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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Part 1: The Dark Star & Planet X Theory by Andy Lloyd

The Dark Star & Planet XAuthor and researcher Andy Lloyd discussed the scientific evidence for a "dark star" which could have a Planet X, or Nibiru (as written about by Zecharia Sitchin) in its orbit. Lloyd suggested that a sub-brown dwarf, which is somewhere between a gas giant and a star in size, orbits our sun at a great distance. This object would be difficult to spot because it doesn't burn brightly like a star, he said.

The moons of the sub-brown dwarf would be internally warmed due to their proximity of a gas giant, in the way that Europa is heated from being near Jupiter, he explained. One of these moons could be Nibiru, the so-called home world of the Annunaki. Lloyd estimated this system swings close to Earth every 10,000 years rather than the 3,600 years Sitchin described.

Infrared anomalies were found in the Sagittarius constellation, and Lloyd believes the 'dark star' lies in this direction. Irregularities in the Kuiper Belt (a region beyond Neptune), such as objects with odd inclined orbits, indicate that science is catching up with the idea of a Planet X, he pointed out. It's possible, he added, that NASA already discovered such a celestial body years ago, and has deliberately kept its presence a secret.Interview 8/18/08

You should question everything you don’t understand. Never judge or comment though, when you don’t know about something because of your present knowledge being limited or you have never experienced it or not even imagined in thought yet.

I have a thought. Let’s learn together. One favorite topic, as if it’s not obvious…is the Dark Star Theory. Let’s be aware of what the theory of the Dark Star is and what it’s all about. This post is going address that very subject.

I like to look at, listen to and study just about everything. That does mean I waste my time watching crap just to learn not to watch crap. Already did that. Learning to discern truth from falsehood is important to me. Why do I do this? Gaining knowledge tends to allow you to use better tools to make good choices here in this 3D life. Create your own paradise with in this 3D non-existing world of light. So if you are going to create, why not create a world without hate, greed, war, killing, worry, bad health, no much wealth and little peace of mind…we have the ability…use it.

The Dark Star & Planet X Theory by Andy Lloyd.

It’s a 12 part series on You Tube. I do admit to listening to all of them. It’s a very interesting theory. I’m not saying you need to see or hear all of it. End of part 2 is where it the best part begins with the explanation of The Dark Star.

I did enjoy listen to the whole set. I will also state that I don’t agree with everything Andy said either but he does have my respect. I’ll get in to that more when we engage with comments.


1) Does the Dark Star exist?
2) What do you thinking the Dar Star Theory is really all about?
3) Is the Dark Star Theory part of the Illuminati Agenda?

Enjoy! – Dark Star -

You Tube Link part 1:

Andy Lyod's website: http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2007/09sep/RICR-070909.html

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  1. Hmmm. I give you some thought on this after I watch & read everything. Later dude.