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Monday, July 25, 2011

OSLO Norway Bombing – July 22, 2011

This post was borrowed, shall we say, from one of the few Christian Blogs I read on ocassions. Why do I read it? Maybe just to be a pain in the ass? LOL. Not really but I do become an annoyance to them when I comment. He he! Of course whenever the truth is exposed they will defend with tooth and nail! Christians seem to see me as evil and a liar. Its out of fear. I thought that Jesus was all about LOVE not the Fear of God? Oh well...who cares what they think of me or people like me...the non believers of the big BOOK. Do YOU? This not saying there is not some truth and historical information in books like the Bible, its just that nothing is as it seems. The Bible is a "mirroring of truth"

So who is L.A Marzulli...? "L. A. Marzulli is the author of the Nephilim Trilogy. The Nephilim Trilogy made the CBA best sellers list and continues to thrill readers a decade after the first book in the series was published. Marzulli received an honorary doctorate from Pacific International University for his work on the Nephilim Trilogy.

Marzulli is also the author of the non fiction work, Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural. The book packs a hard hitting expose of how the current political landscape may bring about ancient Biblical prophecies, which then may trigger supernatural events that are foretold in the book of Daniel and Revelation." (DS888 Note: I can't help but to think that his blog and many of this type seems to be very self promoting...to sell books, etc...to make lots of money off the NIAVE people who believe all this crap is true.)

His latest offering, The Alien Interviews, features 17 personal, intense interviews with people who have been directly involved with the UFO phenomena. The book was written for the skeptic with various world-views presented as to what this phenomena may be.

Marzulli teamed up with film producer Richard Shaw to create the Watchers series. Their first offering Watchers 1: UFOs are Real, Burgeoning and Not Going Away, is in it's fifth printing, while Watchers 2: Signs in the Heavens and Earth, may be the only DVD that offers a Biblical answer to the off the charts weather activity that we are experiencing. With all the tornados, earthquakes of 7.0 and greater, flooding, riots and the rise of lawlessness, it's not business as usual!" -

Interesting that The Vatican is so fucking wealthy that its sickening. Gee, could anyone come to the conclusion that religion creates wealth? Seems that way to me and I know this from personal experience. When I attended a Kaballah Center several years ago for about a year and a half...till I woke-up, the teachers, the leaders, the rabbi's, etc... often stated and or demanded that you need to DONATE....as in thousands of dollars a years. I was asked by several of the Rabbi's to Donate. One asked me to give $5000 dollars at once... to help me improve my present and future life, even if I had to borrow and go in to debt..duh! To provide "Tything". It's the ancient concept of giving away 1/10th of your income (from the Old Testament). Why Does Giving Money Away Create More? Tithe is a one-tenth part of something, paid as a (usually) voluntary contribution or as a levy or tax-like payment to the Church or Temple to build your wealth in the SPIRIT WORLD. I never did donate the $5000 which is what they asked for but I did give a fair amount of money on a few ocassions. Yes I was fucking DUPED like everyone else. I learned my SPIRITUAL lessons! WTF? The Kings & Queens of Egypt thoth they could just take it all with them in the after-life...what bunch of idiots. Well Kaballah basicly makes you believe (as other religions do as well) it builds-up your SPIRITUAL BANK through Kindness and Generosity carries into the spirit world. So the more you give and the better you do in this life and it allows you come back (reincarnated) to higher level of life the next time around. WOW Guessed I wont be coming back anytime soon...as a human. lol. Hmmm...do I really need to say more on this?

Ok now on to the post...

Commentary & Analysis by

L. A. Marzulli

"As of this post the death toll in the Norway shooting may be over 90 people. Let me say that our prayers are with the families who have experienced the tragic loss of loved ones…

In short, this is an act of madness, there are no excuses or any justification of this heinous act and it is horrific by all accounts.

The media has announced that the shooter was a Right-wing extremist who may have been a Christian fundamentalist. This begs the question, what is a Christian fundamentalist? Someone who believes in Jesus? The Gospel? Someone who attends church on Sunday? Gives to the poor? Believes in a literal second coming? Why is this term used in an apparently derogatory way? There are 1.8 billion Christians in the world, so why is this demented, depraved act, somehow linked to Christianity?

Notice the picture to the left. The alleged shooter, Andres, Behring Breivik, is wearing what appears to be a MASONIC apron. I wonder whether the lame-stream media will pick up on that? There are many who believe that the masons serve the God of the Lodge, who is, in my opinion, Lucifer.

Is Beivik a super soldier? Was he triggered? Is he the end product of SRA?

As of this post, we don’t know who he is, or what his motives are. However, I want to make it clear that his actions bear the fingerprints of evil…."

Here is what the Illuminatimatrix said about the SYMBOLISM...a little different take on it than Marzulli's.

"OSLO = OZ-LO the wonderful wizard of OZ

Oslo’s original name was CHRISTIANIA.
NOBEL = LEON-B = LION Sacrifice
The date of the Oslo Bombing and Utoya Island Shootings – July 22, 2011.
 JULY 22, 2011 = 07/22/11 = 7+11+11+11 = 40 = 4
Or 7+2+2+1+1 = 13 = 1+3 = 4

The coordinates for Oslo – 60 degrees N / 11 degrees E.
The number 60 coincides with 12 on the 5th clockface, suggesting the Fullness of Time and Sacrifice.
The number 11, on the first clockface, suggests death.
Adding the 5th and the 1st clockface = 6.
Adding 12 and 11 = 23, which coincides with 11, the number of death.
Multiplying 60×11= 660, suggesting the Sacrificer and SICKS-ness.

Oslo – at 60 degrees N., coincides with the 4 Corner Cross in Canada, which is located at 60 N / 102 W.
60 N coincides with 12 on the 5th clockface.
102 W coincides with 6 on the 9th clockface.

Moving farther west, 60 degrees N. coincides precisely with Mount Saint Elias (Elijah, Jesus suggestion) ALASKA (al-Aqsa Mosque), at 141 degrees W., exactly 180 degrees from Mecca.

The Oslo City Seal is illustrated below, showing a LION THRONE. Even though there appear to be no lion population in Oslo, or Norway. Also shown on this Seal is a naked woman at the Kings’ feet, that was supposed to be a conquered knight at the time that the designing occurred over the centuries, but for some reason turned into a woman, and then into a NAKED WOMAN.

The symbolism of Oslo Norway links the Lion King, Lincoln, the Sphinx, moving towards the Al-Aqsa Mosque of Alaska, and an increase in earthquake activity in the last day in the state, as well as at the location of Mount Saint Elias."

The USA DEBT CEILING CRISIS – August 2, 2011

Adding to the intensity of the Oslo Bombing and Shooting, is the Financial (FIANCE) debate taking place within the US Congress. What’s being discussed is a DEBT CEILING so that the USA doesn’t default on its commitments. The word DEBT has a silent B, so in suggestive terms, what we are actually hearing is:


The debt ceiling has to be agreed upon by August 2, 2011, or the USA will have to default. This is 3 days before the 45th anniversary on August 5, 2011, of the groundbreaking leading up to the construction of the World Trade Center in New York. All of which is symbolic and subliminal in nature, and meant to further establish our illusory reality.


To add to the anxious state of the world situation, the country of Somalia is experiencing its worst famine in decades. The famine is affecting 10 million people, with 166,000 having fled to Kenya or Ethiopia in search of food. The suggestion with this luciferian sacrifice is seen in the numbers 10 million, suggesting intensity, and the number 166 coinciding with the area of Alaska / Al-Aqsa, at 166 degrees W, located at the Bering Strait.

The suggestion being extended links with the Temple of Solomon, the Sun and Moon, the Pillars of Sacrifice. All of which coincides with the successful launching and landing of ATLANTIS, the last of 135 Space Shuttle missions. The ATLANTIS subliminal being set in motion.

The number 135 coincides with 3 on the 12th clockface.
1+3+5=9, the number of the FALL, in the year 11.
135 = 3 on the 12th clockface = 3+12=15, the number of the deity.
The number 15 further breaks down to 1+5=6, the sacrificer.

Oslo Bomber/Shooter – Anders BEHRING BREIVIK

July 23, 2011, or symbolically 07/11/11 when considering that the number 23 coincides with 11 on the 2nd clockface. The information presented yesterday, (just above), indicated the symbolism of Oslo being at exactly 60 degrees N, and 11 degrees E. This coincided with the 4 Corner Cross of Nunavut, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba in northern Canada. It then coincided with Mount Saint Elias at 141 degrees W, which is at the foot of the vertical border of ALASKA, (the Al-Aqsa Mosque). Exactly 180 degrees from Mecca. This coinciding marker also paralleled numbers coming out of Somalia as 166,000 refugees who have fled the famine hoping to find food in Kenya and Ethiopia. Though seemingly unrelated, being that Somalia is in the Horn of Africa and in an extremely dry desert region, and Nunavut is in one of the coldest inhabited places on earth, both locations are working simultaneously in the 3D plane to establish further, the cataclysm to come. The 166,000 refugees coincides with the 166 degrees West, and 66 degrees North, and the location of the BERING STRAIT that pours into the BERING SEA.

Oslo Norway is 60 degrees N, and 11 degrees E, and when multiplied together, equal 660, 60×11=660, suggesting the 66 degrees N of the BERING STRAIT. The name of the bomber/shooter has been announced today, and his name is:


This is a B and B name, referring to the B Pillar of Solomon’s Temple.

The bombing in Oslo claimed 7 lives.
The number 7 = Perfection and Completion to the luciferian Mindset.
The shooting on Utoya Island claimed 84 lives.
The number 84 coincides with 12 on the 7th clockface.
The number 84 = 8+4=12, the Fullness of Time.
The numbers 7 and 12 are prominent in this event.
Adding 7 and 12 = 19, which coincides with 7 on the 2nd clockface.
The total number of dead is 7+84=91, the reverse of 19.
The number 91 coincides with 7 on the 8th clockface.
The numbers 9+1=10, as does 1+9=10.
The number 10 = INTENSITY, twice in this case.
The numbers 10+10=20 which coincides with 8, the number of CONTEOL and suggesting the FLOOD.
Adding 91+19=110, or the number 11, DEATH with a zero for intensity.
The WTC Towers, symbolizing the Pillars of Solomon’s Temple, were each 110 stories tall.
This event is 1 of those Pillars: the B PILLAR."

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