBS = Saint EVE – the ‘Coming Of The Light”, the Saviour, the Light of the World is Coming.

The word JOB is a J and B word.
The Pillars of Solomon’s Temple are the J and B Pillars.
The secret societies of the world worship the J and B Pillars.
The Freemasons have the J and B Pillars as some of their main symbols that is associated with bringing Order Out Of Chaos, which is their motto.

And so the chaos has been created throughout the world, and as the masses of humanity strut about in total confusion for the CHAOS TO END, … the elite of the world, the rich bankers, the royals, the religious tycoons, … they will bring the chaos to an end, … and the masses of the world better REMAIN IN THAT POSITION FOREVER, or the CHAOS WILL RETURN!

The good goddess mother NUT is going to feed her babies with her MILKY WAY / WHEY. Her breasts are full of nourishment for the protesting OFF-SPRING that she’s bringing forth in her FLOOD of CHAOS. The goddess mother NUT is also symbolized as a mother SOW, allowing her piglets to suckle at her tits…

Here’s a couple of interesting numbers, courtesy of a professional in the trading business in Chicago:


“Interesting to note that many articles are listing Apple’s stock market capitalization at the time of Jobs’ death at 322 billion, despite the fact it is higher than that. Also, according to Yahoo business, the average daily trading volume of Apple is

(End quote).

The number 322 billion relating to the Skull and Bone Secret Society number and the 22,448,800 relating to the Union (22), the Sphinx Lion King Lincoln (44), Control and the Flood (88), and Double in-TEN-sity (00).

The 3 dimensional world is of the luciferian Mind, as is every form of Energy within this entire universe. Once liberated from this sphere of Duality, our Original State of Wisdom (which is who and what we really are) would never choose to reincarnate into this illusion. For it is, that our 3D life experience, with its body, mind, soul and energy/spirit, is an illusion itself. Once dissolved by experiencing the illusion of Death, the being that we appeared to be in the 3D illusory sense, ceases to exist. Who and what we really are becomes obvious, and the manipulation and confusion manifested through deceit, comes to an end. This manipulation and confusion can end with the illusion of Death, or it can end with coming out of the Trance State before experiencing the Death illusion. It’s all, totally, completely, within the Mind to perform this act. The Mind, what we believe to be Our Mind, is, in actuality, the illusory Receiving Dish, conjured up by the luciferian egregore, that accepts the Thoughts of the luciferian Mind, or the Thought Process, and we consume, and believe that these are our thoughts, our beliefs. The confusion that ensues, then masks, or veils, the Eternal Being that we really are. We’re still that One Eternal Wisdom Being, however, the persistent nature of the luciferian Mindset, relentlessly forces its nature and opinions upon our Eternal State, intending that the resulting confusion will cause the imprisonment of that Eternal Wisdom State of Power, or the imprisonment of our Eternal Being. In turn, this Power, they intend to harness for their own ends.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Klaus Dona : The Hidden History of the Human Race

Klaus Dona, is an Austrian artifacts researcher. His Project Camelot interview (available here) was extremely well received, and many people wrote asking for a follow-up.

This video is a 45 minute slideshow, with a personal commentary from Klaus. It's data-rich, detailed, intensive, absorbing, and may contain more startling information about the history of the human race in one place than any other video you've ever seen.

The journey we embark on covers Atlantis, reptilian humanoids, the Anunnaki, ancient symbolism, ancient science, an ancient global language, and much more. This is astonishing material has my highest recommendation. Enjoy.

At this time, be aware, that what we’re dealing with, (as pertaining to the luciferian/illuminati agenda), is NOT FLESH AND BLOOD HUMAN BEINGS. What’s being described are the entities that have conjured up this total 3D illusion, through the THOUGHT PROCESS and everything we see is a THOUGHT FORM. Who we really are, is not the illusory body of humanity numbering in the billions. We are that formless thing called WISDOM, and we are the ULTIMATE EXPRESSION of BEING that the luciferian 3 dimensional illusion was designed to separate us from. Separation from that wisdom, brings us into total control under their intellectually based systems of science and religion. We’re in a war with the mythical gods of old, the illusory THINKERS, who attack us through the fabricated minds we’re certain are our minds. Yet, these minds that we use to contemplate all things 3 dimensional, are their minds, fabricated to receive the THOUGHT PATTERNS meant to disconnect us from the powerful stillness and knowing of the ETERNAL PARADISE STATE, which is who we are.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Multiverse / Observing the Observer

From the root source... SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING...this messaging is the luciferian-based THINKERS control and manipulate an illusory smoke and mirrors reality through indoctrination of the masses in intellectual and religious lunacy. Humanity is in a massive state of hypnosis. HUMANITY IS ITSELF, an illusory form, and the product of HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION. The consideration of this information WILL BREAK the TRANCE STATE.

The 3 dimensional curtain of deception, otherwise referred to a SINISTER FORM of HYPNOTIC MISDIRECTION, separates us from our natural state of wisdom, through awareness. The 3D perspective, everything we see, is a curtain formed in 3 directions – height, width and depth. Part of this 3 dimensional curtain is our physical body. The body has 5 physical sensors programmed to be receptive to the 3 dimensional illusion around us. The way these sensors pick up the signals from the 3D curtain is through subliminal messages. Subliminals are constructed through such techniques as simple shapes, sounds and colours, and then more complex, multi-layered methods, such as reverse imagery, reverse symbolism, distorted symbolism, reverse speech patterns, neuro-linguistic (brain language) programming techniques, and the elaborate use of the language and number systems, among other devious modes of manipulation.

The Washington Monument...an Illuminati Symbol and then some.

A direct post of information from the IlluminatiMatrix - Sept 30, 2011

"Great Pyramid Of Giza – 11 Wall Street – 14 Wall Street – Washington Monument"

"An incredible amount of subliminal symbolism is built into the characteristics of the pyramids of Giza, and the subsequent off-shoots of these pyramids as they’re presented throughout the world in one way or another. These pyramids show up in the USA with the footprint locations of the destroyed Twin Towers and the new Freedom Tower location which coincide with the Giza Pyramids, which in turn coincide with the stars of Orion's Belt. The pyramid shape isn’t obvious, but the suggestion of the Giza Pyramids is obvious with the footprint locations. Consider for a moment, that the Luciferian agenda incorporated the WTC building layout within its manipulative scenario, when it conjured up the stars of Orion’s Belt. …!

The WTC is located right in the middle of the Financial / FIANCE district of Manhattan, with the most famous street of all being WALL / LLAW / ALLAH’s Street. The NYSE / SEYN / SION, is ‘chapel’ area of the symbolic ‘SOL-O-MON’s TEMPLE’ in the Financial District, where the MON-EY / MOON-EYE / MOON & SUN / SUN & MOON / SOLOMON, is worshipped on a daily basis, … while being completely undetected.

The address of the NYSE is 11 WALL Street.
The number 11 = DEATH.

Right next door to the NYSE is the EQUINOX Health and Fitness Center.
Within the EQUINOX Center is the Cafe Du Soleil = Cafe of the SUN.
The building itself is a converted Art Deco style bank building with a perfect pyramid roof with the capstone missing, in the same manner as the Giza Pyramid.

The chart immediately below shows the roof of the EQUINOX Health Center pyramid roof.

The address of the EQUINOX is 14 WALL STREET.
The number 14 = 1/2 MOON, or the mid-cycle of the female menstrual cycle, and the ability for conception to occur.

Pyramids of Giza

The Great Pyramid of Giza was built using the CUBIT measurement.

CUBIT = CUBE = 3x3x3 = 27.

The CUBE is the iconic square building in the center of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, referred to, and which houses, the Kabaah Stone.
The worship of the CUBE, and the KABAAH, and the KABBALAH obviously predates Islam, as the characteristics of the Giza Pyramids incorporate ALL that is ALLAH, within the pyramids of Egypt. Which were constructed thousands of years before Muhammad.

The Great Pyramid called KHUFU was 280 CUBITS high.
Each side of Khufu is 440 CUBITS.
The number 44 relates to the Lion King, the Sphinx, Lincoln and Obama.
Multiplying 440 x 4 (for each of the 4 sides) = 1760 CUBITS.
The number 1760 = 1+7+6+0 = 14 the CONCEPTION number.
The number 176-0 divided by 2 = 88-0, or simply 176 = 88, the FLOOD number.
The CONCEPTION results in the FLOOD.
The number that the USA became a country was 1776 divided by 2 = 888.
The importance of the number 888 in regards to the COUNTRY = CUNT-RAY = the FLOOD source.

The number 280 CUBITS = 28-0 = 1 FULL MOON, relating again to the menstrual cycle of the woman.
Dividing 1760 by 280 = 6.28 divided by 2 again = 3.14, or PI.
Pi is the circumference of a CIRCLE.
Therefore, 2 – PI = 2 CIRCLES or 1 SUN and 1 MOON.
These 2 CIRCLES in turn create the CRESCENT SHAPE of the MOON, which in turn is represented by the VULVA, again, the source of the FLOOD.
The number 6.28 = 6+2+8 = 16, the Lion King number, or 4×4, 44.
Removing the 0′s from 1760 and from 280 = 176 and 28.
Divide 176 by 2 = 88.
Divide 28 by 2 = 14.
Divide 176 and 28 by 2 again = 44 and 7, the numbers associated with the Lion King and Perfection and Completion.
Adding the numbers 44+7=51 = 51, which coincides with 3 on the 5th clockface.
Adding 5+3=8, or the number of the FLOOD and CONTROL.
Adding 88 and 14 = 102 which coincides with 6 on the 9th clockface, which is a sex position symbolized by the PISCES fish astrological sign, which is the VESICA PISCIS or VULVA.
Dividing the number 44 by 2 again = 22, the number of floors in the MARRIOTT HOTEL, which coincides with the state of CALIFORNIA.
The number 22 divided by 7 = 3.14, or PI, the SUN and MOON and relates to the Flood of the Milky Way, or P=16 and I=EYE=ION=, or I the 9th letter = FALL, and EYE = EYN = N, ‘Something from Nothing’, the 14th letter of CONCEPTION.

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is 555.5′ high.
It’s a phallic symbol topped with a pyramid the shape of the Giza Pyramid.
The monument was supposedly finished 4,444 years after the Khufu Pyramid was finished .

The Washington Monument is named after President George Washington.
George Washington’s birthday was FEBRUARY 22, 1732.

February 22, 1732 = 02/22/1732 = 2/22/17+32 = 2/22/49 = 2/22/7×7 = 2×22 and 7×7, suggesting 2×22=44, or PI x 2, and 7×7, or Perfection and Completion, and the 49th Parallel, the USA/Canadian border where the 2010 Olympics were held on February 12, 2010 (Lion King / Lincoln’s 201st birthday), in the month of February (28 day month), with Valentine’s Day occurring on the 14th of February, and Washington’s birthday occurring 10 days into the Olympic ritual of sacrifice. The sacrifice involved the Haiti EQ, exactly 1 MOON before the start of the Olympics, the Chile EQ at the end of the Olympic ritual on the CUBE DAY, or February 27, 2010. And eventually the Christchurch New Zealand, and Japanese EQ’s, in September 2010, and March 2011.
The Mother (Mary) has conceived the Seed of the Son!

The Washington Monument CORNERSTONE was laid on July 4 (USA Birthdate), 1848.
The Washington Monument CAPSTONE was set in place on December 6, 1884.
The total time to build the Washington Monument was 36 years, or 6×6, or 3×6=18 = 6+6+6, or 3+6=9, the FALL.

The Virginia EQ of August 23, 2011, damaged the Washington Monument, leaving CRACKS in the structure.
On September 27 (3x3x3 the CUBE), 2011, engineers began repelling down all 4 sides of the Washington Monument looking for CRACKS.
The Washington Monument coincides with the 4 Corner Cross States, when the National Mall is laid over the nation as a whole.
The exercise of looking for CRACKS in the monument, is a subliminal suggesting the EARTHQUAKE CRACKS that will appear in the 4 Corner Cross States, which is the Sacrifice Cross of the 11 Western States, which in turn is the Foundation Stone of Sacrifice under the Dome of the ROCK in Jerusalem.

The completion date, when the CAPSTONE was set on December 6, 1884, was to become the EVE of PEARL HARBOUR, on December 7, 1941. Up until December 7, 2011 there will be 163 years since the Washington Monument was begun.

163 coincides with 7 on the 14th clockface.
The numbers 7 and 14 relate to the week, fortnight, and conception cycle of the moon, as well as the time between a NEW MOON and FULL MOON.
It’s this conception cycle we’re now experiencing with the birth pangs quickening on a daily basis.

By December 7, 2012, the symbolic day of the CONCEPTION of MARY in her Mother St. Anne, which coincides with PEARL HARBOUR, there will be 164 years.

The number 164 coincides with 8 (FLOOD) on the 14th (CONCEPTION) clockface.
164 = 16×4 = 64 = 8×8.

The PEARL HARBOUR EVENT suggested in the PROJECT FOR A NEW AMERICAN CENTURY is the subliminal relating to the World Trade Center attack of 2001, but is again referring to the PEARL HARBOUR EVENT built subliminally into the dates, shape, location and height (as well as other dimensions) of the Washington Monument.

In other words, a great many events are suggested subliminally, which are occurring and will continue to occur in short order, and will continue to transpire even after December 7, 2012, as the luciferian agenda unfolds as foretold, even from the conjuring of Orion and the Sun and the Moon in the sky. We are experiencing the ultimate dream and we revere it as reality and truth.

The Washington Monument was dedicated on February 22, 1885, or 153 years after Washington’s birth.
February 2, 1885 = 02/22/1+8+8+5 = 02/22/22.

The number 153 coincides with 9 on the 13th clockface.
Adding 1+5+3=9 as well.
Adding 9+13=21 which also coincides with 9 on the 2nd clockface.
Adding 9+2=11.
In other words, the dedication occurred on a symbolic date suggesting 9-11.

From the dedication date of in 1885, to 2011, there are 126 years.
The number 126 coincides with 6 on the 11th clockface.
Multiplying 6×11=66.
The number 66% coincides with 8, or the FLOOD.
Adding 1+2+6=9.
Again, the dedication date suggests 9 and 11, as well as the Sacrifice and Flood.

October 9, 1888 = 10/9/18-88 = 10+9+18+88 = 125
The number 125 coincides with 5 on the 11th clockface.
Multiplying 5 x 11 = 55, the number of Sacrifice.
The Washington Monument is 555.5 feet in height, which also suggests the same event.
Obviously, the YEAR 1888 = 1-888, or subliminally, = 888×2=1776, the birth of a NEW USA as a result of the FLOOD, or CLEANSING, in whatever form that may take.

When considering the dates concerning the building, dedication and opening of the Washington Monument, here are some symbolic number breakdowns:

CORNERSTONE LAID – 1848 to 2012 = 164 years.
164 = 8 on the 14th clockface.
8+14=MARRIOTT Hotel.
8×14=112 = coincides with 4 on the 10th clockface.
4×10=40, suggesting 40 DAYS of RAIN, suggesting Noah’s Flood, and cleansing of the world, and the Conception of a New World.
The number 112 = 11×2 = 22, the MARRIOTT Hotel again, suggesting the Marriage Union.
Also, 112 divided by 2 = 56 coincides with 8 on the 5th clockface.
Then 56 divide by 2 = 28, the MENSTRUAL FLOOD MOON number.
Divided by 2 again = 14, the CONCEPTION number.

CAPSTONE SET – 1884 to 2012 = 128 years.
128 = 8 on the 11th clockface.
8×11 = 88.
1+2+8 also = 11.
The number 88 coincides 4 on the 8th.
Multiplying 4×8 = 32.
32 coincides with 8 on the 3rd clockface.

DEDICATION – 1885 to 2012 = 127 years.
127 coincides with 7 on the 11th clockface.
11 x 7 = 77, the coordinates of Washington DC (1/2 77, or 38.5N/77 W).
The number 127 = 12×7 = 84 = 12 on the 7th clockface.

OPENING – 1888 to 2012 = 124 years.
124 coincides with 4 on the 11th clockface.
4×11 = 44, the number of the Lion King, Lincoln, the Sphinx, and Obama.

Symbolically speaking, there are 4 dates to keep in mind.
The Cornerstone Laid – July 4th, USA birthdate.
The Capstone Set – December 6, Eve of Pearl Harbour, Conception of Mary in Anne.
Dediction – February 22, Washington’s birthday.
Opening – October 9, … which, in 2011, coincides with the 10th DAY OF ROSH HASHANAH, or YOM KIPPUR, the DAY OF ATONEMENT.
For 10 days of the Jewish New Year, the DAY OF JUDGMENT, the fate of the WICKED and RIGHTEOUS, hang in the balance as the books of account are opened.
The judgment is said to be sealed forever, on Yom Kippur, the 10th day of the Judgment.

The 7 Day War in Israel took place in 1967, or 44 YEARS ago this year, 2011.
The Palestinian request in the UN to be given official state status is based on the borders previous to the 7 Day War which occurred on YOM KIPPUR in 1967, the Day of Atonement.

From a subliminal perspective, the suggestion is obvious. The Lion King, the 44th president, the 7 Day War, or 44 divided by 7, as in PI x 2, as suggested in the dimensions of the Giza Pyramid.
The year 1967 = 1+9+6+7=23, which coincides with 11 on the 2nd clockface.
11 x 2 = 22.
22 / 7′s = PI, or 3.14"

Friday, September 30, 2011

Origin of AIDS! Population Reduction???

"On April 12, 1955 Jonas Salk's polio vaccine was first licensed for public use in the U.S. In the years afterwards 90 million Americans were vaccinated in the largest mass vaccination campaign ever. Polio virtually disappeared from the continent and Jonas Salk became a hero."

"But not long after, 260 children who were vaccinated with Salk's vaccine became sick. Eleven of them died. An investigation showed that some lots of the vaccine were defective and confidence in it was shaken.

Two scientific greats, Dr. Hilary Koprowski, director of the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, and Dr. Albert Sabin, a physician at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital, raced to replace the Salk vaccine. Dr. Cecil Fox, a pathologist at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases remembers that it was an intense competition.

Both Sabin and Koprowski's vaccines were derived from monkey organs. They needed to test them in large, non-immunized population groups, no longer available in North America.

Sabin traveled to the U.S.S.R. and vaccinated more than 6 million people in Latvia, Estonia and Kazakhstan between 1958 and 1959. No AIDS cases emerged in the U.S.S.R. where Sabin did his testing.

Koprowski moved his study to the Belgian Congo which had one of Africa's more modern health care infrastructures at the time. Between 1956 and 1960 more then 1 million African people were 'encouraged' to receive Koprowski's vaccine called CHAT.

Sabin analyzed Koprowski's vaccine in 1958 and found it be be 'unstable and contaminated by an unknown virus'. He told Koprowski about his discovery and went then went public with his findings."

From IlluminatMatrix:



What this tells us, is that the widespread disease, and manufactured pandemics of our 3D life experience, is actually a call for MARY, the QUEEN of HEAVEN, to come and purify us, to make us clean. With increased sickness, comes increased hypnotic suggestion for being cleansed, for washing, for a dramatic need for WATER. This is yet the most potent of all subliminals delivered from the deprived luciferian mindset, and initiated through the Thought Process. This is also the driving force behind implanting AIDS in AFRICA, and disease throughout the Third World. This is the sacrifice to the illusory Sun Gods, and will culminate as the Marriage Supper of the Lamb as the subliminal escalates into a frenzied state of hysteria. The whole time, the elite luciferian manipulators will be looking and acting as if they’re protecting this illusory body of humanity through such things as vaccinations, etc., when in fact, they’re offering as many as are required, as a sacrifice to the egregore Thinking Godhead.

As with everything in this 3D illusory, lie based manipulation realm, whatever they tell us to be of benefit for us, is in fact, the very opposite. As an example:



The subliminal relating to the number 666, is quite obviously referring to the diseases that make us SICK SICK SICK. With the ever expanding medical practices throughout the world, it becomes a tad curious as to the true inspiration and driving force that has established a world filled with disease, sickness and death. Furthermore, a person wishing to enter into the medical field, must be willing to be entranced in total depravity, eliminating any sense of reality and total indoctrination in lunacy. The medical field in this instance, refers to anyone who chooses to heal the sickness/sixness, of humanity, with the hope of making the 3D illusion a better, more workable place to exist. The medical system is not good or bad, its just another manipulation tool, IF LOOKED UPON as a CURE or as HAVING ANY BASIS IN REALITY.

The medical system can be expanded to include the religious organizations and spiritual thought processes as well, as it is that religion is sought by many in times of need for healing. With this in mind, the word DISEASE is deciphered below, keeping in mind, a coming cleansing flood, the rising sea, and with the objective of implementing the Kingdom of God on Earth, the Age of Aquarius, the Environmental Green Movement, or the New Age of a New World Order. The subliminal attached to the many layers within this word, all relate to death, water, god, regeneration, sex, and the All Seeing Eye, etc.

DISEASE = DIO CESE = the extent of a bishop’s jurisdiction

"The medical/religious system of healing is a massive system of deceit, pretending to be a form of wellness, but in actual fact, is a system built upon, and sustained by, the continual sacrifice of the illusory body of humanity to the Thought Process entities."

"H1N1 – Swine Flu"

"The text that follows shows some of the symbolism in the contrived title applied to the Swine Flu.

H1N1 = H the 8th letter / 1 / N the 14th letter / 1 = 8+1+14+1=24 / 2+4=6
or again 8+1+1+4+1=15 the deity number / 1+5=6

The title H1N1 relates to the 6, or SICKSNESS of the Holy SEE, or Holy CEASE, or the Holy SIX (en francais)

H1N1 = 8-1-N-1 = ATE ONE N ONE = Consummation and the number 1 and 1, or 11.

H1N1 = H + A the 1st letter / N + A the 1st letter = HANA = ANNA = ANANNA the QUEEN of HEAVEN = MARY the Mother of God = Saint ANN Mother of Mary = Immaculate conception of Mary by Saint Ann – 66 DAYS before Olympic Games begin.

H1N1 = HANA = ANN = December 8 – 2009 = Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

The H1N1 Flu is just another subliminal suggestion, linking the cleansing of the earth to the Environmental Green Movement, and the ancient illusory myth of domination of the Paradise State. The flu relates again to the Flood of the Queen of Heaven that fosters hysteria and fear, the prime ingredients for manipulating the population, keeping the distraction intact that separates us from our original wisdom state of freedom and liberty."

Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 11, 2011 – OBAMA SPEECH – Psalm 46 / P (16)-SLAM 46 (10 on the 4th)

September 11, 2011 is exactly 70 YEARS from the groundbreaking of the Pentagon on September 11, 1941. And 21 YEARS from the George H.W.Bush speech to Congress on September 11, 1990, promising a New World Order was on the horizon.

President Obama’s speech, suggests something cataclysmic is now at the very doorstep of this illusory plane.

1 - God is our refuge and strength, a very present HELP IN TROUBLE.

2 - Therefore will not we fear, THOUGH THE EARTH BE REMOVED,


4 - There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God,
the holy place of the tabernacles of the Most High. (11 Western States).

5 - God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved:
God shall help her, and that right early.


7 - The LORD of hosts is with us;
the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah.

8 - Come, behold the works of the LORD, WHAT DESOLATIONS HE HATH MADE IN THE EARTH.

9 - He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth;
he breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder;
he burneth the CHARIOT IN THE FIRE.

10 - Be still, and know that I am God:
I will be exalted among the heathen,
I will be exalted in the earth.

11 - The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.

Okay… bring it on!

RENO AIRSHOW CRASH SEPTEMBER 16, 2011 - from the IlluminatiMatrix

September 16, 2011 = 16 Lion King crashing on 9/11.
PILOT = Jimmy Leeward – age 74 = 7+4=11 DEATH.

Mark Kelly, astronaut, and husband of Gabrielle Giffords, was scheduled to race on 09/16/11, until the races were cancelled due to the crash of Leeward.

Jimmy Leeward was flying #77 or #177 P-51 Mustang, WWII plane.

The same day Eleanor Mondale, former VP Walter Mondale’s daughter dies of brain cancer, at AGE 51!
Within hours, Kara Kennedy, Ted Kennedy’s daughter dies of lung cancer on September 17 at AGE 51!
The morning of the crash, 25 Rescue Workers had just PERFORMED A DRILL following the very same scenario of the crash which occurred only hours later!

The World Trade Center attack involved imaginary airplanes, with imaginary PILOTS. These were the BIRDS that Romulus and Remus, the founders of ancient Rome, (on the 7 HILLS of ROME), were waiting to see.

This airshow crash is symbolic of the BIRDS that brought down the Twin Towers!

The crash occurred at the 135 degree angle of Orion, on the border of Nevada and California which coincides with the MARRIOTT HOTEL in the WTC building layout.

The number of the plane model was 77, and the actual number was 177 on the full size plane. The ‘missile plane’ that hit the Pentagon on 9-11, was FLIGHT 77 and the Pentagon is in Washington DC, located at 1/2 of 77N, or 38.5 degrees N and 77 degrees W.

Reno Nevada is located at 39.5 N / 120 W.

Within 24 hours, on September 17, a second airshow crash occurred in Martinsburg, West Virginia, and again killing the PILOT.

Martinsburg is located at 39.5 N / 77.9 W, just slightly west and north of Washington DC, and exactly the same distance North as Reno.

Lake Tahoe / RENO = Galilee
The chart below shows the incredible similarity between the Sea of Galilee and Lake Tahoe. Even the border in the middle of the lake and sea, are identical. It should be noted, that at this very moment, on the Sea of Galilee facing SYRIA, there’s another episode of the ARAB SPRING occurring. An extremely violent revolution, … and the country SYRIA is named after ORION’S HUNTING DOG SIRIUS! This uprising relates to the area of the 11 Western States and links to the aircrash in RENO.


The beginning of miracles in regards to Jesus, began in CANA of GALILEE. As demonstrated on the chart below, CANA GALILEE is an extended anagram for LINCOLN, the Lion King.

The judge in regards to crucifying Jesus, or giving the order to SACRIFICE Jesus, was Pontius Pilate. This name begins with a P in both instances. The letter P is the 16th letter.

16 x 2 = 32 and coincides with 8 on the 3rd clockface. 8 + 3 = 11, or DEATH.

The name PILATE suggests PILOT, which suggests AIRPLANES, or BIRDS.
The word PILATE suggest PILATES, or the EXERCISE using mental and physical strength to REGENERATE. This involves SACRIFICE.

The name PILATE also suggests PLATES that were used at the Marriage Supper that Jesus attended in Galilee, where he began his MIRACULOUS ministry. These PLATES are the SEISMIC PLATES of the RING of FIRE which will be served at the Judgment Day Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

See the chart below, and the PILATE STONE that is presently in the Israel Museum which includes an inscription to Pontius Pilate. Notice that this STONE, or ROCK, is the shape of the previous Stones, or Rocks, shown throughout this site and relates to the 11 WESTERN STATES.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Tony Parsons - No Escape / Paradise Lost

"The Open Secret message points to the possibility of there being a radically different perception of reality. It is not a spiritual or religious message and neither does it recognise any kind of spiritual authority, heirarchy or lineage. It attempts to describe the simple and effortless wonder of being which is beyond path, process or belief.

It also reveals the way in which seeking for fulfilment can only reinforce the sense of continuously reaching out for something that has never been lost.

The dynamic of this communication is essentially energetic, and this can nullify the mind's need for ideas and answers and dissipate the contracted sense of the self and its fear of unconditional freedom." - Tony Parsons

Paradise Lost!

For this reason humanity spends its physical life trying to reconnect to the awareness lost. We want to return to our original knowing state, but always seem to lose our way. We continue to lose our way until we become conscious that the luciferian egregore, or the creator god, is not a loving god, or a divine creator, but deliberately aims to manipulate who we really are, and to destroy our connection to the eternal wisdom state. It is this eternal state, and awareness of this paradise state, that stands between absolute power and worship for the luciferian entities, who can thereby fabricate an eternal state of subservience, in turn directing all the power of the eternal state unto themselves.

Trying to reconnect to our awareness may take on different forms of sexual orientation, or an active sex life. There is, with sex, no such thing as sin, therefore no right or wrong sexual orientation. The sin concept is derived from manipulating the light, and when the light is divided all sorts of legalism concerning right and wrong is suggested and attached to the limitless colours, shapes and sounds.

In our original state of awareness, there is no light or energy. There is NO SPIRIT and NO SOUL. Each man and woman, is without form, without division, and are not man and woman. This differs from the 3D state in that there are no physical forms to deceive, causing the ecstasy to end. Simply put, we are complete in awareness in the wisdom state, and the ecstasy of being one in union is constant and eternal. There is no division, no individuality, no male or female in the Paradise State. We are not WE, which denotes individuals, or division, but we are WISDOM and the ultimate state of being, and we are that WISDOM ALREADY. We just have to reconnect to who we already are.


The subliminals in these 2 words alone, will be used repeatedly throughout the implementation of the luciferian agenda, as it unfolds towards its hoped for goal of total control.

Getting Rid Of DEATH!

It is this very concept that the luciferian / illuminati intellectually indoctrinated elite, working on behalf of this luciferian minded egregore group prince, have thrust upon the world. They look upon death as life and life as death. They don’t hesitate to sacrifice the illusory body of humanity to their THOUGHT BASED god concept. In the mind of the illuminati elite, its a good thing for the common man to experience death. Its in death that the illuminati thinkers and all luciferian-minded people, believe the soul can reincarnate, or be born again and move onward and upward. This is bullshit. In reality,we don’t have a soul or a spirit, except for the illusion of these concepts in the 3 dimensional plane. Soul and spirit are the misnomers attempting to replicate our original awareness. Once we reconnect to wisdom through awareness, by removing the shackles of religion and intellectualism, which in turn is to REMOVE the BELIEF that the 3 DIMESIONAL EXPERIENCE is REAL, it becomes extremely clear that we are, and always have been here, in this one moment and eternal state.

Oh Baby Baby – Baby Me!

The oneness of our original awareness state is evident when a baby is born. The baby recognizes nothing of its surroundings. As far as the baby is concerned, everything is still oneness – still connected to authentic awareness. Let me ask this question. When do we first begin to recognize people, things, the stars and even ourselves? If memory serves correctly, I may have had an inkling of recognition at about 2 or 3 years old. Before then not much seems to have taken place. Actually nothing did take place.

The reason we can’t remember seeing or hearing anything for the first year or two, or longer, of our physical life, is because it’s not really there. We start to learn the language, learn to interpret the stupidity of our brainwashed parents (I’m a parent of 4 children, so I personally know how stupid a brainwashed parent can be), learn a number system and become indoctrinated in the seductions of the other senses and so the 3D illusion appears real. Then we store a memory bank of events to recall. Add to this the trauma of fear, stress, anxiety and deceit over decades and we become totally hypnotized – convinced this is real. It isn’t real and it never has been!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Deceit is the result of a numbering system. This so-called, 5 sense world reality, based on these sacred geometric and religious systems are unwittingly worshipped by every human being on the planet as being the truth of what life is all about. In reality, all these systems are corruption and have no connection to awareness. Life itself, is also a complete fabrication, and an immense illusion. Lies based on previous lies, multiplied by yet more lies, does not foster truth. It creates a Universal Lie, which is exactly what the whole universe is!!!

Sorry to say but after watching this video.....I found that most of these people are IDIOTS and have no-clue to this world. WTF? How are these people EXPERTS or why does anyone listen to them? Answer; "ENTER THE SHEEPLE"! Meaning the Blind leading the Blind!

Number 2

The number 2 represents the Duality nature of the messiah concept. It is this dualism, this constant confrontation, that keeps humanity in the grip of hypnosis. Duality is how the luciferian egregore group of entities perpetuates their illusion, and how they establish a controlling mechanism to direct the 3 dimensional realm as they desire it to go. All the while remaining undetected and free from being exposed.

What do we do about it?
What is DUALITY?
What is Non-Duality? = The answer is NOTHING.

Expose the utter ignorance of such a regime and system, … we are to do nothing. In the last century people pointed to Ghandi as one who peacefully resisted the British. He still resisted. We must not resist, react, retaliate, resent, seek revenge … for all of this is emotional reaction to an illusion. Ghandi was reacting to an illusion. Resistance is the energy/spirit illusory force that the luciferian illuminati elite are looking for and need to continue the luciferian agenda. Of course, it must be recognized, that these elite have not the slightest notion of what it is they do, for what reason, and neither do they perceive the master hypnotist they serve. The elite of the world are indoctrinated in intellectual concepts, all of which have produced deeply entranced, totally unaware, slaves.

In the 1960′s people looked to Martin Luther King as a passive protestor campaigning for the rights of blacks in America. That protest is the energy/spirit which feeds right into the hands of the luciferian Mindset. These and many others have focused our attention on the plight of the poor and weak and helpless. This misdirection from Reality has manipulated who and what we really are, into a prison of CARE. All this is true and horrific, from a 3 dimensional perspective. However, this is the manipulation of religion, intellectualism, and is the foundation of all Secret Societies throughout this illusory history, to manipulate who and what we are, out of our original wisdom and reality state, into a sphere of CARE and CONCERN. All of which solves nothing, proves nothing, exposes nothing, but does perpetuate the myth and the lie. In this state of CARE and CONCERN we react, we seek revenge, we retaliate, we resist, we rebel … we totally respond the way the luciferian Mindset want us to respond.

(Notice – there are no coincidences!)

Look at the word REBEL. This word means RE or reference to – BEL who is Bel or Baal. In other words, to rebel is to act in the manner of Baal. Baal was the Phoenician god responsible for the fertility of the earth and animals. Just another name for a sun god deity. RE = RA, the RAY of LIGHT, another name for the Egyptian sun god deity.

We mustn’t be manipulated to extend a reaction concerning energy/spirit which they need to perpetuate the myth and deception which holds us within the Trance State. Their system is in its last breath and on its last legs. It is self-destructing right now. They are collapsing in on themselves. In the next few years they are going to try to pull off the most massive form of deception ever attempted on humanity, using the illusory body of humanity, which is their secret weapon of manipulation, to create a deep disconnection from our original Reality State. These hidden luciferian entities and their world ELITE are going to attempt to put the crowning touch, the coronation, so to speak, on the New World Order, the so-called Kingdom of God, or the Age of Aquarius, which is already controlling us. Causing us to believe, through incredible devastation and horror, that these coming events are the Day of the Lord’s Vengeance, when the messiah will establish the kingdom of god on earth by destroying the “useless eaters”, (as folks like Henry Kissinger have referred to the common people of the world). All this with regard to controlling the power of the eternal Paradise State, which is who and what we really are.

We need the information available so we can know, as the campaign of deceit increases, and begins to show its true face, that this is the agenda, the plan for 6,000 illusory years, (for TIME and SPACE do not exist), that will be attempted to be fulfilled in the next handful of years. As things keep unfolding, if we know that this is what’s happening and why it’s happening, we can remain calm. We can expose the agenda with total awareness of what’s transpiring, but we MUST NOT REACT or seek revenge or believe for one second that this is the supreme god and his prince of peace. There is no god, just a luciferian group of entities playing god and the devil, and creating duality in this 3 dimensional realm at the expense of humanity, using the suffering of humanity, … and in the same instance, humanity is just a conjured up illusory body of energy Thought Forms, used to make us believe that we’re real, and that we should CARE and be CONCERNED, when in Reality, … ALL IS WELL, and were it not for the hyper reactionary intellectually indoctrinated and religious slaves, feeding nonsense into the 3 dimensional plane, the whole thing would completely fall apart, and a reconnection to Reality would pursue. It must be pointed out, the the intellectual and religious reactionaries that assist this luciferian agenda for control of our eternal Paradise State, includes the Truth Movement and the Conspiracy Theorist Movement. All of which are designed by the luciferian Mindset to manifest a untold amount resistance, revenge and retaliation.

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The Number 119 or 911...Explained!!!

I have extracted many quotes and Information from the Illuminatimatrix over the last several years. I feel that this unique document reveals WHAT's REALLY & TRUELY GOING ON in The world and for the most part....it's not good from what I see!!! But, Watch, Wait & Don't React, because our reactions...being negative or positive, feed our THOUGHT Forms and the Elites...The Thoughtless Rulers of our World and The Fucking Ruling Entities of the Universe.

If you haven't read the IM, it doesn't matter, I will bring important information to the fore-front for you here in the blog!

Now, here is "The Real Symbolic Subliminal Of The Number 119".

For the readers that come to this blog, I want you to realizle that we are closing in on... even more difficult times in the near future. Please, please... don't think I am trying to create fear. No I am really only trying to expose the truth(s) as to what is happening and how to undersatnd what is transpiring. What you do with the information is your choice....

This is just me speaking and please don't misunderstand. I feel we are comming to a pinicale point in our earthly existance of great importance and change (evolution). This is a very, very interesting intense time for the human race. It's not world peace (as most people would like to believe) or love or kindness or new age, etc that will solve world problems. We can BREAK the TRANCE and regain Paradise though AWARENESS and not let the Luciferian rulers tell us what to do or how to act. I would really like some feedback and thoughts on the following folks.

"Since Hitler was married on April 19, 1945, … 66 years ago on the 119th day of the year, … and William and Kate were married this year, also on the 119th day of the year, then something very special must be attached to the number 119. The following information will demonstrate just exactly how special the number 119 is.

The number 119 = 911 in reverse.

911 is the considered the 1st day of creation by Jewish Kabbalists and Christian Coptics, amongst others.

In the number 111,111,111 multiplied by itself 111,111,111 there are 9 sets of 11.

The total of this multiplication exercise = 12,345,678,987,654,321, which itself, when added up (1+2+3+4…etc.), totals 81, or 9×9. In other words, all mathematical forms, fractions, percentages, etc. come into existence with 9 sets of 11. This is the Sacred Geometry of the ancient mysteries of god. Of which there really are no mysteries, and for certain, there is no god.

The NUMBER 119 is the 1st one third, or 1/3 of the year. This fraction is 1/3 of a CIRCLE = 33%. 33 is the sacred number of degrees, or days, of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The fraction 1/3 can be subliminally read as 13. Add the number 10 to 13 = 23. The York Rite of Freemasonry has 10 degrees, and again, a degree = 1 day. The number 23 is a subliminal for the fraction 2/3. The fraction 2/3 = 66% Add the number 10 to 23 = 33.
Once again, the number 33 is the number of degrees in Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The number 33 is a fraction of 3/3 = 99%.

In Islam, there are 99 names for God.

All of those names are PER CENT = PERE SENT = FATHER (Pere=Father in French) SENT = All names of God are SENT FROM THE FATHER. These names are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc…. all fractions and percentages that can be added, multiplied, divided and subtracted to establish the number and word systems that conjure up the 3 dimensional plane.

The number 119 = 1+1+9 = 11, the number of DEATH.

The number 119 = 11+9 = 20, the number of the 21st century and the WTC attack. The number 20 coincides with 8 on the 1st clockface, and is symbolic of the FLOOD. The number 119+1 = 120, or precisely 33.3% of a CIRCLE, or the location of the 1st PRIMARY COLOUR on a COLOUR WHEEL, which is a LIGHT WHEEL, or ZODIAC CHART. The number 119+1 = 120 and corresponds to the celebration of BELTANE, the ETERNAL FIRE, which continues for a few days from the end of April to early MAY, the month of MARY, and the MAYPOLE, sacrifice of the VIRGIN ritual.

From September 11 of any year, to the end of the year, there are 111 days.
September 11, or 9/11, was the date for the WTC attack in 2001.
The number 911 = 119 in reverse. If 8 days are added to 9/11 to = 119 days, then 119 days left in the year begins on September 3. September 3 begins the last 1/3 of the year and corresponds to the LABOUR DAY RITUAL as we FALL into WINTER. Suggesting that, according to the plotting of the SUN, we are FALLING into DEATH when everything dies. This Labour Day ritual coincides with the beheading of John (ION) the Baptist (WATERBEARER) on August 29, when the sun begins to enter the last 1/3, or the last 33% of the year.

August 29 = 08/29 = 8+29 = 37 relating to the 37th parallel.
The number 37 = 3+7 = 10, for inTENsity, and the number used to advance the fraction from 1/3 or 13, to 2/3 or 23, and then to 3/3 or 33, forming a complete circle, or complete rotation of the SUN. For it’s all about the SUN/SON and SEX.

September 3, or 9/3 = 9×3 = 27, or a perfect cube of 3x3x3.

By adding 1 day to the last 119 days of the year, the 120th day of the year is September 2, or exactly 66.6% of a sun-cycle.
From September 2 to December 31, the last 119+1 days of the year unfold, or subliminally, the last 120 days, the last 9-11 of the year is completed. At which point the SUN/SON is born out of LABOUR DAY, and begins to rise in the sky once again.

The period of time in between May 1 and September 2, or from the Beltane Ritual to the Labour Day ritual, there are another 119+1 days, to = a total of 360 DAYS or DEGREES on 1 complete SUN/SON CYCLE.

However, the total illusory time that one complete sun-cycle takes is 365 1/4 days (plus a bit more), which includes the Sun Worship Rituals of Beltane and Labour Day and which are adjusted on world calendars in one way or another according to the religious and intellectual leanings of the culture where that particular calendar is in use.

The number 119 relates to 911, and now in the year of 2011, the year could be symbolically expressed as 8-11, or 88, suggesting the FLOOD.
The 1st 119+1 days of this year saw the Japanese disaster concerning a 9.0 magnitude EQ and a major tsunami FLOOD. This was a 9-11 event that occurred on March 11, 2011.

March 11, 2011 = 03/11/20-11.

3/11/2011 = 3×11 = 33 plus 20×11 = 220

33 = 3/3′s or 99%, or a complete sun-cycle.

The number 220 relates to the 220 total stories of the WTC Twin Towers as well as to the 22 stories of the MARRIOTT HOTEL.

When substituting the number 8 for 20, the date 03/11/20-11 = 3/11/8-11
3/11/8-11 then = 3×1=33 and 8×11=88. 33 + 88 = 121 which in turn equals 11×11, or the when added together = 22.

This was the major world event in the first 1/3 of the year 2011.
This occurred on the Pacific Ocean which has the dimensions of 9,000 miles high x 11,000 miles wide.

The next 2/3 of the year 2011 has seen the continuation of the ARAB SPRING UPRISING, the INTIFADA, which literally means ‘UPRISING and THE SHAKING'. Both of these terms suggest the RISING WATER and relates to the words ARAB SPRING, and the SHAKING term relates to an EARTHQUAKE. Both in the first 1/3 of the year, and now in next 1/3, the Arab dictators are being overthrown one by one. These dictators are symbolic of the world powers who will be jolted by the defeat of the dictators, and the success of the uprising revolutions. The world powers are the USA, China, and Russia, all of which are located on the Pacific Ocean and the Ring of Fire. As the dictators go, so go the powers of the world. … and this is the manipulation!

Make the whole body of humanity believe that they have achieved a complete campaign of cleansing of the world elite and a whole new set of world elite will be established in their place. This very scenario is being perpetuated by conspiracy theorists, and people who have received ‘channeled information’ from spirit beings or reptilian civilizations who are supposedly in control of the elite families of the world, and are indeed, supposed to actually be the shape-shifting families of the world. Some even profess things relating to old ritualistic activities such as ‘reading tarot cards’ or ‘throwing the bones’ or ‘reading tea leaves’ tells us the mysteries of what is, what was, and what is to come. And the masses buy it up, simply because these preachers preach it endlessly and just like many of these preachers themselves teach, … if you repeat it enough times, the people will believe it. It’s for this very purpose that the information on this blog keeps repeating the same message over and over again, … to de-program or de-hypnotize, the masses of humanity so that, even as they remain a fixture within the Trance State, they can become aware of the fact that they, as human beings, are also illusory beings who can never wake up, but can do something far beyond such a foolish concept. Humanity can come to realize that they are not this body of flesh, blood and spirit energy, but that they are the Ultimate Expression of Being, that is the Wisdom State of the Eternal All Knowing Paradise. This is what we Really Are Already. Nothing has changed that, and nothing can ever change that. This is just the way it Is. Become aware of this and reconnect and reclaim the power that is already what we are. There’s nothing to do but to realize this Truth. … another suggestion would be to realize this Truth as we head into the last 2/3′s of the year 2011."


Friday, August 12, 2011

Why We’re Here? - from the Mind of The IlluminatiMatrix!

Why We’re Here? – Paradise – Manipulation

They will think to change times and seasons.

This begs the question: who will think to change times and seasons? After years of observation in seemingly unrelated areas, the answer as to whom, and even how, why, and when has been discovered.

This is not just another take on the illuminati agenda.

"Prepare yourself – the conclusions herein are troubling. Once we absorb this information, another question will present itself: What to do about the illuminati cabal – the luciferian mind – and its agenda of manipulation? The answer will become self-evident. The illuminati is mindful of its final moments to realize its goal. That goal is total control of our eternal wisdom state through a new world order, a new age of reason, designed to manifest itself through the 3 dimensional experience we call life. The new world order has long been established, but a subliminal hex must be cast over humanity, convincing us once and for all the 3D scenario is legit, that the 3 dimensional life experience is actually REAL. This luciferian mindset is convinced of success. However, it has failed. We now know what the scenario really consists of, how it was perpetuated using the illusory manifestation known as humanity, and most importantly, how to end the illusion.

The luciferian egregore group of thinkers manipulate the illuminati pyramid through a process of hypnotic mind control, know as kabbalism. This pyramid is in a DEEP TRANCE STATE and is composed of the elite royal bloodlines that control world affairs. Institutions such as the Vatican, the Monarchy, the United Nations, NATO, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the International Monetary Fund, the Red Cross, the Red Crescent, the US Federal Reserve, United Way, Habitat for Humanity, World Wildlife Federation, Greenpeace, the Salvation Army (Red Shield-Rothschild), The Watchtower Society – Jehovah’s Witnesses, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, The Roman Catholic Church, Protestant and Evangelical Christian Organizations, the World Zionist Movement, the media, the movie industry, the recording industry, the Corporation of the United States of America … you name it, they own it and manipulate it in one way or another. Their agenda is saturated with deceit and corruption. The world is deceived by their manipulation, thereby generating fear and hypnosis, in much the same manner as they, themselves, have been manipulated into being pawns for the luciferian MINDSET. The luciferian/illuminati mindset feeds insatiably on this fear. However, all the organizations and world systems are only the tip of the iceberg, and are a decoy to throw everyone off the trail of what is really happening, and what will happen over the next few years, and most importantly, who and what is at the top of the pyramid and beyond. This site will explain and show in great detail, the luciferian god that conjured up the whole illusory experience known as the 3 dimensional world.

Signs of Things To Come.

This dialogue won’t be at all scientific.

In fact what is put forward will actually show what a sham science is. Examples of sound/word/shape association will be given many times in the pages that follow. Homonyms, and letter/word shapes have particular significance to the luciferian thinkers of the world. Sounds, shapes and colour, and the endless combinations of these, are the arsenal of the ancient, magic-based religions. Neuro-linguistic programming, subliminal messaging, symbolism, reverse symbolism, reverse speech patterns, and the like, have been used to implant the luciferian agenda into the world system. This is their weapon and tool and the agenda will be exposed in the pages ahead.

Here is one such example. Science can be looked upon as Seance. Seance is communication with the dead spirit or occult mind/hidden mind with a particular purpose. The source of science, religion, and magic are one and the same – the luciferian mind.

The chart below is a symbolic illustration representing a beam of light. It has no scientific value whatsoever, as there is no element with 3 electrons, 1 proton and 1 neutron. However, it is the most powerful symbol in the world, for every symbol, element, and physical 3D representation, including the illusory concepts of the soul and spirit, are found within this diagram.

A beam of light passing through a prism creates a rainbow of colour. When this rainbow is placed on a 2 dimensional plane, and in the shape of a colour wheel (the colour wheel is basically a round rainbow), three primary colours are revealed.

Note that the red, yellow and blue appear at 120 degree intervals on the colour wheel.

120 degrees is 10 x 12. These 2 Tables of Multiples, 10X and 12X comprise the 2 major systems used to create religion, science and magic. These 2 tables are found symbolically in the Hebrew Temple.

The occult mind, or the mind that chooses to remain hidden and in secret, must keep the relationship regarding the 120 degree interval intact as it establishes its scenario, or lays its foundation. However, once established it will distort to achieve its goals, and at the same time avoid detection. Without this original foundation to establish the illusory deception, the number system needed to manipulate humanity would collapse, and would have no validity whatsoever. In other words, we would be immune to hidden occult trickery. The 120 degree intervals on the colour wheel are the basis for geometric, mathematical, astrological, numerological and chemical formulae that are the foundation of the 3 dimensional experience.

The Deliberate Luciferian System of Corruption and Deceit.

The three – 120 degree intervals – total 360 degrees. Each degree is supposed to represent a day. After 360 days the earth is supposed to have travelled around the sun. This 360 degree circuit around the sun is the source of the 360 degree circle that religion and science is based on. In actuality, the earth takes 365 and 1/4 days and a couple of minutes and a few seconds to go around the sun. This clumsy number, which actually has an inifinite decimal, would never allow any precise formulae be concocted. Therefore, the circuit around the sun is rounded down on the zodiac circle (light beam chart) to 360 degrees/days. When applied to mathematical equations, Natural Pi is rounded down to 3 or 3.14. The Golden Ratio, or Golden Mean, is rounded down to 1.61. This is deliberately done so the natural course of creation, created by the luciferian group mind, would conflict with the unnatural systems of the physical world. The luciferian mind is the creator of the world we see, and is the same mind that conspires the world systems to conflict with the natural creation. Therefore everything corrupts or is corrupted. Everything exists beneath the dome of duality and the illusory death experience.

The chart immediately below offers insight into the mind of lucifer. This group of entities, the mind of lucifer, plays the dual role of supreme god and devil. This is the duality evident in creation, however, the duality does not have a good and righteous god. There is one delusional thought form behind everything, that is the luciferian egregore group mindset. Humanity is not corrupt, not sinful, not going to hell, for hell doesn’t exist. We don’t really experience death. This thing called death is only part of the hypnotic trance. We’re convinced we’re dying because the physical body appears to separate from what appears to be our spirit. Contrary to dying, we are returning to our original state of wisdom, free of 3D interference to deceive any further. In “death” we actually reclaim our eternal state of wisdom. The big deception in all this is that our physical body is an illusion. This includes the mind, the spirit, and the illusory soul. The physical body, made of atoms, has no physical mass at all. The atoms whirl about at incredible speed, creating the illusion of mass.

It wasn’t until the luciferian mind – the kabbalistic group of light bringing entities – decided to create this 3 dimensional illusion, that ATOMS even existed. Atoms formed the first human ADAM, hence the name and play on words. Of course, the first Adam created was actually ADAM and EVE, who were created for breeding purposes, or the regeneration process. (See the home page of this site). Atoms are the result of divided light, literally ripping apart the truth, and dropping the illusion of matter through the orbiting characteristic of the electron to create a magnetic attraction with the proton, which initiated the sex act. This illusion of matter is the subliminal message of the master hypnotist that makes us believe the 3D illusion.

This 3D illusion isn’t real, nor is matter, nor energy associated with matter. We are led to believe that we are simply energy, and energy can’t be destroyed. However, energy can be eliminated, because energy is an illusion, a fabricated lie. Energy, creating the illusion of matter, is an illusion of scientific magical thought, and is already finite, or limited. This energy with the illusion of matter in the atom has no relevance to the eternal state of ecstasy – called WISDOM. Matter does not exist in the eternal wisdom state. There is no divided light, no shape, no colour and no sound. All these 3D manifestations are bits and pieces of illusory deception, attempting to simulate something of value. Matter is simply light, manipulated to form an atom and the appearance of everything 3 dimensional. The light originated from a thought. These thoughts – these atoms – are lies!

When we look at shape, sound and colour as being of value, we are selling ourself short. We are robbed blind. When we look past the measure of pleasure of the 3D illusion, the ultimate expression of wisdom, ecstasy, worth and strength is recognized as being ours. Physical pleasures are just that, pleasurable. However, to reconnect to our original wisdom state, by realizing what’s transpiring within this 3 dimensional experience, reclaims the incredible freedom and liberty of the eternal wisdom Paradise state, and the 3D physical pleasures are even more pleasurable because of this awareness. The increased pleasure is experienced because of the realization that sin, death, hell, and all the forbidding of the luciferian mind, is a lie. Without any forbidden fruit to play the guilt card, an effortless existence of simply observing, watching and waiting, and knowing all things, becomes ours once again.

This is our original state of existence: to know all things and to be free and liberated. This has nothing to do with whether our physical bodies are free and liberated, it has to do with becoming free and liberated from the hypnotic manipulation of our minds. Hypnotic manipulation of our minds is when we actually believe OUR MIND IS OUR MIND.

What we believe to be OUR MIND and OUR THOUGHTS, is actually the luciferian conjured up illusion of OUR MIND. This is THEIR MIND and THEIR THOUGHTS we experience in this 3 dimensional plane. For this reason we must always watch and wait. Don’t react to anything in anyway, for this is all luciferian based emotional manipulation. Emotionally detach from placing value on the things that the luciferian mindset suggests are of value in this 3D experience. In this way we reclaim the power of our original state and once again reconnect with Paradise – RIGHT NOW!

Intellectualism – Indoctrination In Lunacy.

Every word and number conjured to form the 3 dimensional energy illusion, is based on a flawed system conspired to generate death. For example, the 360 degree circle is based on the yearly cycle the earth travels around the sun. This number of 360 degrees is supposed to represent the 360 days needed to fulfill the cycle. However, the actual time it takes is 365 1/4 days, and a couple of minutes and a few seconds. The number 360 is rounded down so that mathematical equations can be devised. This is done deliberately to conflict with the illusory luciferian conjured up natural creation, so that the illusory 3 dimensional world experience is out of harmony, corruptible and subject to death. So much of the 3D illusion seems to almost work, to almost be in harmony, yet isn’t. Not only does it create disharmony, it is designed to frustrate and fail, keeping peace and harmony just out of reach.

The numbers on the 360 degree/day circle are further simplified in the 12 months of the year. Here is another misrepresentation, as there are actually 13 – 28 day months, or moons, each year. The numbers used to represent these 360 days/12 months are the numbers from 0 to 9, and combinations of these numbers. The numbers themselves are individually flawed because they are the measuring device used to create the flawed, rounded down system. Ultimately any formulae or equation developed is flawed, or rounded down, and is without accuracy or true scientific validity. Science is indoctrination in learned knowledge, which in turn is manufactured knowledge, based on concepts originating with the luciferian egregore THOUGHT PROCESS, which is the illusory 3D world system. Science/seance is the basis of all secret society lunacy. Science/seance is religion cloaked in intellectual lunacy.

The luciferian egregore groupmind suggests a vast array of subliminal messages to convince us science is based in truth and reality. However, just because it’s accepted doesn’t make it true. Furthermore, scientific principles based on a flawed number system doesn’t demonstrate accuracy. In other words, learning a lot of incorrect and flawed information doesn’t achieve wisdom or truth. Learning massive amounts of flawed information doesn’t lead to a reconnection with our original wisdom state or awareness of what’s transpiring in the world. Learning a lot of inaccuracies, a lot of flawed information, ultimately leads to indoctrination in lunacy.

Just listen to a well-educated person speak. It takes but a few moments and the limitations of the luciferian mindset is overwhelmingly evident. There isn’t any evidence of simply knowing what is. The rhetoric they reiterate is the result of academic programming, or stated more succinctly, luciferian mind control. The intellectually indoctrinated then venture out into the 3 dimensional mirage, spewing forth what has been indoctrinated over the course of many years of TRANCE INDUCEMENT.

The Birth of Intellectualism – The Invention of Babylon the Great.

A light beam, refracted to form colours, when connected to the thought of a specific shape, actually forms the illusory shape conceived. The shape isn’t really there, only the illusion of the shape. The light beam, when divided, forms the atom symbol when observed in 2 dimensions. But how could the ancient mystics possibly have knowledge of the atom 6,000 years ago? There were no microscopes. The answer is, they saw this up close and first hand. They were in the presence of light energy at its origin, when it was first conceived or conjured forth. The luciferian group mind did everything. These THOUGHT FORM entities created this illusory light by just thinking it. The light bringer, lucifer, thereby created colour, shape and sound. The luciferian group mindset is the creator of heaven and earth, the light bearer, or more accurately, the divider of light and creator of duality.

As light passes through a crystal, it is refracted into a rainbow. This is the origin of the term, christ. The luciferian egregore group of thinking entities is the father god, the creator of LIGHT or LIES, and their saviour is the crystal, the light of the world, the messianic christ-all, that convinces us the 3D illusion is real.

This mystical information is known as kabbalism (cabbalism) which has been passed on to the luciferian pawns, the illuminati elite power brokers, but with a slight twist, THE ILLUMINATI ELITE ARE ALSO UNAWARE OF THE INFORMATION YOU’LL NOW READ ON THIS SIGHT if you so choose. The rulers of ancient Sumer/Babylon were the first to receive the knowledge of kabbalism. These leaders laid claim to the divine right of kings to rule. In other words, some god gave them the right to be royal or chosen. The word ROYAL, especially the first 2 letters, RO, appear often in tracking the luciferian thought process. RO is the source of the word Royal. To become ROYAL, one must RISE ABOVE ALL. This Royal Rise is the Rose, the Order of the Rose that rules the world through hypnotic suggestion. In the word ROYAL, a very major subliminal message is implanted and completely undetected.

ROYAL = ROSE AL = RISE ALL-AH =RISE ALLAH = RISE LA = Los Angeles and the RISING Pacific Ocean.

The luciferian agenda is centred around the destruction of the SPIRIT of Los Angeles, the LUCIFERIAN FABRICATED spirit of whoredoms. The luciferian egregore group mind conjured up the notion of good and bad, right and wrong, and cast whoredoms in the camp of the bad. This ultimately gives, what would appear to be just cause, to bring about a world cataclysm and time of judgment. This judgment and cleansing of the earth will be meted out on the 11 Western States, and ultimately throughout the whole world." - IM

More to come...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sync & Symbols for August 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12...2011 - by the IlluminatiMatrix

It should be noted that on August 2, 2011, the Dow Jones Industrial Average in the NYSE (SYEN, or SION, or SOLOMON’S Temple), fell for the 8th straight day, losing 266 points, in spite of the fabricated Debt Ceiling agreement. The number 266 divided by 2 = 133, which coincides with 1 on the 12th clockface.


The chart below demonstrates the duality nature of Solomon’s Temple. Without duality there is no thought, or division, generated. The word TEMPLE has this suggestion built into the English word TEMPLE. By inverting the M in Te-M-ple, it becomes a W. The word TEMPLE then sounds like the words ‘TEW, or TWO, or 2, POLES’. These poles refer to Boaz and Jachin, the B and J or G pillars, or the North and the South Pillars of Solomon’s Temple. In turn, this refers to the 2 sides of the BRAIN, the left and right side. This in turn is referred to as the TEMPLES on each side of the head. This is the receiving dish whereby all implanted thoughts are ingested into our crystal/all christ brain.

Taking the word TEW-POLES and reversing TEW = WET = WATER POLES.

Also, on August 2, 2011, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant discovered a radiation reading that registered a full 10 on their geiger counter equipment, which is the maximum reading capable. This amount of radiation is able to kill a person within 2 seconds.

These incidents are suggesting unsettling events to come. Keep in mind, that this is how the illusion works, all mathematically strung together, creating the illusory plane and our 3D conjured up reality. Simply observe, … don’t react, … and wait.

August 2, 1934 – Hitler’s Office is established.

Yet another momentous event occurred on August 2, 1934, with the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and the establishment of his government office. From August 2, 1934 until August 2, 2011 there are exactly 77 years. Once again corresponding to the coordinates of Washington DC and the number of victims in the Norway Massacre.

The number 77 suggesting Perfection and Completion.

All of this number symbolism relates back to the symbolism present within ancient secret societies which have their roots in ancient Egypt. For instance, the Great Pyramid of Giza was 480.9 feet tall when completed in the year 2560 BC. Dividing the total feet in a mile, which is 5,280 feet, by 480.9 feet = 10.997, or 1/11th of a mile. The Great Pyramid of Giza was 1/11th of a mile high.

The Great Pyramid was finished in 2,560 BC and the Washington Monument in Washington DC was finished in 1884 AD. The total time between the construction of these 2 structures was 4,444 years. The Washington Monument being 555.5 feet tall.

On the subject of the symbolism of the Great Pyramid, and the relationship of the symbolism built into structures such as the Washington Monument with that of Egypt, one has to wonder, “why the fascination with Egypt and all its sun worship symbolism”?

It has now been discovered that the majority of western European men all have a common ancestor. The genetic profile group haplogroup R1b1a2, (the DNA group associated with western European men) is that of Egyptian Pharoah TUTANKHAMUN. Or commonly referred to as King Tut.

70% of all British men are of this group.
70% of all Spanish men are of this group.
60% of all French men are of this group.

Surprisingly, less than 1% of modern day Egyptian men are of this group.

Therefore, one must conclude that the Egyptian symbolism of the New World, or New Europe, is simply a continuation of the luciferian agenda initiated in ancient Egypt. The agenda which is totally revolving around the concept of the AFTERLIFE and a NEW WORLD.

August 4, 2011 – NYSE=SYEN=SION Solomon’s Temple FALLS

On August 3, 2011, the Dow Jones Average at the New York Stock Exchange closed at 11,896.44, or when rounded up, it closed symbolically at 11,900, or 009-11, or simply 9-11 in reverse.

Today, August 4, 2011, the DJA @ the NYSE (or SION) closed at 11,383.68, making it the biggest drop since the 2008 financial crisis. This was a drop of 512 points. Symbolically speaking, here’s what this number suggests.

August 4, 2011 = 08/04/2011

In other words, all the numbers listed below in regards to the number 512, all coincide with 4 and 8 on the clockface, on the 4th day of the 8th month.

512 = 5+1+2 = 8 Flood

512 coincides with 8 on the 43rd clockface – 8×43=344 which coincides with 8 on the 28th clockface – and 8+43 = 51 coincides with 3 on the 5th clockface – 3+5=8 – again 8×28=224 which coincides with 8 on the 18th clockface – and 224=2+2+4=8, and again, 8×18=144 which coincides with 12 on the 12th clockface which suggests the FULLNESS of TIME.
512 divided by 2 = 256 coincides with 4 on the 22nd clockface – 4×22=88
256 divided by 2 = 128 coincides with 8 on the 11th clockface – 8×11=88
128 divided by 2 = 64 coincides with 4 on the 6th clockface – 4×6=24 = 2×4=8
64 divided by 2 = 32 coincides with 8 on the 3rd clockface – 8×3=24 = 2×4=8
32 divided by 2 = 16 coincides with 4 on the 2nd clockface – 4×2=8
16 divided by 2 = 8 coincides with 8 on the 1st clockface – 1×8=8
8 divided by 2 = 4, the number associated with the LION KING/the SPHINX/LINCOLN

The USA became a country in 1776 divided by 2 = 888

Adding all of the 88′s and 8′s in the above list = 296
296 = 2+9+6 = 17 = 1+7 = 8

When dividing 512 by 2 – 6 times = 8
The number 8 is 66.6% of a CIRCLE.

The outlook for the NYSE for August 5, was expected to be troubling as well, when the USA job figures are released. The buzzword on the day seemed to be …“NO SAVIOUR” to rescue the financial troubled world economy.

All of this is by design, courtesy of the Lightbringing luciferian Thought Process. Hidden within the Temple of Solomon NYSE/SION, on WALL Street/LLAW Street/AL-LAW Street/ALLAH Street.

AUGUST 5, 2011 – NYSE Closes @ 11,444.61

After the August 4, 2011 drop of 512 points, the Dow Jones gained 60.93 points closing @ 11,444.61. A highly symbolic number:

11 = DEATH
444 = relates to the Lion King
444 = 4x4x4 = 64 = 8×8 (still the number 8 theme continuing)
or 11,444.61 rounded up to 11,445 = 11 DEATH – 4 Lion King foundation – 45 coincides with 9 on the 4th clockface and suggests the FALL, and of course this is another 9-11.

August 5, 2011 – Standard & Poor’s downgraded the USA triple AAA rating to a double AA+, for the first time since ratings began. The outlook for recovery anytime soon was described as pessimistic.

It should also be noted that the S&P 500 also closed at 1199.38, or 1199, before the downgrading later in the day.

1199 = 11 and 9-11′s


Another orgasmic launch by NASA occurred on August 5th, with the Juno drone rocket sent up to explore Jupiter.

Juno is the Roman goddess of children, childbirth and marriage, and relates to the Christian Mary, and the goddess Diana, the flood goddesses.
Juno/Juneau is the capital city of Alaska, symbolized by the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The goddess Juno was the sister and wife of Jupiter. The launch of the Juno rocket was a sex ritual, symbolically suggesting a CLIMAX between Juno and Jupiter, which in turn relates to the suggestion relating to the Flood and the Big One EQ.



With Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility spewing out radiation on the 66th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, something just seems to painfully symbolic about the whole thing.

August 7, 2011 – BIN LADEN Group To Build KINGDOM TOWER
– World’s Tallest Building – In 5 YEARS

Albawaba Business quote:

"Saudi billionaire, Alwaleed bin Talal, is building a 1000 METER TOWER that will include a hotel, luxurious residential apartments and offices. Talal’s company, The Kingdom Holding Company, announced the execution of the agreement between Jeddah Economic (one of the partner companies) and the Bin Laden Group. The Kingdom Tower will be built in Jeddah on the Red Sea.

The tower will be the highest tower in the world costing 4.6 billion Saudi riyals. The Kingdom Tower will be taller than the Tower Khalifa in Dubai, which is 825 meters tall, built by the Emaar Real Estate."

(End quote).

Where have we heard that name BIN LADEN before?
Why 1000 metres tall?
Why is this announced now?

Jeddah on the sea, is just a few short miles directly west of MECCA Saudi Arabia.


August 8, 2011 – 08/08/20-11 – 220th Day Of The Year

London experiences it’s 3rd day of rioting!

08/08/08-11 – NYSE CLOSES DOWN – Check These Numbers!… and the SUGGESTION!

Dow Jones closes down -634.76 points to 10,809.85.
LOSING 5.55% of its value!

S&P 500 closes down -79.92 points to 1,119.46.
LOSING 6.66% of its value!

Nasdaq closes down -174.72 points to 2,357.69.
LOSING 6.9% of its value!

Adding 5.55 + 6.66 = 12.21 a reverse number.
12.21 = 12 + 21 = 33.

Adding 5.55 + 6.66 + 6.9 = 19.11 = 1-911.

August 6, 2011 – Navy SEAL TEAM 6 – Suggests The 6th SEAL Of Revelation

The Navy Seal Team 6 helicopter crash on August 6, 2011 in Afghanistan includes a suggestion that THE 6th SEAL from REVELATION 6 is opened and is announcing a BIG EQ. This is the same unit (NAVY SEAL TEAM 6) that “got” Osama Bin Laden.

A DOG / GOD was on board the CHINOOK / SALMON / SOLOMON. These are the DOG DAYS with Sirius rising.

From Revelation 6: (King James version):

12 – And I beheld when he had opened the SIXTH SEAL, and, lo, there was A GREAT EARTHQUAKE; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

13 – And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind…

August 12, 2011 MOVIE RELEASE – Final Destination 5 – Lions Gate Bridge Collapses

On Friday, August 12, 2011, Warner Brothers (nice Freemason Jewish boys whose last name was not Warner / WARN-er), will release FINAL DESTINATION 5 on the 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the completion of the 2012 Olympic Games in London/LION DAWN. In the trailer below, the LIONS GATE BRIDGE COLLAPSES. The suggestion is obvious…