"Always be aware, that humanity, the whole population of the world, is illusory. That includes the one reading these words. Humanity is not real or valid. The illusory body of humanity is not at all who and what we really are. We have simply been conjured up, given a 3D name, body, mind and spirit/energy, (all aspects which are fake), and then filled with endless suggestions in our illusory brain, that this is who we really are. From this point on, in our 3D life experience, believing that our 3 dimensional life experience is real, leads to endless confusion and suffering. This belief manifests the notion of being imprisoned. However, we are not imprisoned, but if we believe we are, then for all intents and purposes, we might as well be." - Bryan Kemila, IlluminatiMatrix


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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Something Completely Different! Comments from L.A Marzulli's Blog.

Hello all. I visited a "Religious Blog" by L.A. Marzulli and made some comments. Here is what they think if you challege or discuss or question anything that doesn't go along with their Christian Beliefs.

M3.DarkStar888 said
July 12, 2011

Hi L.A.

I like the vid. It just confirms to me how misguided people are about what is truly about to happen in the next few years. It’s no joke & I am not kidding. I am not trying to be a fear monger but humanity has to see that the world, our Universe and 3D illlusion we live in has much more to come and it won’t be fun, not at all. It will not be like anything ever witnessed before and it will all seem perfectly NATURAL, like boiling a frog alive...starting it in cold water.
If you WANT THE TRUTH? … Open your mind and become aware of what really happening.

The main ambition of the Freemason Secret Society is to rebuild SOLOMON’S TEMPLE. Understanding that Solomon’s Temple is simply the sacrificial worship of the Sun and the Moon, it becomes clearly evident what the initiated of all secret societies are duped into performing on behalf of the luciferian Thought Process.


The name FREEMASON = FREE MASON = FREE SA-MON = FREE SAL-MON = FREE SOLOMON = Free the Sun and the Moon, or Free the Mother and the Son, who are symbolized with the Pacific Ocean and the Foundation Stone of the 11 Western States.

To FREE SOLOMON is to set the B and G Sacrifice Pillars of Solomon’s Temple in motion.

To FREE SOLOMON is to set free the SALMON fish god of Babylon, that swims from its spawning streams and rivers off the west coast of North America, all the way to the waters near JAPAN, then up to the State of ALASKA/Al-AQSA and the Bering Sea, only to return to its spawning grounds along the west coast of North America. With the furthest migration occurring in the State of Idaho, as the SALMON fish god follows the Snake River (Japan), all the way up to YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK. However, there is one obstacle in the way of the Salmon as it attempts this most wondrous of migrations. A series of 8 dams has been placed in its path which the environmental movement is working insistently on having removed. This only strengthens the subliminal of the Salmon Fish God called OANNES that, for centuries, swam unimpeded to the Yellowstone Caldera.

Freemasonry is a contemporary version of the Secret Societies throughout history with their secret mysteries of God. One of the earliest secret societies was that of Eluesis Greece, called the Eleusinian Mysteries. These mysteries centred around the drought of the summer months, and the ultimate flourishing of the FALL SEASON when the rains would come. This secret society was associated with the flooding of the fields and their fertility in the same manner as the Egyptians waited for the flooding of the Nile on July 4th. The name ELEUSINIAN has similar sound and letter shapes relating to the name SOLOMON, and more specifically, the name of the ALEUTIAN ISLANDS that reach from near the Russian Kamchatka Peninsula, all the way to Alaska. The Aleutian Islands symbolize these secret mysteries of the Fish God Oannes, which form some of the migration territory of this SALMON / SOLOMON FISH GOD, and how this all relates to the secret societies of the world that have perpetuated the coming cataclysm involving the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean having the dimensions of 9,000 (9 = fall) miles high by 11,000 (11 = death) miles wide. All this, of course, is being accomplished through subliminal hypnotic suggestion that the initiated haven’t the foggiest notion of what they’re involved in.

Study the chart below carefully, and notice that the stories of JESUS and JOHN the BAPTIST, is yet another version of the J and B Pillars of Solomon’s Temple.


Here is what The Fish God of Christianity represents…
It becomes very obvious what the Fish God of Christianity is actually symbolic of. The Pope, and the Cardinals, Bishops and Abbots of the Catholic Church wear the Mitre Fish Hat as a symbol of piety and authority. When in fact it is a symbol of sacrifice of much of the world population throughout these illusory ages.
The Mitre Fish Hat is normally worn at FUNERALS, on GOOD FRIDAY, and at MASS. All of which are events within the Catholic Church that are associated with SACRIFICE and DEATH.

This massive and constant symbolism associated with the Fish God of Babylon contributes an exceptional amount of subliminal manipulation that establishes the illusory reality that humanity is destined to experience.
BABYLON = BA, or Sacrifice – YLON = LION  Babylon means SACRIFICE LION.

Instead of the Christian religion preparing the flock for the Judgment Day of a Vengeful God, who, by the way,‘LOVES YOU’, this religion actually assists tremendously in conjuring up the fabricated Judgment Day so that all might experience suffering and a massive cataclysmic event.
Mitre – Mithras – Sun God Fish God We Call Jesus…

Virtually all of the elements of Orthodox Christian rituals, from miter, wafer, water baptism, alter, and doxology, were adopted from the Mithra and earlier pagan mystery religions. The religion of Mithra preceded Christianity by roughly six hundred years. Mithraic worship at one time covered a large portion of the ancient world. It flourished as late as the second century. The Messianic idea originated in ancient Persia and this is where the Jewish and Christian concepts of a Savior came from. Mithra, as the sun god of ancient Persia, had the following karmic similarities with Jesus. Mithra was born on December 25th, just as Jesus and a whole host of other offspring “Sun” God Saviours.
Peace to all. - DS888

Now, just for the fun of wasting my time...I am posting the responses I got from the Christian side of things...WTF?

Frank said:

Hey darkstar, long time no see.
 If you’re interested in a multidimension look at this stuff, I highly recommend the recent VFTB episode with David hitt. great interview, and they talk about how God’s nature relates to out “3D hologram” technically, he calls his theory “dimensionlessness”

DarkStar888 said:

Hi Frank.
Thank you for the suggesting. Do you have any links?

I have researched & studied the 3D Holographic Universe Theory for years. Considering the fact that atoms literally contain no mass and are only a vortexs of swirling energy, it’s very hard for most people to imagine that any 3D SOLID material only apprears to be solid … it’s an illusion. Take care.

john B said:
Hi DarkStar...

S- something
I- in
N- nature

Death; the Satanic nature, the real darkness within the soul of a man.

Death ; a conscious existence separated from God now and in eternity.

Death, the darkness in the soul is no illusion, neither was the cross of Christ an illusion.
“In Him was Life, and the life was the Light of men. And the Light Shines in the darkness; and the darkness did not comprehend it” Jn1:4,5.

john B

DarkStar888 said:
Hi John B. You seem like a nice fellow. You know NOTHING about me or who I am. You most likely don’t even care or want to get to know me most likely. Please don’t patronize me and play with letters to try to give me a deeper meaning to things about “symbolism”. I study SYMBOLISM! I have studies Enlightemnment, Spirituality and Religion for probally as long a L.A. has or maybe longer and you certainly listen to his knowledge…don’t you? I have studies Christianity since I was a child. Have read & studies & practiced religion over my whole life-time in-which I am just two years younger than L.A.

You have displayed to me, no understanding of the true meaning of our laguage. You say…. “sin = death”. Did you make that up from your wisdom? So if I say… the “f-bomb word” as some put it, which is a sin acorrding to God, then it associates with death? I think not. Come-on, are you just being humorus with me or do you actually believe what you wrote to be true?

There is no such thing as sin. The sin concept is derived from manipulating the light, and when the light is divided all sorts of legalism concerning right and wrong is suggested and attached to the limitless colours, shapes and sounds in this 3D matrix called humanity. Please read carefully what I say and how I use my words.

In our original state of awareness, there is no light or energy. There is NO SPIRIT and NO SOUL. Each man and woman, is without form, without division, and are not man and woman. This differs from the 3D state in that there are no physical forms to deceive, causing the ecstasy to end. Simply put, we are complete in awareness in the wisdom state, and the ecstasy of being one in union is constant and eternal. There is no division, no individuality, no male or female in the Paradise State. We are not WE, which denotes individuals, or division, but we are WISDOM and the ultimate state of being, and we are that WISDOM ALREADY. We just have to reconnect to who we already are.

Your quote… “In Him was Life, and the life was the Light of men. And the Light Shines in the darkness; and the darkness did not comprehend it” Jn1:4,5.

Beacuse you are being decieved from comprehending our original state or paradise lost in the darkness! It’s the LIGHT that’s a lie and creates the vl & an illusion!

This is what spirit means:


john B said:
Well DarkStar; if you do not wish to discuss the Jesus of the scripture that’s Ok. As for me my Faith in Jesus is no illusion, it is substantial by His revelation of Himself to me and not by something that I have studied.

Oh yes; i have studied most religions like yourself,however not for the purpose of finding some mental cosmic state of satisfaction, but rather in order that I can comprehend the viles of the Devil absorbed in the religions of this world which trap the souls of man in the kingdom of Darkness...

For therein is made manifest the unrighteous Spirit of Antichrist by the rejection of the One called Jesus who publicly manifested upon the earth the divine Light (The Holiness of God ) the creator of all man in His person in the fullness of time.

God the Father almighty who decrees the accountability of all man created in His image has appointed a Day of judgment of all the Living and the Dead by the One crucified, raised from the dead, ascended and seated at the Right hand of Majesty; Namely Christ Jesus whose name Solly is Given by which a man must be saved.

My prayer for you is that the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ will reveal himself to you. and that by such revelation (Light) you may follow Him.

john b

DarkStar888 said:
Thank you for your response and comments john b. I appreciate your thoughts. Take care. May peace be with you and all humanity.


11.Late Night Lisa said:

You are correct to say that Christianity has adopted those pagan symbols & practices but it’s not the complete picture of what’s going on. As you are probably already aware there are people who have fully surrendered their self – directed wills over to following Christ instead of adhearing man made traditions which include those things you mentioned.

The Jewish/Christian concept of a savior came in the beginning of time. It was written in the stars before the fall of Adam & Eve. The promise was given @ that time that a “seed” of the woman would crush the “seed” of the serpent. God’s plan was already clearly stated & Satan did his usual ploy to copy, twist, and infuse the identical concept through demonically inspired pagan religions.

I can tell you do your homework & are intelligent but w/o the wisdom that comes from God you are blinded to the spiritual warfare that true Christians are equipped from Our Lord to see. All I can say is that you’re missing out bigtime. If you ever get to the end of yourself Jesus Christ is ready to include you into His family. Hopefully someday you’ll have the desire to really find the entire truth which is only found through the One you currently reject.

kiwijim said:
Hi Lisa,the only thing I can say about what you have written is…..”Amen”.

The Cypress Tree said:
Amen! ’bout time someone said something.

DarkStar888 said:
Sorry…but I have a stupid question? Why do you use the expression of “Amen”? Do you know hat it means?

Basicly when you say “Amen”, you are praising the SUN Gods (note that GOD is plural) and not as in the Son of God but the solar system SUN… when it sets it disappears or is hidden from site such as at night! Why would you want to do that?

Forms of Amen-Ra: http://www.touregypt.net/amenra.htm

Amen (Amon) and Amen-Ra, King of the Gods, and the Triad of Thebes.

Among the gods who were known to the Egyptians in very early times were Amen and his consort Ament, and their names are found in the Pyramid Texts, e.g., Unas, line 558, where they are mentioned immediately after the pair of gods Nau and Nen, and in connection with the twin Lion-gods Shu and Tefnut, who are described as the two gods who made their own bodies, and with the goddess Temt, the female counterpart of Tem. Read more hear… http://www.touregypt.net/amen.htm

Enjoy! DS888

The Cypress Tree said:
You are liar and deceiver DarkStar (your name speaks volumes). Amen means, “so be it”, as translated.

No it is not a sun god. This is the evil ones usual M.O. paralleling the works of the Lord. So boring. Yawn…is that all you got, servant of Baal?

BTW in French, it is “ainsi soit-il”; translated “so be it”.

DarkStar888 said:
As for amen, you clearly have never researched your own biblical & ancient writings of the Egyptians, Abraham & Mosses. Maybe a little to deep for your understanding.

My Name..darkstar888? What does it mean? Dark Star as in the Planet X or Nibiru. And 888 is the number for total control as in a stop sign which is 8 sided and the birth of our nation which is 1776 or / by 2 = 888.

Number 8 is hideous in that it represents the fascist mentality of the luciferian mind. Total absolute control is all this number represents. Nothing matters but the luciferian domination of our original eternal state utilizing the intellectually indoctrinated illuminati elite. The incredible significance of the NUMBER 8, the word EIGHT, the word ATE, the shape of the OCTAGON, the 135 degree angle of the octagon and the INFINITY SYMBOL. The number 8 suggests destruction to anything that attempts to hinder this control. The endless coil of the 8 is symbolic of the electromagnetic coil wrapped around humanity. This light energy form of how we physically appear is riddled with deceit. The coils of our three dimensional reality are manufactured to squeeze DISCONNECT US FROM REALITY, just as a snake coils around and strangles its prey. Everything in our 3 dimensional existence acts upon our consciousness endlessly coiling and manipulating our actions to fulfill the aim of the agenda. The number 8 is symbolic of infinity. It is a never ending symbol. Its the serpent that swallowed its tail and maintains relentless control.

As for Baal..

The letter V stands for a myriad of notions, suffice it to say, Venus is the all encompassing thought projected here. Venus is the brightest planet in the sky and symbolic of the luciferian thought form called love. (Love is but another form of EVOL – or EVIL in reverse, when associating the sound of the word). However, when reversed, this word VENUS spells SUN-EV. This is refering to the evening sun or setting sun. From this term setting sun we get the name Satan. In turn, Satan, is further derived from the Arabic word SHAITAN, meaning the one bringing enlightenment, or knowledge. Just more references to the sun god whom the christian religion calls Jesus.

The letter V is also the Roman numeral 5. The number 5 is the number of SACRIFICE, and the LIVE EARTH concert is totally concerned with sacrificing the infidel (or those who will not conform). (JESUS is SUSEJ when reversed – which is SOOthSAYer – one who divines or predicts future events). The name Jesus is just a pimped up contemporary name for Zeus, as in Ye-Zeus, pronounced like HEY ZEUS, and simply means Zeus. Again, the luciferian trinity THOUGHT FORM is attempting to place humanity, once and for all, in it’s complete control.

At various times, in different cultural beliefs, the name ZEUS has also been interchangeable with the name BAAL. By extension, JESUS is BAAL, the fertility river god, the fertility serpent, or WATER SACRIFICE god, the one who gives REGENERATION of SPIRIT, which is simply the ENERGY electron, proton and neutron illusion that we are, and this is further construed aseternal life.

The name BAAL holds an enormous amount of subliminal with its 4 letters. The importance of this subliminal will be massively clear in the near future. For now, just consider the name BAAL and the breakdown of its meaning.

BAAL = BA sacrifice AL or LA, which is an acronym for ALLAH and LA, or Los Angeles.


The subliminal hidden within the word REINCARNATION refers to something entirely different from what the word seems to imply. Reincarnation is not referring to the departed souls of the dead, who are sent back to this 3D illusory plane to struggle on towards a higher form of enlightenment. Reincarnation is referring to the wars in the Middle East, and particular, to IRAN and IRAQ, that were designed to be initiated after the World Trade Center attack of 2001. This was the plan and the agenda of the luciferian Thought Process from the initiation of the conjuring exercise.


The countries of Iran and Iraq form a great portion of the original illusory Cradle of Civilization. For this reason, to bring these previous subliminals relating to the original primordial mound to a conscious level, the wars in Iraq and Iran followed close on the heals of the World Trade Center attack. These events re-established the notion of a New World and a New Age within our illusory 3D realm, and the suggestion spawned a desire within the masses for the Old to pass away, and a New to rise up. These wars in these countries, with these names, suggest subliminally of REINCARNATION, or the REBIRTH, the concept of being BORN AGAIN.

Reincarnation is so obviously a myth that it hardly bears mentioning. The light energy that forms our 3 dimensional form is a conjured up illusion and is not who or what we are. Our spirit is also a fabrication of this illusion. SPIRIT is nothing more than ENERGY that’s invisible to the naked eye, and is the product, the manifestation, of the luciferian Thought Process. If we shed our physical body and experience the ILLUSION of DEATH before our 3D illusory life experience becomes aware of our Original Wisdom State, we still shed the number/language systems that appeared to keep us locked in the Trance State, and unaware. Upon shedding the physical body we are immediately aware of our Original Eternal Wisdom State. The only draw back is that it was of no benefit to us as we experienced this present 3 dimensional life existence.

The 3 dimensional world is of the luciferian Mind, as is every form of Energy within this entire universe. Once liberated from this sphere of Duality, our Original State of Wisdom (which is who and what we really are) would never choose to reincarnate into this illusion. For it is, that our 3D life experience, with its body, mind, soul and energy/spirit, is an illusion itself. Once dissolved by experiencing the illusion of Death, the being that we appeared to be in the 3D illusory sense, ceases to exist. Who and what we really are becomes obvious, and the manipulation and confusion manifested through deceit, comes to an end. This manipulation and confusion can end with the illusion of Death, or it can end with coming out of the Trance State before experiencing the Death illusion. It’s all, totally, completely, within the Mind to perform this act. The Mind, what we believe to be Our Mind, is, in actuality, the illusory Receiving Dish, conjured up by the luciferian egregore, that accepts the Thoughts of the luciferian Mind, or the Thought Process, and we consume, and believe that these are our thoughts, our beliefs. The confusion that ensues, then masks, or veils, the Eternal Being that we really are. We’re still that One Eternal Wisdom Being, however, the persistent nature of the luciferian Mindset, relentlessly forces its nature and opinions upon our Eternal State, intending that the resulting confusion will cause the imprisonment of that Eternal Wisdom State of Power, or the imprisonment of our Eternal Being. In turn, this Power, they intend to harness for their own ends.

The 3D illusory being cannot be reincarnated, as it would be like asking you to return to your mother’s womb to be reborn. It’s ridiculous to consider that we can reincarnate into this 3D illusion because it’s just that – an illusion. IT’S NOT REALLY HERE in the first place, so how can we come back to it? What you believe to be real, and reality, even the words you’re reading right now, and the life you’re experiencing, are just part of the illusion, and consist of nothing valid or of worth. Further more, we were never really born in the first place. We simply always existed in our Eternal Original Wisdom State, and WE STILL DO. Only the illusion of the 3D plane insists that we don’t.

The way to know if you’re still in the Trance State, or not in the Trance State, is to observe whether you’re attempting to make this 3 dimensional life experience better, and whether any form of confusion concerning anything is still present. If you’re attempting to make this illusory experience better, then you believe it’s real and able to be made better. The 3D life experience was meant to be a disaster, and a failure, but with the illusion of success. Now that’s confusing. The only benefit to be gained from this life experience, is to realize there is nothing to benefit from this 3D illusion, and to come out of the Trance State, thereby reconnecting, and regaining focus on Reality, the Eternal State, even as you continue experiencing the illusion of the Trance State. This is the Liberty and Freedom afforded by observing, … watching, … and waiting, … with NO EMOTIONAL REACTION WHATSOVER, to anything that occurs within this illusory plane. The only thing separating us from realizing this, is the deception of the 3D illusion that separates, or distracts us, from recognizing who we really are. In this way the luciferian Thinking Entities only appear to control and manipulate us to do their bidding. When in Reality, none of this is actually transpiring.

DarkStar888 said:

L.N. Lisa said… “I can tell you do your homework & are intelligent but w/o the wisdom that comes from God you are blinded to the spiritual warfare that true Christians are equipped from Our Lord to see. All I can say is that you’re missing out bigtime. If you ever get to the end of yourself Jesus Christ is ready to include you into His family. Hopefully someday you’ll have the desire to really find the entire truth which is only found through the One you currently reject."

Hi Lisa,

May I ask how old are you? How do you know what my relationship is with Jesus? I brought Jesus in my heart when I was a child of this world. I have even walked his path of teachings for many years. I am kind, loving, giving, and one of most caring humans on the planet. I don’t carry hatred in my heart to anyone or any “following”.

So here’s a question. “What is wisdom”?

Wisdom can only be determined when the moment presents itself. WISDOM knows just what to do only at that moment, and this is only in reference to the 3D life experience. Wisdom never knows what to do before the moment arrives because wisdom doesn’t recognize time or space. Wisdom is always in the moment because there is only one moment in the original awareness state. Therefore, wisdom is never able to be manipulated because it has no preconceived idea of what is right or wrong, good or bad, past or future. The moment decides what needs to be done. In the 3D scope of things, moment by moment, for WISDOM, it is always now.

I don’t want you to hear the still small voice from within telling you what is true and right. I want that still small voice to SHUT UP. You already have wisdom. Wisdom doesn’t talk. Wisdom just knows. For this simple reason, when people channel entities and hear voices, it is always 100% of the time, luciferian inspired, because wisdom doesn’t have sound, shape or colour. There are no good angels, or bad angels, just luciferian light bringing thought forms we might refer to as demons.

In our original state of awareness, there is no light or energy. There is NO SPIRIT and NO SOUL. Each man and woman, is without form, without division, and are not man and woman. This differs from the 3D state in that there are no physical forms to deceive, causing the ecstasy to end. Simply put, we are complete in awareness in the wisdom state, and the ecstasy of being one in union is constant and eternal. There is no division, no individuality, no male or female in the Paradise State. We are not WE, which denotes individuals, or division, but we are WISDOM and the ultimate state of being, and we are that WISDOM ALREADY. We just have to reconnect to who we already are.

Faithfulelect said:
 “you are mistaken Wisdom is not knowing how to deal with a situation only true wisdom = knowing enough not to get yourself into that situation. You dont want to hear that still small voice? Well brother that voice is the holy spirit that voice is HOLY it is GOD and if you dont want him then ill see you in hell…well I WONT. But those like you will.”

Darkstar888 said...

First I will say I am not your brother & second...you are an idiot.

Now read if you want to learn…

In our original state of awareness, there is no light or energy. There is NO SPIRIT and NO SOUL. Each man and woman, is without form, without division, and are not man and woman. This differs from the 3D state in that there are no physical forms to deceive, causing the ecstasy to end. Simply put, we are complete in awareness in the wisdom state, and the ecstasy of being one in union is constant and eternal. There is no division, no individuality, no male or female in the Paradise State. We are not WE, which denotes individuals, or division, but we are WISDOM and the ultimate state of being, and we are that WISDOM ALREADY. We just have to reconnect to who we already are.

The luciferian agenda is based on intellect, the DUMBING DOWN PROCESS – perpetuated through religion, science and magic. These three are synonamous and together form the luciferian doctrine of SATANISM, which is the ENLIGHTENMENT, or manifestation of knowledge. Since there is no such thing as an actual Satan, the THOUGHT PROCESS, conjured up the LIGHT, or ENLIGHTENMENT, and every DIVISION within the 3D experience. Yet again, more clearly stated, Satanism is DUALITY. Satanism is luciferianism, and is the LIGHT BRINGER, and therefore is the concept of the creator God. This fabricated notion of a creator God manipulates the masses into an even deeper hypnotic state. Today, this deeper hypnotic TRANCE state has surpassed what religion and science had accomplished hypnotically through the centuries, and especially in the last few decades. The reptilian brain obsessed thinkers have conjured up the notion of marrying science and spirituality. Though the implication is constantly presented that intellectualism is somehow an advancement in wisdom, in reality, it is the process of absolute disconnection from reality and wisdom.


This new belief system is referred to as everything from infinite love to new age thinking, channeling, wholistic healing, etc. …but it’s still polarity based on duality and absolutely entrenches the 3 dimensional belief that energy and light is the basis of truth. Certainly some physical health benefits have been rediscovered in some ways, but health for the body without complete awareness, is temporal and extremely misleading and a manipulation of reality. The medical drug system is so flawed, and purposely flawed, to allow room for new age light workers to come up with improved healing techniques. From this, it has appeared, that they must be filled with wisdom and insight. Not so however, as improved healing techniques are simply walking deeper in the ditch of ignorance from which it is much harder to escape. The purpose of humanity is not to see how much health or prosperity we might attain. Neither are we here to worship a God in exchange for an eternity of peace and bliss.


To BECOME AWARE that the whole body of HUMANITY IS AN ILLUSION, an utter fabrication, that the 3D experience, and the conjured up body of humanity, IS the veil of deceit that makes it utterly impossible to rationally conceive that it, humanity itself, is the deception keeping the disconnection from reality intact. This is what we must come to recognize.

We are already in our Paradise State!

We are already perfect, pure, eternal and ALL KNOWING. And WE are NOT this body of humanity, neither are we this 3D illusory mass of energy and spirit. We are WISDOM! We KNOW ALL! We have to learn NOTHING! If it wasn’t for the THOUGHT PROCESS that indoctrinates the elitists, that IT, the THOUGHT PROCESS itself has conjured up, we would be AWARE and PRESENT and completely reconnected to eternally drinking from the fountain of wisdom in our Paradise State. For we are the Paradise state!

The THOUGHT PROCESS is the TRANCE STATE. The THOUGHT PROCESS is the 3D realm. Remaining emotionally connected to things of the 3 dimensional realm, keeps us in this TRANCE, and conversely, detaching emotionally from believing that any of this is real, allows the realization and power of the eternal state to be ours, RIGHT NOW. - Nuff Said!


  1. Darn DS,
    you're brave for going to such places and trying to shed any kind of light for people who already have their 'light'...it's really just an argument waiting to happen....
    the way I see it, the like minds will attract (as they always have and do),
    and our personal choices of 'ways of being' will tell-all over time...

    our personal situations at this moment are always a great indicator of how well we are going about this life...

    peace brother


  2. pissing people off = GREAT boredom killer!

  3. Yes TD. I agree my friend...

    As DonnyD said just here, it was something to do, a boredom killer. Truely though, visiting blogs like that...is similar to being told to sit in a corner in a round room.

    The thing is, they DON"T LISTEN. Look a few of the comments when they argue Wisdom & The meaning of Amen. It just shows how brain-washed they are. Oh, I love the part where I am basicly fucked if I don't have JESUS in my heart. Guess just being a good human being isn't enough and I need to be saved by HORUS, the all seeing eye. Hmmmm. Should I rethink my postion? Naaaah. :) :) :)

  4. According to divine placeholders the son of God is Yahosha and god is Yahowah. Christianity came straight from Constantine and the Nicene council who made Catholosism the state religion. Catholic means universal, which describes exactly how they spread this whitewash religion.By integrating others religious traditions they spread the " church". It's a blend of most all pagan religions. Judaism is a Babalonian perversion of the true way, the way of Yahowah and his Towrah. He lays out his plan of the mowed miqra, or called out meetings in which we are able to receive his promises by his work which was fulfilled by Yaosha(Yah saves). To be included and adopted one must observe the invitation ( Towrah) and make a choice to rely on Yahowah and observe his ways. No religion, no church, no preacher, no tithes, just a personal relationship with our redeemer.