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Friday, July 29, 2011

"The Great Pyramid Of GIZA In The 11 Western States" - By the IlluminatiMatrix


"July 28, 2011 – The revised death toll in Norway has been adjusted to include 8 killed in the government building bombing. The number 8 suggesting Control and the Flood.

The number of dead at the Utoya Island massacre has been adjusted to 68 from a high of 86. This adjustment implants the suggestion of 86+68 = 88 and 66, suggesting the Flood and the Sacrifice. Everything is just suggestion and if, and when, the numbers are adjusted again, more subliminal manipulation will occur."

The Great Pyramid of Giza, called Khufu, has been reversed on the chart below, and illustrated with black lines outlined in yellow.

The first thing to notice is the name GIZA = PISGAH = GISAH-P, or GIZA 16, the letter P being the 16th letter of the alphabet and symbolically, the number of the Prince, the Lion King, the LINCOLN, in turn symbolized by the Sphinx. The lower left corner of the pyramid coincides with the area of Southern California which coincides with the location of the Well of Souls on the Foundation Stone under the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. (For those new to this site, you must read page 19, 25, 29, 58, and 59 to comprehend what’s being stated here http://illuminatimatrix.wordpress.com/ ).

The voting district of MECCA, near the SULTAN SEA in Southern California coincides with the location of the Mosque at MECCA, and the location of MEDINA Washington, coincides with the Mosque at MEDINA Saudi Arabia when lifting the 2 mosque locations and placing them over the western states.

The next thing to notice when the pyramid is reversed over the 11 western states, is that the ASCENDING PASSAGE of the pyramid goes from Southern California directly to the insection of the 4 CORNER CROSS states. This is called the KINGS CHAMBER in the pyramid, and coincides with the crucifixion of the CROSS of the Christian Messiah, and the TOMB that was located in the garden where the crucifixion was said to have occurred. This in turn coincides with the Washington Monument which is located in the National Mall in Washington DC. The ASCENDING PASSAGE also goes past the passage that leads to the QUEEN’S CHAMBER, which is directly over the state of ARIZONA, and the city of PHOENIX.

The DESCENDING PASSAGE of the pyramid, in turn, follows the southern border of California, Arizona, and where the borders turn to extend east to New Mexico, the DESCENDING PASSAGE also turns to follow in unison, and ends up at the SUBTERRANEAN CHAMBER. This is at the FOOT of the 4 CORNER CROSS and coincides with the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC.


Also, from the lower left corner of the pyramid, the outer ascending outline of the pyramid extends from near Los Angeles and goes exactly to YELLOWSTONE, which, when comparing this location to that of Washington DC, coincides with 16th Street, the number of LINCOLN, and the White House with it’s LINCOLN BEDROOM, the SON’S BEDROOM, which also houses the QUEEN’S BEDROOM, the Queen of Heavens’ Bedroom. Both bedrooms which will symbolically put to use during the ‘consummation of all things’, when the Mother and Son MARRY/MARY. (As in MARY CHRIST-MASS, or Mother and Son Death).

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia And The DEBT CEILING CRISIS In The USA.

On August 2, 2011, the USA is supposed to establish some sort of Debt Ceiling, allowing the government the opportunity to have enough funds to pay their bills, which amount in the trillions of dollars. The suggestion being extended that if such an agreement is not reached, the USA government will default and a world financial recession will be inevitable. What’s of interest is not whether they come to an agreement or not, for it’s all manipulation, is the date of August 2, 2011, when a default on payment will occur and the triple AAA rating of the USA will be downgraded. This date is just 3 days shy of the 45 anniversary of the World Trade Center ground-breaking ceremony, when they began construction of the Twin Towers which were eventually blown up. That means, that a full 44 years will have passed since the construction began, and now the world is being told that it’s sitting on the edge of a FINANCIAL PRECIPISE.

The date of August 2 has another peculiar anomaly. With all the Arabic world symbolism built into the names and shapes of the whole of North America and Mexico, it should come as no surprise that somehow, the luciferian Mindset has its roots in the Arab World, which, by all standards, is the location of the cradle of civilization. Of interest then, is the birthdate of the present King of Saudi Arabia, who was born on AUGUST 1, 1923, and on AUGUST 1, 2011, the King will be 88 YEARS OLD. This is 1 day before the Debt/Death Ceiling Crisis is supposed to be reached, and 4 days before the anniversary of the WTC ground-breaking.

Furthermore, the King of Saudi Arabia succeeded the throne on AUGUST 1, 2005, precisely 6 years ago, with the number 6 coinciding with the symbolism of the Sacrificer. The number 5 is the Sacrifice number and 6 suggests the 6/Sex/Sicks, sacrificer.

The formal ceremony recognizing the new King’s ascension to the throne occurred on AUGUST 2, 2005, the same date as the fabricated Debt Ceiling Crisis now being played out in the USA.

King Abdullah is not referred to as “His Majesty”, but has taken the supreme title of “Custodian Of Two Holy Mosques”, referring of course to MECCA and MEDINA. This is turn, is referring to the 11 Western States and the area from MECCA CALIFORNIA to MEDINA WASHINGTON, with all the endless Arabic, Islamic, religious symbolism spread throughout. King Abdullah belongs to the SUNNI-Islam sect, and if this sounds a bit like worship of the SUN/SON, then that’s correct. The title of “Custodian Of Two Holy Mosques was borrowed from the ancient Caliph rulers of the Arab World. The word CALIPH = CALIF-ORNIA, or the Khalif of Orion.

King Abdullah would also like to have all detainees at Guantanamo BAY (B and G word) microchipped. Interestingly, the ceremony on August 2, 2005, which saw the Saudi elite pledge allegiance to the new King, is called the BAYAA.

Here is a short quote from a letter that King Abdullah sent to George W. Bush on the 2nd anniversary of the WTC attack.

On the second anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the United States, the then-prince wrote a letter to U.S. president George W. Bush, which ended with:

“God Almighty, in His wisdom, tests the faithful by allowing such calamities to happen. But He, in His mercy, also provides us with the will and determination, generated by faith, TO ENABLE US TO TRANSFORM SUCH TRAGEDIES INTO GREAT ACHIEVEMENTS, and crises that seem debilitating are TRANSFORMED INTO OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF HUMANITY. I only hope that, with your cooperation and leadership, A NEW WORLD WILL EMERGE OUT OF THE RUBBLE OF THE WORLD TRADE CENTER: a world that is blessed by the virtues of freedom, peace, prosperity and harmony.”

... and to think that OSAMA BIN LADEN was a Saudi too! Now, OBAMA SIN LAIDEN, in the 44th year since the WTC ground-breaking, and being the 44th president, is facing a national Debt Crisis on the 88th birthday of the Saudi King. A King who’s recognized to be one of the wealthiest royals in the world, and who sits on the largest reserves of OIL/LIO/LEO/LION KING, the world has. What a mangled mess of manipulative mind-fuck.

But as comedian George Carlin once said … “but he (god), LOVES YOU”!

Some other curious dates in regards to August 2, is that of the ending of the POTSDAM CONFERENCE, where Stalin, Truman and Churchill got together to slice up the spoils of the World War II. This ended on AUGUST 2, 1945, 66 YEARS AGO on August 2, 2011.

The other oddity is that the LINCOLN HEAD PENNIES were first minted on AUGUST 2, 1909.

John Kennedy’s PT 109 boat sank of the SOLOMON ISLANDS on AUGUST 2, 1943.

As mentioned previously, the Jakarta Bombing in 2003 and the Chile Mine disaster 2010, occurred on August 5." - IM

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