"Always be aware, that humanity, the whole population of the world, is illusory. That includes the one reading these words. Humanity is not real or valid. The illusory body of humanity is not at all who and what we really are. We have simply been conjured up, given a 3D name, body, mind and spirit/energy, (all aspects which are fake), and then filled with endless suggestions in our illusory brain, that this is who we really are. From this point on, in our 3D life experience, believing that our 3 dimensional life experience is real, leads to endless confusion and suffering. This belief manifests the notion of being imprisoned. However, we are not imprisoned, but if we believe we are, then for all intents and purposes, we might as well be." - Bryan Kemila, IlluminatiMatrix


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Monday, June 29, 2009

Religion - View it as...hmmm...let me think...MADE UP!

Religion, The Same Fucking Story!

This same story, the FATHER GOD having sex with an EARTHLY WOMAN, (immaculately, of course), is repeated over and over throughout history. The Mary and Jesus story was about 1 out of 50 Christ saviour myths, (and probably many more of lesser fame) all of whom were born on December 25th.

This is all based on corruption. This isn’t sinful, because sin doesn’t exist. However, all knowledge is corrupting and hinders our awareness, if we let it. We then become saturated in the knowledge of this dark hexagon pupil of deceit with the ultimate HEX of the hypnotic thought process placed upon the people of the world.

The symbolic connection from ancient Babylon to present day freemasonry exists.

The rulers of the globalist empires have intermarried since the beginning of human history. In this way the limited kaballistic information given to the elite is certain to be maintained through the notion that blood runs thicker than water. In other words, the information given to the elite of the world, though limited, was to be kept as a sacred family heirloom. For instance, the royal families of Europe, who really are all one family, strictly intermarry, and will shun any family member who marries a commoner with no royal ancestry. This is the luciferian inspired elitist bloodline, with the alleged divine right to rule. These are the chosen people of god (in their own eyes) as stated in the new testament, which is the new/next stage of the agenda).

This race of god’s chosen people, the Jews, is emboldened through the christian religion. The Christians, in turn, claim to be the chosen people by choosing to be supporters of the chosen people. If this sounds convoluted, it’s meant to be. Christianity is but an extension of the old testament of god’s chosen people. The free world can now partake in the ignorance of accepting the Jesus myth. Even though there have been dozens of messiahs prior to Jesus, and they all happened to be born on December 25. Most of them were crucified and resurrected on the third day. All were born of a virgin, etc.

The Jewish / Christian connection then enjoined with the creation of Islam in the early 7th century AD. This brought together the 3 major players, collectively known as the Children of Abraham, or the children of HUMAN SACRIFICE, who form approximately half of the world population, and the luciferian / illuminati agenda entrusted to conquer our connection to reality through this kabbalistic group entity, going back to ancient Babylon and the ARAB WORLD, the ABRAHAMIC WORLD, and the CRADLE of the ILLUSORY 3 DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE.

3 Abraham Religion's - Marcus Brigstocke
Marcus Alexander Brigstocke (born 8 May 1973) is an English comedian and satirist who has worked extensively in stand-up comedy, television and radio. He is particularly associated with the 6.30pm comedy slot on BBC Radio 4, having frequently appeared on several of its shows.

Comedy...It's A Religion - Religious Funnies from all around the world

Robert Anton Wilson

If the Elite's NWO master Plan for Utopia is so great then why all the wars, death, destruction, starvation, SECRECY and LIES? I see all countries are passing Gestapo style anti-terrorism laws that allow them to target people that criticize government. Thought crimes. The truth is being suppressed.

RAW talks about the sanity of using maybe, E-Prime: the english language without IS or Being, imprinting and conditioning, optimism, awakening and how the map is not the territory.

You have nothing to fear but fear itself.

We are like the ants driving off the elephant, we don't need a leader. The Theorem of Cognitive Dissonance holds that the mind automatically and involuntarily rejects information not in line with previously held beliefs.Keep following the Elite's script to global Armageddon and a one world dictatorship as laid out in their book, the revelations. Sycophants to authority all simply going along with it.

I love that you are educating yourself but there are only a few million people awake globally at the present time.

If you could think of better content for the short clips take it away. I'm just sharing suppressed information. I see a large grassroots movement growing slowly, email and internet video sharing sites as well as p2p is causing the global conscience to stir. I see family and friends physically sick from what they now see is going on. No more hiding from the facts.

Wikipedia - Aspartame - Health concerns Aspartame has been the subject of controversy regarding its safety and the circumstances of its approval by the American FDA and European FSA.

Some studies have also recommended further investigation into possible connections between aspartame and negative effects such as headaches, brain tumors, brain lesions, and lymphoma. These findings, combined with possible conflicts of interest involving CEO Donald Rumsfeld in the approval process, have engendered vocal activism regarding the possible risks of aspartame. Brain Tumors? Approved by Donald Rumsfeld around the same time he was shaking hands with Saddam Hussein and selling him chemical weapons with which to gas the Kurds?

I've been working on a 12 step video, hoping to squeeze enough into 2 hours of youtube ten minute videos to break the spell of lies. A hand-out format to make it easier for people to share around would be nice. - RAW

"12 Steps to Freedom"

First let me start by saying that the term conspiracy theory is often used by the guilty to eliminate articulate dissent.

Secondly "Paranoid" is the ability to connect seemingly unconnected events!

1) Admitting you have a problem: Food Poisoned with Government Approval MSG Aspartame GMO.

2) Came to believe in the power Greater than ourselves: Education School is for indoctrination into debt slavery.

3) Made a decision to get the Truth: Media has been lying and spitting on our faces.

4) Made a searching and fearless moral inventory: Organized Religion has been lying and stealing our joy.

5) Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs: Narcotics Hemp eases a myriad of symptoms and is nearly free yet they claim it makes you insane. It would replace the petrochemical industry.

6) Were entirely ready to remove these shortcomings of society: Economics, debt slavery, Usury is theft plain and simple.

7) Humbly asked for help to remove these shortcomings: Politicians have been lying and spitting on our faces, Seek direct democracy.

8) Made a list of all the wrongdoers: Conscience, Take personal responsibility and stop being childish.

9) Made direct amends for all the wrongs: Community Say hello to the neighbors, call old friends and family.

10) Continued to take personal inventory and when we saw a wrong promptly corrected it: Learn the truth about earth.

11) Sought through meditation and fellowship to improve our contact with each other, the earth and Cosmos: Learn to meditate, relax and entertain yourself.

12) Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps we carried this message to our fellow humans: Responsibly take alternatives, solutions, discussions, questions, and open debates honestly seeking help.

We need some collective gathering place for the people around the globe, political differences aside, this is a human issue not a political one. Politics is the only arena we have left with which to enter and hope to have our voices heard on mainstream media. I'm using email, video hosting and many world wide forums to attract attention, raise doubts, cause controversy and create debate.

"Stir it up, wake the world, nothing good was ever accomplished while we slept."

Robert Anton Wilson Free your mind.

Any model we make does not describe the universe it describes what our brains are capable of saying at this time. All perception is gamble. We believe what we see & then we believe our interpretation of it we dont even know we're making an interpretation most of the time.

Translator: "She wants to know what Quantum Physics is..." *takes sip*RAW: "WHAT?"Translator: "Quantum Phsyics, explain it simply she asks "RAW: "Explain Quantum Physics simply..."Translater braces herself LOL but she has nothing to worry about because RAW explains it wonderfully.

Robert Anton Wilson explains Quantum Physics.

Reality Tunnels. Amazing Mind Trip. How We Perceive.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

AirFrame Shock Testing!


(A method of testing...people to see what they will accept…this is fact…truth)

In the 1940’s the aviation industry inadvertently provided a breakthrough in human engineering (control of the cattle). A “shockwave” would be fired into an airframe of an aircraft. The recoil and vibrations were then recorded.

It was discovered that by “shocking” one part of the airframe you could determine the overall condition of the rest of the aircraft by measuring the recoil or “tremors” it gave off.

The importance of this discovery was paramount to the illuminati because they could never DEFINITIVELY MEASURE the DOCILNESS of their stock of cattle, sheep, jelly-fish and celery.

By “shocking” something in society the illuminati (elite) was now able to accurately calculate:
A) the docilness of the public
B) the point of critical mass

The method of shocking the public was devilishly clever:
Find something the public instinctively believes is “WRONG” and instantly make it “RIGHT”.

A simple example would to tell people poison is good for them, then measure their reaction to this revelation that is the exact opposite of what they know is “right”.

To measure the ‘shocking’ revelation (poison is good for you) you need to study the possible reactions:
1) disbelief
2) apathy
3) belief

This data is then input into complex Gamma Knife Computers that can then determine – with optimum precision – the collective unconsciousness of the masses of cattle and celery.

A deductive algorithm is then created that will suggest future ‘shocks’ that will expedite a permanent slave mentality among the celery.

Simply put: this super computer is working to transform the celery into a gaggle of mindless slaves.

Shock testing is conducted around the sheeple without. Only the brightest of Goy intellects have figured it out…

Ask yourself:
- Why do you pay a cable company to watch advertisements?
- Why do you pay a movie theater to watch advertisements before the film begins?
- Why do you accept the upside down stars on the Republican Party’s logo?
- Why do you accept the backwards U.S Flags on the uniforms of the army soldiers?
- Why do you pay income tax and get nothing in return?

These things may seem petty and insignificant, but if you think back to the first time you paid for cable and watched a commercial – or the first time you sat through a commercial before a movie came on – or the feeling you got when you first saw a backwards flag on a U.S soldier…
…or the feeling you get when you pay income tax – or the feeling you get when you see the Republican logo…
That feeling is exactly what the illuminati are measuring when they ‘shock’ you.

..so what is your reaction?

4) disbelief
5) apathy
6) belief

The only way to measure docilness is to create a shocking scenario and see if the people believe it or are apathetic to it.

…invisible god anyone???

- if backwards flags don’t shock you
- if commercials before movies don’t shock you
- if upside down stars on Party logos doesn’t shock you
- if a tax that pays for nothing doesn’t shock you
- If paying a monthly bill to watch commercials doesn’t shock you….

Then you have PROVEN that you are mindless and DOCILE.

Anyone who does not respond with outrage to shocking things is DOCILE BOVINE and therefore no longer a human being!

Drop the "Truth" Cult Mentality!!

Why are some choosing to leave one form of bondage to enter another? You can appreciate, respect and respond to someone who is giving out information but please stop "worshipping" them. Is it that we are used thinking that we need a "leader" of some sort? Stop jumping down throats because someone dosen't agree with you or your Guru's version of truth. Offer counter argument then walk away!

Airframe Shock Testing - Amplifiers Part 2

There are certain economic situations which serve to amplify shock testing, this video explores 2 of those factors.

Airframe Shock Testing 3 - The Gathering of Information.

Explains some of the inputs or data that is extracted from the public in order to adjust and further their plans.

Narrow Media Perspective by Robert F. Kennedy , Jr.

This is a very prfound & interesting Perspective by Robert R Kenndy, Jr.
I will refrain from further comment & let Mr. Kennedy state his own views & the views stand on their own merits. See what you think?

Profile: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.;

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s reputation as a resolute defender of the environment stems from a litany of successful legal actions. Mr. Kennedy was named one of Time magazine's “Heroes for the Planet” for his success helping Riverkeeper lead the fight to restore the Hudson River. The group's achievement helped spawn more than 130 Waterkeeper organizations across the globe.

Mr. Kennedy serves as Chief Prosecuting Attorney for the Hudson Riverkeeper and President of Waterkeeper Alliance. He is also a Clinical Professor and Supervising Attorney at Pace University School of Law’s Environmental Litigation Clinic and is co-host of Ring of Fire on Air America Radio. Earlier in his career he served as Assistant District Attorney in New York City. He has worked on several political campaigns including the presidential campaigns of Edward M. Kennedy in 1980, Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004.

He has worked on environmental issues across the Americas and has assisted several indigenous tribes in Latin America and Canada in successfully negotiating treaties protecting traditional homelands. He is credited with leading the fight to protect New York City's water supply. The New York City watershed agreement, which he negotiated on behalf of environmentalists and New York City watershed consumers, is regarded as an international model in stakeholder consensus negotiations and sustainable development. He helped lead the fight to turn back the anti-environmental legislation during the 104th Congress.

Among Mr. Kennedy's published books are the New York Times’ bestseller Crimes Against Nature (2004), St. Francis of Assisi: A Life of Joy (2005), The Riverkeepers (1997), and Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr: A Biography (1977). His articles have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Atlantic Monthly, Esquire, The Nation, Outside Magazine, The Village Voice, and many other publications. His award winning articles have been included in anthologies of America’s Best Crime Writing, Best Political Writing and Best Science Writing.

Mr. Kennedy is a graduate of Harvard University. He studied at the London School of Economics and received his law degree from the University of Virginia Law School. Following graduation he attended Pace University School of Law, where he was awarded a Masters Degree in Environmental Law.

He is a licensed master falconer, and as often as possible he pursues a life-long enthusiasm for white-water paddling. He has organized and led several expeditions in Canada and Latin America, including first descents on three little known rivers in Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela.

Here is David Icke's 2 Minute Version of the News Media!
David Icke Dismantles 'The News'

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

History of American False Flag Operations

History of American False Flag Operations.

The leaders of smaller and less industrialized nations are not madmen (whatever the media claims). They also are generally better informed than their citizens. In a war an attacker does not need equal forces compared to the enemy. The attacker needs a 5-fold local superiority, or better. No one begins wars without very definite objectives and a quick victory in sight. If a war with more even military balance erupts, someone has been mislead and walked into a trap (usually arranged by third party).

After the American war of Independence (1776-1779), and an English challenge to that independence (1812-1814) no single nation has planned an offensive war against the USA. It is probable that a strong coalition of Anglo-French-led European nations planned to split the USA into two states through diplomatic recognition of the Confederate states possibly followed up by naval blockade embargoing the Union. At that time the British Empire was the strongest naval power, and the French the second strongest. The events led, however, into the Civil War (1860-1865) and due to the Russian intervention 1863 (1863) on the Union's side, those European plans were quietly abandoned.

Mexican wars 1819, 1846-48: Long series of operations, commencing with the annexion of Florida (1819) and followed by a declaration of independence of Texas from Mexico (1836). Provocative troop movements near the U.S. southern border caused an incident which led to war. (It is said the US built a fortification 150 km inside the Mexican border.) The annexation of Texas by the USA and the conquest of California, New Mexico, and nearby territories followed. Mexico had a weak government at that time, because after Napoleon conquered Spain (1809) their former colonies soon revolted. Mexico had been a colony of the Spanish kingdom but now they revolted and formed a republic. There were a series of revolts, not just one.

Spanish-American war, 1898: The surprise explosion of the battleship Maine at Havana, Cuba. 255 of the crew died. The Hearst press accused the Spanish, claiming that the explosion was caused by a remote-controlled mine. The USA declared war on Spain, and conquered Philippines, Guam and Cuba. Subsequent investigations revealed that the explosion originated inside the Maine and that it was either an accident, such as a coal explosion, or some type of time bomb inside the battleship. Divers investigating the shipwreck found that the armor plates of the ship were blown bending outwards, not inwards.

World War I, 1914-1918: A U-boat torpedo hit ocean liner Lusitania near Britain and some 1200 people, including 128 Americans, on board lost their lives. Subsequent investigations revealed that the major explosions were inside the Lusitania, as it was secretly transporting 6 million pounds of artillery shells and rifle ammunition, as well as other explosives on behalf of Morgan banking corporation to help their clients, the Britain and the France. It was against US laws to transport war materials and passengers in the same ship.

World War 2, 1939-1945: A U-boat torpedo hit the ocean liner Athenia near Britain with some 1100 passengers, of which 311 were Americans. The sea was calm and only 118 people on board lost their lives. The ship was sunk because it behaved like a military transport, blackened out and zigzagging. This incident wasn't enough to precipitate war, and the Germans also refused to be provoked by several American acts of war. Americans confiscated German merchant ships, and Americans started to support the British with various lend-lease items, US volunteer pilots joined the RAF and some RAF pilots were trained in the US, US gave the British 50 old but usable WW1 destroyers and 20 modern torpedo boats, tanks, light bombers, fighter aircraft like P-40s and so on. American destroyers also escorted the convoys bound to Britain, and attacked German U-boats even far away from those convoys. The US did not maintain a neutral stance attitude towards the warring nations.

The US naval intelligence, chief of Japan desk planned and suggested "8 insults", which should bring Japan into war with the US. President Roosevelt executed this plan immediately and also added some other insults, enraging the Japan. The most serious one was a total blockade of Japanese oil imports, as agreed between the Americans, British and the Dutch. FDR also declared an all-out embargo against the Japan and forbade them the use of Panama Canal, impeding Japan's access to Venezuelan oil.

The Flying Tigers volunteer air group successfully fighting the Japanese in China with some 90 fairly modern P-40Bs was another effective provocation that is not generally acknowledged by historical accounts of World War 2, most of which fail to mention any air combat action prior to 7th December 1941. But at that time the Japanese had already had lost about 100 military aircraft, mostly bombers, to the Tigers. After Pearl Harbor these squadrons were some of the hardest-hitting ones in the US service.

The attack on Pearl Harbor followed some 6 months later. Having broken the Japanese encryption codes, the Americans knew what was going to happen, when and where, but the president did not dispatch this information to Pearl Harbor. Americans even gave their friends the British 3 Magic decrypting machines which automatically opened encrypted Japanese military traffic. But this same information was not available to the commanders of Hawaii. The movement of the fleet was also visible in the very effective radio direction finding network. Japan had an alliance with Germany, and the Germans upheld their promises by declaring the war against the USA right after the Japanese declaration.

Two scapegoats, the navy commander Admiral Husband Kimmel, and the army commander Lt. General Walter Short were found incompetent and demoted as they were allowed to retire. Short died 1949 and Kimmel 1958. In 1995, the US Congress re-examined this decision and endorsed it. Then in 2000 some archive information came to light and the US Senate passed a resolution stating that both had served in Hawaii "competently and professionally". In 1941 they were denied vital information, and even on presidential orders purposefully mislead into believing that the Japanese feet could be expected from the southwest. These commanders have yet to be rehabilited by the Pentagon.

Korean War, 1950-1953: South Korean incursions (the Tiger regiment etc.) into North Korea (1949) led to contrary claims and into war. The cause of this war probably was covert action involving leaders of Taiwan, South Korea and the US military-industrial complex (John Foster Dulles has been mentioned as an organizer of the hostilities.) After the unpublished hostilities in 1949, the communist powers were strongly backing North Korea.

Chiang Kai Sek was being abandoned, isolated and falling prey to the powerful communist Chinese operations. The right-wing South Korean ruler was expected to loose the soon-to-be-elections. The American military-industrial complex went into high gear again, and huge government orders for equipment were flowing in.

The American-led UN forces had difficult times early in the war, but after sufficient forces arrived they advanced victoriously and penetrated deep into the North Korea. The strong Chino-Russian intervention into the war once again turned the tides, the Chinese with vast armies on ground, and the Soviets less visibly with large numbers of aircraft, nearly costing the UN forces the war.

Finally the front stabilized along the original 38th parallel armistice line. The war resulted in the death of 3 million Korean Chinese and the destruction of virtually all of the Korean cities, and left Taiwan in strong American protection and South Korea firmly in the hands of the right-wing president Syngman Rhee. Some 55,000 Americans lost their lives.

Vietnam War: "The Tonkin incident", where American destroyer Maddox was supposedly attacked twice by three North Vietnamese torpedo boats in 1964 in the Gulf of Tonkin never happened. What was happening at the time were aggressive South Vietnamese raids against the North in the same general area. Huge American presence wasn't decisive and President Nixon negotiated a "peace with honor" 1973. This war was lost, when the North Vietnam finally conquered South Vietnam 1975.

Grenada invasion: The Grenadian leader favoring the left and having invited Cubans to help building the infrastructure, extending the airport to accommodate long range Soviet aircraft, was replaced at a moment when he was negotiating in the UN, New York for a more open UN UFO policy based on Grenada initiatives. The proffered reason for the immediate invasion was that American medical students studying in the Grenada were in danger due the Cuban presence. The new leader supported by the US favored more traditional values and the right.

War on Drugs: The war was launched by Richard M Nixon sometime around June 17, 1971. The drug problem was found bad within the army in Viet Nam around 1968 prompting action was required towards the end of the war. Nowadays it is estimated that the military will never win the War on Drugs. The street prices of illicit drugs did not change significantly in the USA despite the military action in foreign drug-producing countries. The Colombian experience, with local military supported by the US, has shown that peace is more important than war against drugs. The Colombians have successfully negotiated some 1000s of guerrilla fighters back into the society and out of jungle.

This "war" actually seems to be a pretext for military invasions into less developed countries, where covert "bad" drug lords on behalf of western intelligence services are producing drugs into US and first world markets. This operation produces huge incomes, generating black budget money for those intelligence services managing the global drug operations.
Panama invasion: The incident between American and Panamanian troops led to invasion. The leader Noriega was changed and the earlier Carter administration plan to hand the control of the canal over to Panama was cancelled. The strategic importance of the canal has surpassed any more just thinking in the US global domination policy.

US-Israeli sponsored war between Iraq and Iran, 1980-1988: The US has built power bases in the Middle East in Iran starting with the CIA-organized coup 1953, where Iranian Prime Minister Mossadeq was replaced with the Shah of Iran Reza Pahlavi and he by his son Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Iran was equipped with the best western military equipment, including the American F-14 fighters with Phoenix missiles and the British Chieftain MBTs. Unfortunately there was in 1979 a coup of ayatollah Khomeini replacing the Shah and founding an Islamite nation.

After this, the US warmed up relations with their good Iraqi friend Saddam Hussein, and started to build a nation capable of challenging the Iran. Iraq acquired large numbers of effective weapons including factories able to produce older versions of gas warfare agents. These would later be called WMDs, which of course they were not, being the WW1-vintage weapons.

The war broke out and was fought to exhaustion because third-party powers, especially Israel, were carefully monitoring the power balance supplying more weapons to the side which seemed to be loosing. "Too bad they both cannot loose" is how Kissinger evaluated this situation.

Desert Storm (First Gulf war), 1991): Hussein asked for permission from the US (via their ambassador April Gillespie) and got an answer that the US does not care Arab quarrels. That was a trap, and after Saddam occupied Kuwait, George Bush Sr. mobilized a coalition of some 40 nations to "liberate Kuwait" and to smash the recently-built Iraqi military power base. This also involved a media hoax, where the daughter of Kuwaiti US ambassador played nurse on TV and testified to "witnessing" Iraqi soldiers throwing babies out of incubators in Kuwait.

War on Terror: The war was launched by Bush administration October 2001. The war was claimed to be the response on terrorism, especially the 9-11 incidents. Most of the people in the world today know that these reasons are false and that those events were based on MIH type (make it happen) inside job.

Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan invasion), 7.10.2001-: Without any evidence, the former CIA-asset, a Saudi-Arabian Osama bin Laden was claimed to be the mastermind behind the 9/11 strikes at the WTC and the Pentagon. Such a complex operation, if actually executed which it was not, in this case would be much beyond the capabilities of anything in Afghanistan. Only some top ten intelligence services in the world could hope to be successful in such an operation involving forgery, infiltration, living "underground" in a foreign non-Muslim country, coordination of moves, illegal arms, hi-quality flight training, accurate aircraft navigation in no-visibility conditions and so on. Perhaps even less, because the friends of the US (at that time, still most of the world) would also have been interested in stopping the attack.

Enduring Justice (Second Gulf war), 20.3.2003-: later known with less irony as Operation Iraqi Freedom The claimed reason of the attack was that Iraq was a clear and present danger to the US with wmd's available within less than an hour after the decision to assemble them has been made. Since no wmd's were found, and after the Iraqi also scrapped some 800 long range Scud style missiles before the US coalition attack, the reason for the invasion was changed into "bringing the democracy into Iraq".

Sample of False Flag Operations.

Gulf Of Tonkin NSA Declassified

Fog of War - Vietnam

Gulf of Tonkin incident is a great illustration of how what we want to do influences our perceptions. Higherups in the military wanted to bomb Hanoi. They wanted to hear we'd been attacked. The phone call from the Pentagon is simply amazing.

Ron Paul -- Gulf of Tonkin 2: Iran

Monday, June 15, 2009

Music - This is Dedicated to the Sheeple!

Perfect dedication to the Sheep, Cattle, Celery, or any other humanoid life form on this planet that doesn't get it yet. Wake-Up. Time is growing short. Come, Take a trip to the Sun.
Wanna see the Sun?
"A New fun experience for the whole Family!"
*One-way tickets only! No refunds!
No $200 for passing "GO" either.

David Gilmour in Royal Albert Hall - Comfortably Numb

Is there anybody in there
Just nod if you can hear me
Is there anyone at home
Come on now
I hear you're feeling down
I can ease your pain
And get you on your feet again
I'll need some information first
Just the basic facts
Can you show me where it hurts
There is no pain, you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I've got that feeling once again
I can't explain, you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb

Just a little pin prick
There'll be no more aaaaaaaah!
But you may feel a little sick
Can you stand up?
I do believe it's working, good
That'll keep you going through the show
Come on it's time to go.

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
And I have become
Comfortably numb

Saturday, June 13, 2009


What is Cassini?Cassini is an unmanned NASA deep space probe which was launched in October, 1997 Although the probe will ultimately be headed towards Saturn, it first headed towards Venus and has already done one flyby's of that planet. On June 24th, 1999 Cassini did another flyby of Venus, then it headed BACK TOWARDS EARTH for a flyby of this planet at just 312 miles above the Earth (June 1995 NASA EIS. In the June 1997 FSEIS the figure was raised to 496 miles above the surface of the Earth. They raised it again and again in a phoney attempt to look like they have listened to our pleas. It is a ruse! (It ended up about 725 miles away when it actually did the flyby.) The purpose of the Venus and Earth flybys was to gain additional speed for the trip to Saturn. It will still take almost five years from the time of the flyby to the arrival in the vicinity of Saturn.

The danger of the Earth flyby was that Cassini was traveling at approximately 43,000 miles per hour. A slight malfunction, miscalculation, or a random collision with any of billions of pieces of space debris could have resulted in the probe, and its deadly plutonium, reentering earth's atmosphere and thereby incinerating its deadly cargo. NASA claimed the chance of such an accident resulting in a plutonium release was one in one million. Many have never agreed with that assessment. NASA in particular is ignoring the fact that ANY accident can leave the probe in an orbit around the solar system that might later intersect ours -- even after the flyby, we might still be "attacked" by this probe! [April 5th, 2002 news item: Astronomers have doubled their estimate of the number of asteroids in the solar system to over a million (specifically, 1/2 mile or greater in size). This, in turn, means that Cassini had twice the risk from large asteroids as previously calculated, and who-knows-how-many-times-the-risk from small asteroids (a pinhead could destroy it, just as, it was built and launched by pinheads).]

Why is Cassini so dangerous?

Cassini contains over 72 pounds of a radioactive substance called Plutonium Dioxide. Plutonium is commonly referred to as "the deadliest substance known to man" and for good reason. The isotope of plutonium used in Cassini, Pu-238, is especially dangerous because of it's rapid rate of radioactive decay. It has a very short half-life (87.75 years) which means it emits radiation (in this case mainly alpha particles) at a very high rate. Although it is true that alpha particles can be stopped by a piece of paper, when even a tiny, microscopic particle of Plutonium 238 is inhaled, the localized radiation (the radiation to nearby cells) can be 1000's of REM, and it can cause lung cancer and other illnesses. Ingestion is much less hazardous but is still far from safe.

The Lucifer Project

Allow me to quote from the christian luciferian bible.

Ezekiel 1:4 “…And I looked and behold a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the colour of amber, out of the midst of the fire.”

Ezekiel 1:5 “…Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man.”

Ezekiel 1:7-10 “…and their feet were straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a calf’s foot: and they sparkled like the colour of burnished brass. And they had the hands of a MAN…As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a MAN,…the face of a lion,…the face of an ox,…the face of an eagle.”

The greys do indeed wear helmets and suits. Many people recall the same uniform-like appearance from the encounters they have experienced. The uniform is to protect the skin from cracking when exposed to the sun. The big eyes are sunglasses to protect their eyes.

Ezekiel 1:6-18 “…their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel…and their rings were full of eyes round about them…”

Ezekiel 1:27,28 “…I saw as it were the appearance of fire, and it had brightness round about. As the appearance of the BOW that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the lord…”

All of the old and new testament of the judeo-christian bible is luciferian thought. Here we see grand imagery meant to shock and awe the population. The purpose of the UFO phenomenon is to cause well-intentioned people to believe the ridiculous. Many people will concede that, yes, ultimately everything we see is an illusion. Yet these same people give credence to the idea that UFO’s are an advanced reality from another planet.

Hold on a second. There is no such thing as time and space. Our own 3 dimensional bodies are not even real. Why then, this insistent belief that there are alien life forms who have existed for millions of years? The answer, quite simply, is to solidly convince us of the 3 dimensional reality in TIME and SPACE. It is difficult to break free of the hypnotic state that keeps us believing everything we see is real. We have our 5 senses to convince us everything is real because we can feel, taste, touch, hear and see it.

When we consider our galaxy so vast that it takes hundreds and thousands of light years for distant starlight to reach us, it is very hard to believe that space is an illusion. UFO’s and their little pilots are a manifestation of deception. Yes, they do exist in this 3 dimensional experience, but they are not what they tell us they are - life from other planets. To believe that, then you must believe space is real, and therefore, time is real.

UFO’s and the greys are here to deceive. They have told us they can take us on a long journey. Why do we assume they are speaking truthfully?

How do we know these are demonic thought forms? Simply because the discussion on this site has shown that all 3 dimensional creation is via the egregore exercise of combining shape/sound and colour. This is the work of the luciferian reptilian based mindset. The universe and everything in it is created by this luciferian mind. This includes the UFO/GREY phenomena.

Now if you want to believe that the UFO events are orchestrated by a life form on a far away planet in some distant galaxy, that may be fine. Except for one thing. This perpetuates the myth that poses a real danger to humanity. If these are just alien life forms from another planet who present themselves as the greys and reptilian bloodlines then perhaps there’s a chance they’re not cruelly seeking our enslavement and submission to their agenda. In other words, maybe they’ll play nice. However, this is not the case. These are much more dangerous than a lifeform from another planet. These entities are creatures straight from the mind of the luciferian light bearing group of thinkers. The only desire of this egregore mind is to destroy most of us, (under the pretext of the judgment of god cleansing the earth), and to enslave the rest of us within the 3 dimensional experience. This is nothing more than the establishment of the new world order, the kingdom of god on earth, and the new age awakening. It should be noted that the new age movement is a strong promoter of the alien life form from other planets concept.


When you do NO THING, other than being fully aware that the 3 dimensional experience is an illusory deception conjured up through the THOUGHT PROCESS,, which is turn was meant to disconnect us from REALITY, then you have reconnected to your original eternal wisdom state. There’s nothing to do, just simply become AWARE of what is transpiring. Perfection and purity is what we are ALREADY. This is wisdom and this is liberty, this is the freedom and the power and strength of what we ALWAYS HAVE BEEN. The illusory 3 dimensional teachings of intellectual and religious thought systems, that instruct us to believe that we are born sinners, and need to repent, to avoid some hell fire, are conjured up lunatic notions straight from the mind of the luciferian egregore group mind.

The aim of the luciferian group egregore is to establish a New World Messianic Age, where the control of the illusion we call humanity, is the manipulation tactic that will be increased to such an extent that escape from being manipulated by the total 3D illusion is all but impossible. Wisdom knows, and sees the lunacy of this 3D illusory reality. The illusion called humanity, (and humanity is an illusion), will awake from the trance and reconnect to our original state through awareness. These entities, who manifest their CONTROL OF REALITY through the lives of the elite, will soon dissolve in frustration as humanity stops responding to the subliminal messages that bombard the wisdom state in endless fashion. For it is that the 3 dimensional experience is NOT REAL, and it only exists IN OUR MINDS. Therefore, its in OUR MINDS, (which are in reality, THEIR MINDS), that we disconnect emotionally from the 3D space and reclaim our eternal state, which is here now. This is what we are! We are the original eternal paradise state, and the 3D illusion was simply conjured up through the THOUGHT PROCESS to separate us from this immense power and peace of the wisdom state and thereby deceptively manipulate this ultimate state of being into servitude to the luciferian egregore. The beneficial aspect in understanding this, is that at any moment of our choosing, we can become aware of the luciferian hypnotic manipulation, and we can reclaim our wisdom state, and experience the freedom of the paradise state right now.

Project Lucifer, The Silver Surfer, and The Second Sun

Look towards the west.. to the second sun.. a furnace burns where once was none. The organic hexagon temple has been summoned via the telepathy of the unified consciousness. We melt into the shifting holograms of oblivion as the first light of the new eon dawns upon us. The rays penetrate into translucent Cymatic frequency that guide the cogs and spirals of time. In an endless black ocean of the known vibration.. through the hallways of Always.. and the midnight of dreamscapes.

Atomic and Hydrogen Bomb Testing has always fascinated me as the pinnacle of human arrogance. What other purpose is there to develop weapons like these other than for the desire to destroy the entire planet? It is obvious our entire culture is shaped by fear. And this just happens to be the weapon of choice for those seeking to keep the masses in a state of fear and submission.

Project Lucifer 0001

UDPDATE 6.30.09:

Unfortunately the video "lucifer project 2 remix (rise of the light bearer)" was deleted on YouTube. I have added it back with a link to disclose.tv where you can still view this interesting video. Enjoy!
lucifer project 2 remix (rise of the light bearer)


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Project Dark Star - The search for the Black Sun

A Journey To Deep Space & The Edge of Forever. A new study authored by University of Utah astrophysicist Paolo Gondolo shows that the first stars, born nearly 13 billion years ago, may have been 400 to 200,000 times larger than our sun and heavily influenced by dark matter, an invisible element that scientists say makes up most of the universe.
Those "dark stars" were named by Gondolo's colleagues astrophysicist Katherine Freese of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and graduate student Douglas Spolyar of the University of California at Santa Cruz, after the song "Dark Star" by The Grateful Dead.
They may still be in existence, though they don't produce light and instead likely emit infrared energy, or heat, which can be picked up only by space-based telescopes. Astrophysicists previously thought dark matter played heavily into the formation of the universe, but never the formation of the earliest stars.
Previously, stars were thought to form when hydrogen and helium atoms clumped and swirled together in what's called a proto-stellar cloud. They began to cool and collapse and become denser. That cooling and shrinking continues until the fusion of hydrogen into helium begins, which causes the star to emit light, Gondolo said. The new findings suggest that dark matter interacted and broke down, producing heat instead of light. As a proto-stellar cloud of hydrogen and helium tried to cool and shrink, the dark matter would keep it hot and large, preventing fusion from making the star shine. "A star that . . . is not powered by nuclear fusion is a unique thing," Gondolo said. "It may point to the nature of dark matter." The research has several implications for the study of the creation of the earliest stars, including how black holes may have formed in the relatively short time frame of 10,000 to 100,000 years.

A Journey into Deep Space
Project Dark Star - The search for the Black Sun

Welcome to the scientific revolution that will change everything. are you ready for the paradigm shift?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Journey to the Edge of the Universe - Sit Back & Enjoy the Show!

The edge of the universe could be defined as the distance that light has travelled since the universe got started. This is not a real, physical edge, but is simply the limit to the universe that we can observe. The age of the universe is thought to be several billion years old. As yet, no galaxies have been observed "at the edge of the universe", they have been only observed several billion light years away, until now. Watch the videos below. Real or not, our universe is stunning!

These observations can be thought of as looking back in time. The galaxies that are observed are younger than our own. This is one way that astronomers attempt to study how galaxies evolve in time. If one were to look to very great distances, one might hope to see galaxies forming, and going even further back, one can see the remnant of the big bang fireball, from which the whole universe emerged.

Journey to the Edge of the Universe

The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken

In 2003, the Hubble Space Telescope took the image of a millenium, an image that shows our place in the universe. Anyone who understands what this image represents, is forever changed by it.

Carl Sagan's Cosmos - Star Stuff

Carl Sagan's description of how we evolved from "Star Stuff" and are on our journey to go back to our origin - in the Stars. From "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage" episode 8, "Journeys in Space and Time".

-DarkStar888...These 3 videos say much. ENJOY!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Is America In Change?

Question? - What does Obama have in common with this GIANT FIDDLE?

World's Largest
Illuminated Fiddle
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Answer...I got it!

a) He doesn't give a Fiddler's Fuck about this Country of Ours! or
b) It's like his big fucking Ego that is as Illusional as this Fiddle!

Hmmm...hard choice?

Q...What's the Difference between a fiddle & a violin?
A...Nothing...just the way you play it!


1207 HR 1913 2nd amendment Economic collapse crisis depression 2009 bull bear market shares tank tanking have been tanked gold silver bonds treasury notes (End of the World is coming December 21, 2012 prophecy. The Maya's "Long Count" calendar marks the end of every 5126-year era. A previous cycle ended 13,363 years ago--during the age of Leo, at the same time when the Earth was struck by comets and asteroids. The next cycle ends on 2012. Does this mean the world end on 2012? No. It means the calendar ends. Yet, there is also a warning, so let those with eyes, see.) (Planet X Inbound 2012 Mayan Calendar). (alien) (ufo) (solar system) (video biblical prophecy) (Sumerian) (Egyptian) (ancient) (atlantis) (sinking continent) (earth changes) (climate) (sun solar flare) American Militia, American Resistance Movement, American Revolution, Revolution, Revolt, American Militia Movement, A.R.M, Alex Jones, New World Order, Illuminati, NWO, Skull and Bones, Bush, 911 Conspiracy, The Civilians Military, Militia, American Resistance Movement, Revolt, Bilderberg, CFR, Alex Jones, Jordan Maxwell, Loose Change, End Game, Terrorstorm, Patriot Act, HR 1955, 911 was an inside job, truth, iraq war, black water, free masons, Ron Paul, New World Order carbon tax CO2 Global Warming is a fearmongering scam. The sun is getting hotter. Alex Jones is just one source. Police State is just making some X-military clones. MK Ultra mind control. Income. John F. Kennedy or JFK CIA FBI international bankers Rothschild David Rockefeller. Chemtrails chemical trails from jets. Air Force United States Army Navy Marines National Guard. NORAD stood down. Fake war in Iraq and Afghanistan but the human deaths are real. Corporations own a market for every physical item on this Earth. Immortal Technique is trying to push the revolution into the streets. I don't know if I can agree with that. People go to work all day Jedi Mind Tricks are alright. Vinnie Paz in shit. Paris is OK. Sick Since and Ill Bill all good. 911 or September 11, 2001 was the greatest world scam to take place in a very long time, no matter what your take on the conspiracy theorist or theories America American Turn off the TV and the news. Project Paper Clip Operation Northwoods George W H Bush Bill Skull and Bones Bohemia Grove secrete societies Freemasons mason Masonic Temple Mormon. Government in schools. Mercury Vaccines. Nazi Hitler Every one is in a rush. Drugs marijuana blunt alcohol tobacco National ID Cards in May 2008. Elections are rigged. Real ID Act congress president. Obama and Mccain are clones. Republicans and Democrats are the same. Council on Foreign Relations. Club of Rome. Trilateral Commission. Federal Reserve illusion money dollar fall. Graph and carts. Round Table. Cocaine Mushrooms Crack Heroin. 666 Mark of the Beast Christian Catholic Muslim Jewish Jew inside job protest fight Last Days Jesus Christ God. The second coming. North American Union. South American Union. APEC. European Union. All Seeing Eye. Devil Lucifer. Traffic cams cameras intersection cops The Financial Crisis Explained clowns jesters. CFR is weak. NAU One World Government Flu Pandemic Swine Bird HR 1388 HR HR 2159

Obama was Right - Change - For the Worse!

Craig is Changing America! Now here is real change. Pun fully intended!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Wake up, do your own research, seek the truth, find out what's going on before it's too late and nothing can be done.

I realize that we think we have heard enough about 9-11 over & over again. This video is a very good overview of 9-11. "Nothing" posted on "Nwohere" a video called "Zero: An investigation in to 9-11. It's full length documentary & covers the topic of 911 quite throughly & to the point. Why do I keep trying to wake people up with these types of videos? Because someday more of you will really get it & I won't need to post anything anymore. Till then, I'll have to repeat myself so the morons of the world have another opportunity to save their own ass...one more time!.

As crazy as it sounds... as unacceptable as it is for anyone with any amount of decency...
was an inside job, and it is "sadly but a small part" in the globalists' plan for us all.

Wake up, do your own research, seek the truth, find out what's going on before it's too late and nothing can be done.

Wake up, Neo!

NOTE: This video happens to be 8 mins 16 secs...Cool that = 888.

One of the best summary Video I've seen on the men behind 911.

A "WTF" Quote: "The terrorists know & they never stop thinking of ways to hurt our country & our people, and neither do we!" ...GWB


Sunday, June 7, 2009

2012 Visionaries

The New World Order is in your face!

Failure to the Elite, the Iluminati...is not an option. What part of that don't you Understand?

2012 Visionaries : David Icke & Bill Hicks

Excerpts from the UK TV programme 'David Icke: Was He Right?' plus added section of David quoting the moved-on-from-this-dimension Bill Hicks. Previously aired on the now defunct youtube channel bmoviez.

21FUCKs in 2mins: Joe Pesci & Robert DeNiro in CASINO, the conversation bares the repetition of the word 'FUCK' 21 times. Think New World Order & Joe says the rest. hehehe

Einstein the Parrot!

This Parrot...it seems, has more intelligence that most of the sheep I try to talk to!
Too funny!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Imagine - Planet X - NWO

Imagine that all that knowing you possess, has within it, the power and strength to exist forever. There’s no beginning and no end. You have the power and wisdom to be eternal. Imagine that you’re filled with this knowing and completely possessed with this eternal power and strength. This is about as powerful as anyone could hope to be.

Let’s imagine that this knowing not only exists in you, but it exists in every person on the planet. It’s not something you have to go out and find, it’s just there, in you and in everyone that ever walked on the face of the earth.

Now imagine that someone, or a group of individuals, with that same eternal power, also wanted to have your power, and my power. Imagine that this group wanted to take possession of all that is ours. However, they can’t take it from us by force, because it’s locked inside us, and it is who we are. Still, they desire to at least control it. This group wished for our power to work in unison with their power, and the enormity of that combined strength of power and knowing would make them greater than the greatest … the most massive force in existence…

They would appear to be GOD…

To understand how these fabricated illusory systems have control on our lives...read on.

How they took control of our reality and took control of our eternity. We’ll see how to reconnect to our wisdom and awareness which is the power and strength, the knowing, of the eternal state. This wisdom and awareness is something we already have. There’s nothing we have to do except reconnect to it.
Here’s how they disconnected us from wisdom and reality. Thinking – The Process of Manipulation Through a process called thinking, the root, the seed of manipulation, was planted by the patron of thinking. This is the beginning of thought … the beginning of thinking.
The next step in the manipulation process, in the thinking process, is the introduction of seduction. It’s a grand concept to fabricate the concept of thinking, but just one thought isn’t going to manipulate anyone loose of their connection to reality. This group of thinkers then thought to introduce something that would manufacture a form of perpetuity in this whole notion of taking control. Something that would be a place of reproducing the whole thinking process over and over and over again … endlessly. With virtually no further effort other than directing the course of thinking until it reached its final conclusion of total control and the complete submission of everything … unto them.

A patron is someone who has the right to appoint or to bestow a privilege. Let’s call this patron … a proton. The positive originator or father of thinking. Let’s call this father of thinking – Thought. The seed of thinking, the seed of this patron father, is neutral. Not a patron, or a proton, not mature enough to have seed of its own … simply neutral. We’ll call this a neutron… and we’ll call it the son. This is the seed, or son, of the father. This neutron son / seed is one with the father proton, matching one for one, only a bit smaller in size. The son isn’t the positive originator of thought, he’s neutral, and he’s a peaceful son.

The introduction of this next stage of thinking would have to cause motion, vibrations and energy. Without motion or energy, the proton and neutron, the father and son, would lay dormant, nothing more than a thought without purpose. The concept of an opposite of the positive proton was conjured up. We’ll call this the elect lady, the negative attraction that would perpetually spark the imagination of the father proton. We’ll call this elect lady – the electron.

The electrons would be small, much smaller than the father proton or the neutron son. In fact, over 1800 times smaller. This electron would spin around the proton and neutron, held in orbit by the attraction to the male, yet keeping a distance, yet flirting endlessly for the male to pounce.But why stop there! Introduce another elect lady, and another… make it a whole harem of elect ladies, flirting, and circling the male, creating a womb of protection for the seed of the father to grow and reproduce another just like themselves, again and again, … endlessly.

We’ll call this womb, the nucleus. This womb will be the room, the birthplace, of the neutron son seed, within the womb of the mother. This mother… we’ll call matter. This womb of the mother, this room of matter, is called the nucleus, for it produced the new clay of us.

Matter is that which occupies space. Even though this mother electron is just a thought from the group of thinkers, it orbits the father and the son at the speed of thought, thereby occupying space, conjuring up the illusion of matter.

Please realize that this information and knowledge is only partial, a very tiny piece of what you need to know in order to have awareness.

Light, our 3D world, thought, energy, etc are all the same and not true reality. Energy is not needed for us to live, because this 3D world doesn’t exist, or at least not the way we are led to believe. The light is there only to create an illusion for the 3D world, which is not where we come from. All of this has been made up…from thought. That is your source of energy. Negative/positive, good/evil, love/hate, light/dark, yin/yang, etc is duality and has been created. Duality causes much the conflict and confusion.

You should question everything you don’t understand. Never judge or comment though, when you don’t know about something because of your present knowledge being limited or you have never experienced it or not even imagined in thought yet. - DarkStar888

Next, is Maxwell Igan.
Max Igan helps to define Conciousness and gives us some useful tools and help towards informing us how we can bring about the mentalty needed to cope with the changes that are already under way on Earth as we go through the Harmonic Convergance which Culminates in the year 2012 on Dec 21st . Max is very informative and easy to listen to . His analogies and points of reference he uses to get his ideas across are fantastic and easy to grasp. You already know all this anyway as its written inside your very soul . We just need people like Max to remind us and point us in the right direction . He makes a lotta sense and we need more people to join and realise we are all one, one conciousness.

The Awakening-Part 1-Divine Connections 1/2

The Awakening-Part 1-Divine Connections 2/2

- DarkStar888 -