"Always be aware, that humanity, the whole population of the world, is illusory. That includes the one reading these words. Humanity is not real or valid. The illusory body of humanity is not at all who and what we really are. We have simply been conjured up, given a 3D name, body, mind and spirit/energy, (all aspects which are fake), and then filled with endless suggestions in our illusory brain, that this is who we really are. From this point on, in our 3D life experience, believing that our 3 dimensional life experience is real, leads to endless confusion and suffering. This belief manifests the notion of being imprisoned. However, we are not imprisoned, but if we believe we are, then for all intents and purposes, we might as well be." - Bryan Kemila, IlluminatiMatrix


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Thursday, May 5, 2011

So...President Obama Remembers His Birth?

Oh Baby Baby – Baby Me

The oneness of our original awareness state is evident when a baby is born. The baby recognizes nothing of its surroundings. As far as the baby is concerned, everything is still oneness – still connected to authentic awareness. Let me ask this question. When do we first begin to recognize people, things, the stars and even ourselves? If memory serves correctly, I may have had an inkling of recognition at about 2 or 3 years old. Before then not much seems to have taken place. Actually nothing did take place.

The reason we can’t remember seeing or hearing anything for the first year or two, or longer, of our physical life, is because it’s not really there. We start to learn the language, learn to interpret the stupidity of our brainwashed parents (I’m a parent of 4 children, so I personally know how stupid a brainwashed parent can be), learn a number system and become indoctrinated in the seductions of the other senses and so the 3D illusion appears real. Then we store a memory bank of events to recall. Add to this the trauma of fear, stress, anxiety and deceit over decades and we become totally hypnotized – convinced this is real. It isn’t real and it never has been!


  1. You wrote that the reason we can't remember those early years was because it's really not there. Thanks for that input! I am starting to recognize all the places that this "illusion" is the answer to questions like memories, dreams and even deja vu occurrences. And yes, the trauma of just living in this world definitely is enough to hypnotize us!

  2. thanks for your kind and inisghtful comments at MFM DS888!!
    really appreciate them and I also added you to my blog and I will try to read things here and there on your blog as i am able to.
    I hope you are doing great!!

  3. I wanted to say that I really appreciate your blog!!
    I have been doing an awful lot of reading here on and off ever since I got online yesterday (insomnia haha) and want to say great job on the blog!!
    and I will keep checking the blog out as time goes on--normally what most synch blogs call synchs only happen to me very rarely--but a number (pun or whatever --irony? it would be intended) have happened to me since I started researching here (starting with the number 444 -a number i havent been able to get away from for well over two months now--and originally i intended to just be online for a couple of hours (almost typed horus haha) today!!
    thanks again!!
    your friend

  4. Hi Devin,

    Hey great comments and thanks for your feedback. Yes you have a good blog too. I like the direction of your thinking. I will be back there for a few comments that I can add relating to some of your topics. Also check out JediTheOne because it has many health realted topics that you may be interested in. Take care.


  5. I'm learning; I hope.

    So this reality is like a double-edged sword. As we feel, care, and love one another; we are also presented with killers, psychopaths and degenerates who we hate. This dichotomy then would contribute to the psychosis "wisdom" suffers.

    I mean psychosis in that Wisdom was fractured much like an individual with multiple personality disorder...only Wisdom's multiples number 8 billion!

    What you write here makes sense when we consider how we look at each other as fellow humans. Instinctively, I think that we see a lot of ourselves in others because we are each other.

    Am I understanding this correctly?


  6. Let me say this. We don't exist. We are in a 3D illusion and we are NOT HERE. We are from All Knowing, WISDOM & PARADISE where we need nothing. This existence is a THOUGHT UP reality thought a light beam light a Holograph and it seems real because its 3D & feel real to us but it doesn't mean it our true reality. We have been Hypnotized in to believing we exist here but this is like a movie we are living in. We literally live in A MATRIX.

    Read more and you will see....

    Thank you for your comments. DS888