"Always be aware, that humanity, the whole population of the world, is illusory. That includes the one reading these words. Humanity is not real or valid. The illusory body of humanity is not at all who and what we really are. We have simply been conjured up, given a 3D name, body, mind and spirit/energy, (all aspects which are fake), and then filled with endless suggestions in our illusory brain, that this is who we really are. From this point on, in our 3D life experience, believing that our 3 dimensional life experience is real, leads to endless confusion and suffering. This belief manifests the notion of being imprisoned. However, we are not imprisoned, but if we believe we are, then for all intents and purposes, we might as well be." - Bryan Kemila, IlluminatiMatrix


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Friday, May 1, 2009

Here is a question. “What is wisdom”?

Wisdom can only be determined when the moment presents itself. WISDOM knows just what to do only at that moment, and this is only in reference to the 3D life experience. Wisdom never knows what to do before the moment arrives because wisdom doesn’t recognize time or space. Wisdom is always in the moment because there is only one moment in the original awareness state. Therefore, wisdom is never able to be manipulated because it has no preconceived idea of what is right or wrong, good or bad, past or future. The moment decides what needs to be done. In the 3D scope of things, moment by moment, for WISDOM, it is always now.


  1. Wise words Darkstar for dark times.I am not afraid of death.This body means nothing to me anymore.This world has lost it's enchantment over me .Now I sit in peace looking for the next bit of synchronicity that will blow my mind.

    Hives ego could not let him stay away from his blog for even one day.I guess he is telling everyone to head for the hills .I am not going anywhere or doing anything to get ready.If it is bad there will be nowhere to hide and nothing you can do.The matrix has every avenue blocked and sealed.But they will win nothing in the end when the children of light dissolve into infinity once again.

  2. nothing

    You shared answers with me my friend.

    I now depart knowledge…no, not knowledge... "WISDOM", the truth.

    “Truth has no opposite.” by Dr. David Hawkins

    This following quote comes from a true friend, a close friend, someone we both know. We are one. Get it? If you get this, "then that's all there if folks".

    Reflect on the following passage, you may need to read it several times. Please read as many time as you need, I have forever! DarkStar888 :)


    "As for how you can help with this information, and what needs to be done. Its really very simple. In the 3D system of things, it always seems that using 3D methods of communication would be the most effective. However, in REALITY, what's most effective is to WATCH and WAIT, knowing that you have all the power, and your power and my power are the ONE POWER of the eternal PARADISE STATE. The most potent thing to do is to do the thing I just wrote in the previous paragraph. TURN THE MOVIE OFF. Lose all emotional attachment to the 3D system of deceit. You know everything already, so just watch the power of patiently waiting and how this transforms the TRANCE STATE into reconnection with the PARADISE STATE. The most helpful 3D communication thing one can do, is to simply inform people of the information on the illuminatiMATRIX site. Just tell people to read the site. Tens of thousands of people have read it now, and the effect has been quite astonishing. To inform people who are searching for what's actually transpiring in this world, that everything is a total lie, and then to show them why its a lie, liberates them from the manipulation and bondage that the lie produces. The guilt, suffering, pressure, anxiety, and all of the accompanying side effects of deceit, simply slide from ones illusory life, when REALITY is extended into ones awareness. What this does, is it helps people become emotionally detached from the thought process, and to focus on reality."

  3. Affirmative,I dare anyone to read and watch the illuminatmatrix material and ever be the same.It is groundbreaking work that freed me of many misconceptions.Thank you for sharing the beauty of it with me.

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  5. You show complete understanding.

    People tend to think too much (deceit)! When humans see Wisdom, they always question it. Understand that wisdom is not to be questioned, it to be experienced. This is a difficult concept.

    Let’s make it easier to understand.

    Don’t judge anything, take it in & listen. Let it over ride all your 3D senses, emotions, logic, intelligence, science, religion, nature, universe, etc. Put aside everything you know and think you know. Empty the mind & assimilate knowledge.

    In time, the answers will come.

    Once you know, you’ll never need to seek knowledge or anything else. Not because you found the one true cult or whatever! No…this is not describable as any kind of following. Truth doesn’t need a following. It’s your self discovery of awareness. It’s your oneness. Anything talked about here will never hurt you. This how it is!

    How does it come to you?

    Look at it as though are learning a trade for a job or playing sports, games, dealing with family matters, etc. The more we experience the better we get at things. We usually don’t know how to do many things in this 3D world unless we experience it first. Our existence here is 3D, NOTHING else matters. It’s what we want it to be. So why not make it fun, instead of killing each other.

    Be ONE with ourselves, one with all. Access "wisdom". Get fucking rid of ego. Wait & Watch Don't React, hate, kill, be angry, worry, etc. Just be. Why is that so hard?

    Further more, what is there to be afraid off?

    I say there is nothing (pardon the pun) to be afraid of. Darkness, nothing & everything (a concept most mortals don't get) is all we’ll ever need. Do you see? It's ok for those that don't get it yet.

    We all experience learning, hardships, pain differently in our 3D lives. Only suffer because we didn't awaken sooner by being aware! I was asleep for a long time...but no more. I love life & work hard every day. That's reality. I don't worry, can't be insulted and just deal with each experience that comes along. :)

  6. I found this about illumimatrix

  7. Hey nothing...good job. A blog worth reading.

  8. there are many

  9. Like your posts a lot.
    check mine.


  10. Thank you. I will vist your site. It will be my pleasure.

    My goal here is simple. Seek truth, learn knowledge, find wisdom. Open the mind! All else will take care of itself. We all desire to share a common one-ness...we just have to find it again. Enjoy.

    Thank you carlosanto. - DarkStar888

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  12. I dont know where to post this because you don't have your Email listed. You impressed me on the blog today. You stood strong in your convictions with a minimal level of anger. You saw through the games and rose above. You were able to produce fleshed out commentary relavant to the topic at hand.

    I would make you an author if it weren't against your nature. Understand that I used induction as a living example. The wisdom could only come through experience. Even you and Brian Kemella know that words canot convey all concepts truthfully.

    There was an old saying that my german grandmother once said. "Those that don't listen, must feel." It is within the spirit that philosophy that I posted the trial of hives.

    We both know that Hives is above that anyways, it was a publicity stunt and an experiment to prove a point. Information is always going to spawn opinion, and where emotional impact meets relevance there is a breakdown of truth.

    I do not want to appear to prey on the bloggers of my site, only to enhance what knowledge is there by a trial of fire. I myself will submit to such as a way to teach the final truths I have to give before my next cycle. On May 30th, Over a quarter of a century of labor will close. My second rennaisance will begin.

    If you still have questions or doubts, post here. Any of you, post here...


  13. Hi Zero,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I do appreciate all the insight.

    I just left a new post to you on your blog. I posed many questions why go yo djhives site in order to repost all that shit again. lol You are too funny. But I like your spunk. Sorry but it din't fool me too much. I knew you had a plan when you first posted it with no comment. Of course I explained that in my recent post.

    I'm not really interested in djhives, to tell you the truth. So hives doesn't matter to me either way.

    I will say that have watched every Nemesis videos on hives site. Found it all very interesting. I enjoyed them & learned a lot And I did see "all of them". I like much of Nemesis material.

    I did had some fun at your blog.

    I do appreciate your cander & consideration as an author. Sorry I didn't have my email listed. I just fixed that. Contact me in email and we will talk more. Thank you for asking.

    - DarkStar



    LIKE, EW!


  15. Good you found me. See that wasn't so hard.

    Yes Dante. You are welcome. I have a blog here just for your personal entertainment.

    Thank you for being here.

    - DarkStar111

  16. "Therefore, wisdom is never able to be manipulated because it has no preconceived idea of what is right or wrong, good or bad, past or future." -Darkstar888-

    But wisdom comes from experience and that experience comes from the outside~reality(3D world you would call it) that you control with limited ability of your own. Without the experience you would not have the understanding on how to do the right thing. So can we not say that if you gather experience from the outside reality we call home, the gather experience also have a way to alter your very own views of things. I mean we read things on blogs on other people's blog that has an influence on your view now. So what I am trying to say here is, isn't it possible what your wisdom you think is your wisdom has been influence from the outside. So what you think you know has already been taught to you from the outside world. How do we not know that we're guided from an exteranal source that we don't even know is out there, to our conclusion that it wanted us to chose in the first place. Unless you close yourself off to all outside influence, sight, sound, touch, and smell.


  17. Wisdom doesn't have come from experience. Experience is one of the way to aquire wisdom but we already have the wisdom with in us. The source where we come from contains everything we ever need to know.

    Here, rather than to repeat myself, I posted this another blog. Start with this and I'll continue with more details later.

    Are you ready for some insight? Here are extracts from Byran Kemila’s writings and some of my thoughts thrown in. This is to help explain that light, our 3D world, thought, energy, etc are all the same and not true reality. Energy is not needed for us to live, because this 3D world doesn’t exist, or at least not the way we are led to believe. The light is there only to create an illusion for the 3D world, which is not where we come from. All of this has been made up…from thought. That is your source of energy. Negative/positive, good/evil, love/hate, light/dark, yin/yang, etc is duality and has been created. Duality causes much the conflict and confusion.

    I plan to post an article of this very topic on DarkStar with more detail and a video. Let me explain a little now though.

    So, if you’re ready … we’re going to have a look at where we came from …

    Imagine that all that knowing you possess, has within it, the power and strength to exist forever. There’s no beginning and no end. You have the power and wisdom to be eternal. Imagine that you’re filled with this knowing and completely possessed with this eternal power and strength. This is about as powerful as anyone could hope to be.
    Let’s imagine that this knowing not only exists in you, but it exists in every person on the planet. It’s not something you have to go out and find, it’s just there, in you and in everyone that ever walked on the face of the earth.

    Now imagine that someone, or a group of individuals, with that same eternal power, also wanted to have your power, and my power. Imagine that this group wanted to take possession of all that is ours. However, they can’t take it from us by force, because it’s locked inside us, and it is who we are. Still, they desire to at least control it. This group wished for our power to work in unison with their power, and the enormity of that combined strength of power and knowing would make them greater than the greatest … the most massive force in existence…

    They would appear to be GOD…

    To undersatand how these fabricated illusory systems have control on our lives...read on.

    How they took control of our reality and took control of our eternity. We’ll see how to reconnect to our wisdom and awareness which is the power and strength, … the knowing, … of the eternal state. This wisdom and awareness is something we already have. There’s nothing we have to do except reconnect to it.

    Here’s how they disconnected us from wisdom and reality.

    Thinking – The Process of Manipulation
    Through a process called thinking, the root, the seed of manipulation, was planted by the patron of thinking.

    A patron is someone who has the right to
    appoint or to bestow a priviledge. Let’s call this patron … a proton. The positive originator, or father of thinking. Let’s call this father of thinking – Thought.
    The seed of thinking, the seed of this patron father, is neutral. Not a patron, or a proton, not mature enough to have seed of its own … simply neutral. We’ll call this a neutron … and we’ll call it the son. This is the seed, or son, of the father. This neutron son / seed is one with the father proton, matching one for one, only a bit smaller in size. The son isn’t the positive originator of thought, he’s neutral, he’s a peaceful son.

    This is the beginning of thought … the beginning of thinking.

    The next step in the manipulation process, in the thinking process, is the introduction of seduction. It’s a grand concept to fabricate the concept of thinking, but just one thought isn’t going to manipulate anyone loose of their connection to reality.

    This group of thinkers then thought to introduce something that would manufacture a form of perpetuity in this whole notion of taking control. Something that would be a place of reproducing the whole thinking process over and over and over again … endlessly. With virtually no further effort other than directing the course of thinking until it reached it’s final conclusion of total control and the complete submission of everything … unto them.

    The introduction of this next stage of thinking would have to cause motion, vibrations and energy. Without motion or energy, the proton and neutron, the father and son, would lie dormant, nothing more than a thought without purpose. The concept of an opposite to the positive proton, was conjured up. We’ll call this the elect lady, the negative attraction that would perpetually spark the imagination of the father proton. We’ll call this elect lady – the electron.

    The electrons would be small, much smaller than the father proton or the neutron son. In fact, over 1800 times smaller. This electron would spin around the proton and neutron, held in orbit by the attraction to the male, yet keeping a distance, yet flirting endlessly for the male to pounce.
    But why stop there! Introduce another elect lady, and another … make it a whole harem of elect ladies, flirting, and circling the male, creating a womb of protection for the seed of the father to grow and reproduce another just like themselves, again and again, … endlessly.

    We’ll call this womb, the nucleus. This womb will be the room, the birthplace, of the neutron son seed, within the womb of the mother. This mother … we’ll call matter. This womb of the mother, this room of matter, is called the nucleus, for it produced the new clay of us.
    Matter is that which occupies space. Even though this mother electron is just a thought from the group of thinkers, it orbits the father and the son at the speed of thought, thereby occupying space, conjuring up the illusion of matter.

    Please realize that this information and knowledge is only partial, a very tiny piece of what you need to know in order to have awareness. This a beginning of the explaination. As I said in the begin of my comments, I will addess this in much great deatil on darrstar in the near future.
    Seems hard to compreheand that everyrhing around us is made up of light from a thought form and we really don’t exist. Get it?

    Thank you for reading.

    - DarkStar

  18. True indeed we do know wisdom but I guess from what we've learn from childhood till now has affected us in our ways of thinking. That is what is holding us back to see the true wisdom we already know. It is like a filter that is stopping us from seeing pass what we think we know of true wisdom.


  19. Yes...it's called the Luciferian Mind Thought. It's to control what is known in the 3D Illusion, to keep it hidden from us. The influential entities can keep us in light so as not to see the dark (opposite to what is taught). The Darkness is the wisdom not evil as it is claim. They keep the knowledge to themselves to be greedy & controlling. Not benevolence like we are led to believe. In general, if you look any from the opposite of what said, you actually may find truth.

    Example: CNBC says the Stock Market has gone from 6500 to 8500 on the DOW. It’s a big WOW to them. They say what a great recovery for the economy. “Bullshit”. You know the economy sucks and will, if we are still here, for the next ten years or longer. Yet they say it’s at a bottom and on the way up and out.

    Yes and what they don't say that we were at 13,000 on the DOW 6 months ago. 8500 doesn't look that good when we are still down over 25% from where we were. That's a lot of money and wealth in some ones pockets...not ours. The Banksters aren’t done steeling either.

    They also don't tell you about the $1.5 QUADRILLION ($1,500,000,000,000,000) in the derivatives market. It’s made-up paper debt which is virtually impossible to pay-back. There is no such amount of money, it's all fake!

  20. Yeah,the fuckers chop you at the knees with all their BS when you are young,and then call you useless stupid eaters when you can't run as an adult.OH yeah,real benevolent alright.I curse them all to hell ,them and their precious economy and war machines,I curse them to hell every goddamn day.I pray that the people who drop bombs on little children rot in everlasting hell.

    This universe has had it's soul torn to shreds,something has to change.And I will start with me.I will try to bring goodness to people to counterbalance this universe of pain.

    I can't even fathom it.I cried.


  21. Darkstar888,
    Read most of illumatrix and never want to
    hear any more on symbols! It was good, but
    too much info for me to absorb.
    I think all thats happening to us, is a trail
    by fire if you will, to temper us for greatness
    throughout the Cosmos. I believe we are going to start something new and awesome. Don't spend
    too much time thinging about the luciferians,
    they are terrorfied of what we are becoming!
    Funny thing is they played a part in our birth
    without even realising it. The Great Work is nearing completion and we ALL chose to be here
    in it. Things you may find interesting;
    The Ringing Cedars of Russia,
    Seth Speaks,
    Star Trek books with the entity Q in them,
    Lost Science by Gerry Vasilov( not sure I spelt
    his last name correctly).
    Have yourself some adventures with these and as
    always, take what you want and ditch the rest.

  22. Tiredwolf,

    WOW You read most of the IlluminatiMATRIX. Cool. There has to be at least 1500 pages of material or more. All 41 pages contain dozens of pages each. Good for you if you did that much reading. I read it slowly, day to day. The information is tough to comprehend all at once. Take you time. Read is again to some extent but not some much at once. Take a break from the intensity. I find it has answered many question for me.

    I agree with you on not focusing or worrying about the Luciferians. There are just distractions. They don't bother me other than I'm very aware of their sick agenda and not let it influence me or my life.

    Yes, Vasilov I have definitety heard about many times but have not read his works. I'll look for that. Thank you.

    Regarding Star Trek, you hit one of my loves. I'm old enough (too old lol) to have seen Star Trek on TV as a teen. I have all seasons of Voyager, Next Gen & Enterprise and have seen everyone of them. I have always been intrequed with science of any kind (non-fiction & fiction) since a childhood. Always found it easy to understand I guess. Fun stuff to me.

    Take care


    P.S. Have you been to nothings blog, Nwohere? He has some good stuff posted too that you find interesting.

  23. Thank you Darkstar, I will check out the other
    blogs you mentioned. And try reading the Star Trek books, they contain much more than ths films and the fun lasts a lot longer too. You
    may find this hard to believe untill you try
    them, plus most of the stories were never made into films/dvd's yet. Have fun!

  24. Thanks Tiredwolf. I will. Sounds like fun. :)