"Always be aware, that humanity, the whole population of the world, is illusory. That includes the one reading these words. Humanity is not real or valid. The illusory body of humanity is not at all who and what we really are. We have simply been conjured up, given a 3D name, body, mind and spirit/energy, (all aspects which are fake), and then filled with endless suggestions in our illusory brain, that this is who we really are. From this point on, in our 3D life experience, believing that our 3 dimensional life experience is real, leads to endless confusion and suffering. This belief manifests the notion of being imprisoned. However, we are not imprisoned, but if we believe we are, then for all intents and purposes, we might as well be." - Bryan Kemila, IlluminatiMatrix


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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Blues!

Anonymous said...

"Great Post! And I'm glad you're back posting regularly!

The deception goes deep! I am a third generation and life-long J-Witness who depended on the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.
I have watched my devoted grandfather and many others DIE while waiting for the Great Tribulation and Christ's return and Paradise on earth and LIVING FOREVER!
What God allows such a misery of existence? If I were God I would not allow it."

Hello Readers.

Thank you for sharing Anon. Agreed, people/sheeple wait their whole illusionary life and to wait for what....NOTHING! We are already perfect, all knwoing beings and we don't need this world...or do we or do we just think we need it?

Anon... made a good point here and I thought it would be fun to see what the readers thought. What might you do if you were GOD...ruler of the Universe?

Here are two songs by Anothony Gomes who one of my favorite Blues Musician. He's an excellent musician and a very good writer. Keep in mind that the writer intends a certain meaning behind the song(s) and it's often to be left open for your own interpretation and yet the underlying subliminal meaning(s) can be totally different. Why...because they really know not what they write, they are unware. Thoths are not ours! Our minds are not ours! It's called "The MIND". So where does thinking really come from? If it's not from our brain but it is IN THE MIND...how does it get there? Questions...so many questions!

Here are two songs I selected. For thoses of you might be interested, let me know what thoughts come to MIND as you listen. I'll comment later on what I think it means as well. Enjoy!


  1. "There is Nothing To Do .... No Thinking .... No Prayers ..... Just Watch, Wait, Don't React!"

    If theres nothing to do, you wouldnt have made this blog

    If there was no thinking, you would not have made or even conceived of this blog

    this blog is one very long reaction to an illusion that you claim is meaningless.

    all of this




  2. dear darkstar,hi mate how are you going?thanks for comment and link.for some reason i thought you and jedithe1 were 1 and the same.my bad.

    nice songs.if i were ruler of the world.i got a nice euphoric feeling and a definite answer of "nuffink".
    watch wait dont react?sounds like reasonable advice.i am the ruler of the(my)world aren't I?
    my word verification is flows,nice.

  3. Hey moron I mean Anon...

    "The ultimate expression of being is WISDOM through AWARENESS! Awareness of what this 3 dimensional realm really is. Awareness, that it is completely correct to be totally cynical , (without any emotional involvement), that any good or bad is present within this 3D illusion. This whole 3D thing is a fabrication and a lie and a mere dream state. It simply does not exist! Because of its non-existence, placing value, or lending credence to an illusion by declaring strong sentiments of love within this illusion is simply manipulation of reality by the THOUGHT PROCESS."

    "Wisdom knows this. Wisdom is not thinking about how to manipulate affairs so that events work out in its favour. Wisdom performs none of this. Wisdom just knows that we are being manipulated. To stay connected to wisdom through awareness, we need simply to stay in the moment. This involves doing NOTHING. This involves NO PRAYERS, NO MEDITATION, NO MANTRAS, NO RITUALS, NO JOINING,… NO THING. All practices, be they MEDITATIVE or PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES, are exercises in remaining OUT OF THE ONE ETERNAL MOMENT. This is not to say that meditating is bad or wrong, just as physical activity is not bad or wrong. On this site it will be repeated many times, that there is no such thing as good or bad, or right or wrong. However, these exercises avail no benefit in reconnecting to the wisdom state. Only emotional detachment, which is to place NO REAL WORTH or REAL VALUE in anything 3 dimensional, is true reconnection to reality.

    There is no such thing as TIME and SPACE, and to enter into activities where you confess, and admit, disconnection from wisdom, simply by entering into that activity whereby you hope to reconnect to wisdom, (or as some call it, ENLIGHTENMENT), then you have not RECONNECTED WITH your original WISDOM STATE."


    To BECOME AWARE that the whole body of HUMANITY IS AN ILLUSION, an utter fabrication, that the 3D experience, and the conjured up body of humanity, IS the veil of deceit that makes it utterly impossible to rationally conceive that it, humanity itself, is the deception keeping the disconnection from reality intact. This is what we must come to recognize.

    And yes Anon...this Non-Existance is POINTLESS. Now if you don't have something intelligent to say, go bother someone else on another bog if you have nothing useful to add hear. I am sick of idiots like you commenting before doing your research or stating anything valid to counter what is said here. You MISS THE POINT... TOTALLY.

  4. Hi dboy. Thank you for the comment. :)

  5. Hi DS888!!
    wanted to thank you for your excellent comments at my place and that hopefully starting tomorrow I will be back as I was for a bit --had a fatigue thing going on and just didnt even feel like even getting online - hadnt realized til today that it had been about 6 days --time--even illusory time:-) flies --and this is what gets me -it has flown for me as an adult even when my 'times' arent going so hot -so it does indeed seem illusory thinking-thing-king? (I keep trying to make something out of this word for some reason)
    will be back very soon my friend and I hope you and other blog authors here are doing fantastic -all the best to you!!
    wv= gumundit -this wv seems to be cool to me for some reason too haha-oh the blues guy is excellent-thanks for that too!!

  6. Thank you Devin. I was wondering where you were. Glad you are st still there. I look forward to reading a new post. Take care.


  7. Hi Darkstar and thanks for using my "anonymous" comment about God in your post!

    I know you get a lot of anonymous comments and I simply post under anonymous just because I'm too busy/lazy to log in to blogger or Google. I suppose I should post by my name. You've answered so many of my questions very well here for a while that's why I posted that I was glad you were writing here again.

    I post here as anon, K, KE,Elizabeth or SoapFan.

    Wanted to tell you about today's Oprah finale. She acknowledged God for bringing her as far as she's come in life. Then she told the audience that there IS a God...then she clarified and said that it's whatever god you want it to be: god, source, GRACE.

    But finally she added that whatever god was it SPOKE to her. She said the voice you hear in your head is the right voice and to listen to it. She told her audience that it's always very important to listen to that voice in your head. She said it starts small as a whisper then gets louder. She said that when she listened to that VOICE things always worked out right for her!

    As you write in your "Thoughts" post below...the question is where do thoughts come from? I think it was wrong for her to admonish people to listen to that voice in their heads! What of people with clinical psychosis? Or schizophrenia and other mental instabilities?

    Thanks for the post about my comment and I was very surprised to hear Oprah declare more than 5 minutes worth of listening to that voice in your head!

    Thanks again,

  8. Hi KE. I do remember you & yes thank you again. I remember you here as well as posting at several other blogs. Good to hear from you. I have alaways enjoyed your input & comments & conversation. Friends are..., unfortunately, few and far between...sort to speak. :)

    I didn't hear the O thing but I will go to youtube and give a listen. Thanks for sharing. I couldn't help but laugh at the lunacy the elites diplay. See, its all a lie so don't listen to her because she's ELITE she ROYAL SHE's SPECIal and a fucking moron., :) Look, her network is OWN or NWO lol. Who do you think she works for lolol.

    Anyway, she is lieing or if she does actually hear voices...what does that mean? Really? Who CARES! In the PAST they burnt you at the stack and now there is free expression you are ok to be fucking NUTS IN PUBLIC no less and the world thinks she and ORCALE> WTF is wrong with people. Shje another human making upshit to greatr the illusion, a distyraction to the truth

    I could make myself listen to a fucking vioce in my head if I wanteed to, anyone can...but anyone that is aware knows that thinking in not from us. Its from out thought enties. BUt awareness allows you to undersatnd thsi and you wake from being HYPNTIZED by the subliminals...its like the movcie "Equaliberium" with Christian Bale. The movie explains it better that the Matrix.

    I will post on it, will be much easier or I'll be writing here for an hour, not that I mind I love to write. :)

    Watch for a new post on thought and where it's from and I ll go find O. Take care.