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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Is America In Change?

Question? - What does Obama have in common with this GIANT FIDDLE?

World's Largest
Illuminated Fiddle
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Answer...I got it!

a) He doesn't give a Fiddler's Fuck about this Country of Ours! or
b) It's like his big fucking Ego that is as Illusional as this Fiddle!

Hmmm...hard choice?

Q...What's the Difference between a fiddle & a violin?
A...Nothing...just the way you play it!


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Obama was Right - Change - For the Worse!

Craig is Changing America! Now here is real change. Pun fully intended!


  1. Fuck these assholes ,I curse them daily.

  2. I think most of this money they're "spending" is going in the trash. It's not all just going to their friends. It's just excess cash that needs to get out of supply. If there's too much cash in supply, you get the German hyperinflation problem. Of course they are taking it from productive citizens.

    America was great. But it's on its way out. We'll all be in a planned global welfare state. That doesn't mean you're going to be forced to take welfare. We'll all just adapt to a new system. The ones who are too patriotic and too into Christianity are planned cannon fodder for a war against Islam and the Middle East. Sometimes the way to keep rights is just to assert them; if you don't want taxes for instance, just accept cash in your business and don't pay for them. I accept rent in cash and don't report all of it. Apparently, almost all countries have a piece of paper called a constitution or something like it that has almost the exact same wording. But each country has their own culture and different ways of interpreting the paper. Point is, it's people's actions and their culture that really determine what rights they have, not the law on the books. If you don't like vaccines, don't take the shots. If you don't like crappy food, grow your own. If you don't like welfare, don't take it or jump through hoops to keep it. There's almost always an opt out clause, even in a welfare state. The masons have to provide this for whatever occult reason. I watched the Alien Scientist on the Nwothing blog. I like him in some respects. But the alien scientist thinks we should all wave signs around if we don't like something. Signs don't do shit. Didn't you see all the Iraq war protesters? THat didn't stop jack. If you don't like war, don't join the military or actively avoid the draft. The people who are OK with it will be weeded out, and the culture will change for the better.

    I love reading about Nibiru, but I would hate to predict that something happen in 2012 and nothing happen. I definitely believe that either there's a planet that orbits into this solar system or that there's an occasional wormhole that opens up for Earth travel just by looking at ancient history, mythology, and architecture on Earth. But I'm wondering if they want us to believe something will happen in 2012 so we feel like big fat idiots when nothing happens. If nothing happens, we'll all feel "sheepish" and stop questioning what we see or at least shut up for a while.

    By the way, I love this blog and the Nwothing blog. I've downloaded some Stuart wilde meditation tracks. (not to be confused with stuart little, the mouse book I'm reading to my 7 year old) It is nice to hear it at night. I'm sick of seeing "eat the sheeple" "weaker people" "predator" blahblahblah. I feel better when I'm able to tune into a positive energy source without having to vampire it from someone else. It's nice to go out in nature and soak up some energy from the fresh air.

  3. Thank you for your kind words Donny. I'm glad you enjoy the bolg. I want to keep it information, a little different, truthful, brave & open to all. I don't like bashing but I won't hold back either. LOL

    These are hard concepts to get at first. Please trust me when I say, "It will come". The teacher appears when the student is ready, you are ready or you won't be doing this.

    May I make a suggestion? I follow 30 blogs right now, not all publicly. But please go to the following blogs if you really want to learn more. I’m sorry to say that there is too much disinformation on blogs like Djhives & many of his moronic fans.

    Here are 5 very good blogs I follow. If you haven’t yet, check these out. These people (not sheeple) put a lot of work in to these blogs. These are awesome. Five more reason why not to much waste time at blogs like Dante’s, Hives’, etc. Look at the quality of the content. And you don't get "screamed" at nor do you have to "donate $" to become part of a "Secret Society" (SS) just to get shit-on for knowledge. That's enlightenment? No...I think not. Disrespect is a better word. hehe

    The more I read these other blogs the more I realize how much I’m missing by reading the other shit. I think you get the point. Let me know what you think.






    I will be posting more on DarkStar soon. Look at the new post above. Interesting & mind blowing stuff. :)


  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I love the divine cosmos one. I'll go to the others. I've been looking for something new. I've graduated from fearmongering rense and time warped christian patriot henry makow. I've always been sheep food myself and can't even manipulate my husband into doing the dishes once in a while; and even if I could manipulate, I wouldn't get much happiness out of it. Too much energy, not a very satisfying payoff. I can see straight through the news. Shoes and chocolate don't do it for me.

    so hopefully I'll find some fresh material.

  5. Donny.

    DarkStar has posted great stuff here. :)

    I agree with you Donny on many points. I'm follow DarkStar & Nothing, and really like serveral of the same blogs. Also follow stupid ones too, you know who. But I don't pay much attention to them much anymore. They are acually boring me. I don't say that to be arrogant. They rant about there so called "revelations" but all there do is shit on people. Much of it isn't intellectual at all.

    Like the says goes;
    "Dear Staff: Daily Beatings Will Continue Till Morals Impoves"!

    WTF is wrong with peole...to think that way. That's how I see people get treated at Hive or Dante or Zero, etc. Bunch of jackasses to me. Ah who cares about them anyway. :)

    I like seeking information leading to knowledge of truth , common sense, health issues, wisdom & becoming evermore aware of our non-existance, 3D illusion in this Universe & human life experiences.

    I just posted a few nice things on my blog too. Maybe you'll visit there. It's not as good as this though. :-)


  6. Thank you for your comments Donny & Jedi. I updated my blog with 10 blogs I follow to make them eassier to find. Take care.