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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Space Shuttle ENDEAVOR LAUNCH - Update from the IlluminatiMatrix

Space Shuttle ENDEAVOR LAUNCH = DEVOUR LUNCH – May 16, 2011

"Space shuttle Endeavor is set to launch May 16, 2011, on its last flight into space to rendezvous with the International Space Station. Some interesting bits concerning this date, which was originally set for April 29, 2011, coinciding with the royal wedding, the date was moved to at least May 8, and then to May 16.

Keeping in mind that the number 16 is the number associated with LINCOLN, the Lion King, and Barack Obama, the date May 16 is symbolic in that regard. The number 16 = 4×4 suggesting Lincoln the 16th president, or 4 and 4 suggesting the number 44 and Obama the 44th president. 16 coincides with 4 on the 2nd clockface = 4+2=6, and 44 coincides with 8 on the 4th clockface = 8+4=12, or 4+4+4=12, suggesting total control and the Flood scenario.

This is also a 16 day mission, that will include 4 spacewalks.

The really curious thing in all of this, is that with the delayed launch date to May 16, is that it coincides with Endeavors first space launch which occurred on May 7, 1992, with the return to earth on May 16, 1992. In other words, the end of the beginning for Endeavors initial flight coincides with the beginning of the end for Endeavors last flight. Endeavor will spend 16 days in space and return on June 1, 2011.

Things get even more curious when taking into account that President John F. Kennedy announced to the USA government on May 25, 1961, that the USA should undertake “…LANDING A MAN ON THE MOON AND RETURNING HIM SAFELY TO EARTH…” before the decade was finished. This was supposedly accomplished by June 20, 1969. This speech was made precisely 50 years ago on May 25, when Endeavor will be in its 9th day of orbiting. The number 9 being the number of the FALL.

Assigning a simple number value to each initial:
JFK = J 10th letter, F 6th letter, K 11th letter.
10+6+11=27, or 3x3x3, the CUBE, the symbol of Islam, Mecca – KABAAH.

Another take on the initials JFK=

The mission number of Endeavor is STS 134.

Again, assigning a number value to each letter and number:
S=19, T=20, S=19, 1+3+4 = 66

Yet another curious May 16, occurred in 1941 with the last major German air attack on Britain. This is exactly 70 years from 2011, linking Hitler to current NASA / NAZI events, in a subliminal sense.

The space program throughout the world has simply been the cover story for performing ritual phallic worship to luciferian Thought Process entities. For this reason it was symbolically linked to the Royal Wedding, occurring on the 66th anniversary of Hitler’s wedding and at the same time linked to Endeavors 1st and last space flights.

The Royal Wedding occurred on April 29, 2011, leading into the Beltane Ritual of Death. Beltane occurs over a few days, before and after May 1, or MAYDAY. This year, 2011, Beltane coincided with a NEW MOON on May 2. Exactly 2 weeks later, on May 16, the Endeavor Launch Date, will be a FULL MOON. There will be Wicca ritual celebrations held in different locations around the world, and in particular, within the USA. The next couple of paragraphs describe one such ritual which will occur on May 16, 2011, in LINCOLN Nebraska.

(Beginning of quote).
Church of Transformational Wicca, Lincoln Nebraska.

Full Moon Circle Public Ritual May 16, 2011 -

Come to Full Moon Circle to enjoy a time with like-minded folks. Grail rituals celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Earth and all life who depend upon her. That includes people! All who walk their path with positive intent, loving heart, and open mind are welcome, regardless of faith. Theme this month is a Council of the Plants.

Location is the UNITARIAN CHURCH IN LINCOLN, 6300 A Street (yes, we have a street in Lincoln). Discussion starts at 6 pm and ritual starts as close to 7 pm as we can manage. Following ritual we customarily go to Village Inn on 66th and O Street in Lincoln for snacks and chat. We generally don’t wear ritual robes for public work. Ritual gear that you feel is appropriate to wear in public is welcome." (End quote).

May 25th is the 145th day of the year. The number 144 = 12×12, or the Fullness of Time. The number 145 suggests, therefore, a new day, or Time, beginning to emerge. With 365 days in this year, minus 145 = 220 days left. The number 220 relates to the total floors in the 2 WTC Towers, and 22 = the number of floors in the Marriott Hotel within the old WTC site.

NASA is ripe with ritualistic symbolism, with numbers, shapes and names. Some interesting name and numbers include the Saturn V (5 sacrifice) rocket, which is 111 metres long x 10 meters diameter. The Kennedy Space Centre and Cape Canaveral are located on MERRITT ISLAND (suggesting MARRIOTT HOTEL NY / and CALIFORNIA), which is 55 kilometres long and 10 km. wide.

The Kennedy Space Centre is located at 28 degrees N/80 degrees W.
28 coincides with 4 on the 3rd clockface.
80 coincides with 8 on the 7th clockface.
These numbers suggesting the number of Lincoln, the Flood, as well as 7.
4+3=7, perfection and completion.
As well as the 7th clockface.
Two number 7′s suggests Washington DC @ 38.5 N (one half of 77) / and 77 W.
Two number 7′s= 14, the number associated with lovers and sex.

Apollo 11 was launched on July 16, 1969. Once again choosing the number 16 for launch date of the 11th Apollo LUNAR mission.

President Barack OBAMA is symbolic in many respects within the luciferian agenda. Even to the point of going to Cape Canaveral in Florida to watch the Endeavor launch on April 29. Of course, without any comprehension of the symbolic role he was playing in spite of the fact that Endeavor didn’t launch, neither was supposed to lauch in accordance with the luciferian Time element which pushed it towards May 16. Now we watch to see what transpires on May 16 and onwards, if indeed, Endeavor does launch.
OBAMA = O-15, B-2, A-1, M-13, A-1 = 15+2+1+13+1 = 32
32 = 3+2 = 5 sacrifice
32 coincides with 8 on the 3rd clockface.
8+3=11 or death
Adding 5+11=16, or 4×4, suggesting 44.

The Endeavor launch also includes the Gabrielle Giffords symbolism. Her husband Mark Kelly is the commander aboard Endeavor, and Ms. Giffords was present for the initial launch date, in spite of suffering fall a bullet wound to the head and the removal of part of her skull. Keep in mind that this shooting took place in Arizona, which coincides with Tower 2 of the WTC layout, and one of the victims to be killed in the attack was a 9 year old girl, who was born on September 11, 2001.

Gabrielle Giffords is a GBG name, thereby marking her involvement in this ritual in a very important way. Keeping in mind, that she seems to be a very lovely woman with not the slightest inkling of her role in all of this.

All of this coming to pass with the fabricated ‘icing on the cake nonsense’ concerning Osama Bin Laden being killed by Navy Seals, and the Arab World Uprising, which is being referred to as the Arab Awakening, or the Arab Spring. All of which is suggesting something is disturbing the LION KING, the SPHINX of the ARAB WORLD, and this in turn relates to Lincoln, who is symbolically located on the National Mall, at the top of the CROSS, which in turn, coincides with San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, a GGB name.


Today is May 15, 2011. Space Shuttle Endeavor is scheduled to lift off May 16, 2011.

Endeavor was built from spare parts intended for Shuttle CHALLENGER that blew up 73 seconds after lift-off on its 10th mission. Challenger completed 9 missions.

Challenger’s ID # was OV-099.

Challenger was the 2nd shuttle built for the NASA / NAZI SHUTTLE PROGRAM
Endeavor is the 2nd last shuttle to fly in the Shuttle Space Program.
The last shuttle to fly will be ATLANTIS.

Challenger was named after the Lunar Module used during the APOLLO 17 LUNAR / MOON mission.

This LUNAR/MOON space program is known for its MOON ROCK collecting activities.

The shuttles were built by ROCKWELL International Space Transportation Systems Division in DOWNEY

The Space Shuttle Program began on April 4, 1981, with the launch of COLUMBIA (COLUMBE – Queen of Heaven – DOVE – Living Water – MARY – SEA/SEE, etc.)

APRIL 4, 1981 = 04/04/81 = 4+4 and 9×9

Columbia blew up on the 28th mission – number STS-107.

STS-107 = 19+20+19+1+0+7= 66, the same total as Endeavor STS-134.

7 crew members died on Challenger.
7 crew members died on Columbia.
7+7 = 14, the number associated with Lovers, Nuptials, Weddings, etc.
Oregon and Arizona, correspond to the North and South Twin Towers and entered the UNION on February 14.
7 and 7 corresponds to 38.5 (1/2 of 77) degrees N/77 degrees W of Washington DC.
Washington DC was originally known as COLUMBIA.

The suggestion is extremely obvious, and based on the mythology of the old ancient gods of Rome, Greece, and Egypt. These mythological gods are conjured up using the MATHEMATICAL / MATH-OLOGICAL subliminal suggestion tools made available by indoctrination into the Thought Process.

The chart immediately below illustrates the link between the seemingly unlinkable events surrounding the Endeavor Space Flight, the Neverland Ranch of Michael Jackson, and just a bit of the symbolism relating to the ancient illusory gods. The choice of names and numbers used during the Space Programs, are purposely chosen to tap into the ancient ‘knowledge’ of the hidden mysteries, with the hope of achieving success through ritualistic symbolism.

Everything surrounding the Space Shuttle Program, and the Space Program as a whole, is total hypnotic suggestion, conjuring up our illusory 3D reality and the events that are meant to be experienced in this illusory realm. Keep in mind that none of the participants are the slightest bit aware of the roles they play. So, there’s no need to be angry, or to point blame to anyone in particular. Humanity as a whole is the manifestation of the luciferian Mindset, and we are all perpetuating the myth of this illusory 3D Trance State as we believe our own validity and worth."


  1. Nice post DS,
    once again my brains a-reeling from it... : )

    Funny how ever since I was a kid the whole "Space Program" just never sat well, I've always thought it was such a complete waste of energy/time/money, not to mention the amount of pollution those bastards blow into the atmosphere with every 'penis' they shoot off into space...

    expect nothing less from the P.S.D. (Psychopathic Scientific Dictatorship)....

  2. Agreed TD. I know the space program developes technology & provides hundreds or even thousands of jobs...but its not justified nor does it do enough to help the common man (us). Imagine how much could be put to use for the benifit of assisting the Nation's True Needs with money that goes to a select few for something as rediculous as the space program. As though it will do any good for our existance to spend trillions of tax payers money to travel to Mars, (which will take over 20 years to do)...for what...to say "WE DID IT". WTF is it with people that think travelling thourgh space is good for something when we don't have the ability to even explore our on solar system with current technology. We are so far away from real deep space travel it just stupid to try right now and we kinda need the money for simple things like food and shelter. But cleary our leaders and elites "They Don't Care About Us" as Micheal Jackson said in his music.

    Michael Jackson - They Don't Really Care About Us (Prison Version)


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