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Monday, May 2, 2011

Truth in 111 seconds... Can you handle it? & ORGASMIC DELIGHTS Are Just Ahead!


The launching of Endeavor on April 29, 2011 for the last time is an ORGASMIC SEX RITUAL relating to the sacrifice of the Virgin, which is related to the Beltane ritual, who is the goddess of death. This coincides with the royal wedding and is no accidental quirk, but is a major marker in the luciferian agenda. Keeping in mind that Time does not exist, these events are symbolically placed to coincide with certain calendar days, but this does not mean that they will necessarily come to pass on these particular days within this illusory time frame. What it does mean, is that certain events may unfold on these dates, and even a major portion of these events may unfold. However, what all of this subliminal suggestion is meant to achieve is that it will come to pass. There is a 100% certainty of everything suggested eventually surfacing to our conscious level, and the mass of humanity will experience the Day of Vengeance of the fabricated god of war. To put it another way, Mary and Jesus are going to fuck with us.

The launching of ENDEAVOR=EN-DEVOUR, as to consume a meal, and is suggesting the Marriage Supper of the Lamb of God, who is Zeus, or Jesus. This is the meal be suggested by the Royal Wedding. The Royal Wedding is a wedding of a German bloodline, Saxe-Coburgh-Gotha, which links to the inclusion of the happenings of Adolf Hitler within this luciferian scenario.


HITLER = RE, or RA, or WA, which is WATER, and HIL, as in HEIL, or HILL of WATER.

Heil Hitler=HH=the 8th letter=88

This is the CAPITOL HILL, or CHIEF HILL, symbolized by the Khufu Pyramid, which has been prepared for a Funeral Fire, (FF=66), in conjunction with the Hill of Water, or tsunami, a Wall of Water, to establish the New World when the primordial mound will appear from beneath the devastation.

Hitler is synonymous with the NAZI movement.

The intellectual know-how of Nazi Germany was imported into the North American Space program following the end of WWII.

NAZI Germany emerged as NASA.

NASA in turn is SAAN = SIAN = SION = ZION, which is symbolized on the ENTRANCE to the Khufu Pyramid as illustrated in the Washington DC street symbols shown on the charts above. SION refers to the worship of the SUN and MOON, the Sol-O-Mon, the Light of the World. SION is the ION, the electrified ATOM.

ATOM is the first man ADAM and the coming of the light EVE.

This is symbolized in the Khufu Pyramid in the form of the KING’S Chamber and the QUEEN’S Chamber.

The sacrifice of the SUN and MOON is further represented in the Pyramid of Khufu, with the SUBTERRANEAN Chamber, or the UNDERWORLD, the HADES, or HELL of the luciferian agenda.

The goddess of the Underworld was called HECATE, from which we derive the name CATHERINE, or CATE, as in KATE Middleton.

Hecate was the Greek goddess of MAGIC.

Catherine, Kate, Hecate, means PURE. As in the CAT PURRS.

On the chart immediately below, the Mission Patch for the Endeavor Launch is an ATOM SYMBOL. The is demonstrated by the ELECTRONS, the ELECT LADY, swirling around, forming a symbolic HEX, which is the illusory 3D realm we call our life experience. In the middle of this 6 sided Hexagon, there are 2 names that begin with the letter F, FINCKE and FEUSTEL. The letter F is the 6th letter of the alphabet, and therefore symbolizes the number 66 that form a HEX or 6 sided hexagon.

Also present on the patch are the names KELLY and CHAMITOFF. The name Chamitoff could read as KAMITOFF, creating 2 K names, which is the 11th letter. This suggests 11 and 11, or Death. Added together 11 + 11= 22.

The name VITTORI is also present. VITTORI starts with the letter V, which is a Roman Numeral for 5, or the Pentagram, the symbol of sacrifice. The letter V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet.

The last astronaut name is JOHNSON=OANNES-SON=ION-SON, or SUN/SON.

J is the 10th letter of the alphbet.

Adding all of these initials together: 6+6+11+11+22+10=66

The number associated with LINCOLN, the LION KING, OBAMA, YELLOWSTONE, WYOMING, etc. is the number 16 = 4×4, and the number 44, as well as the number 8.

The Endeavor Patch has 16 BLUE FORKS symbolizing WATER.

16 YELLOW FORKS symbolizing FIRE.

11 WHITE FORKS symbolizing DEATH and PURR-ification.

There are 16 SOLAR PANELS on the Space Station.

The mission number 134=1+3+4=8.

This is some of the symbolism being suggested in subliminal fashion on this NASA/NAZI mission patch, and all of it is intended to work in harmony with the success of the intended MISSION=MISS-SION=MY ISIS=MY EYES SEE, whatever that might entail.


  1. The illusion with the Royal Wedding continues...Prince William and Princess Catherine to visit the USA after their Canadian trip in July. Of all places, they'll visit California for 3 days after they leave Canada. This article makes that visit a definite "I told you so!"


  2. So many people are feeling the 'ritualized'/ritual nature of this wedding and some things surrounding it --including me --and including people who don't normally feel these things (me also haha) -I would be more shocked if you and others (Tracy Twyman etc ) are not onto something!!
    thanks for your awesome blog --hope you are well!!