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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Music Industry Exposed.The 2012 GRAMMY’s by The IlluminatiMatrix!

"The governments of the world and the royal elite are not here to take care of you. They are here to kill you. They are not unwittingly trying to kill you. They are deliberately trying to kill you. They are deliberately trying to kill you, but for a reason that eludes even them. Within in the trance state, what seems good and right, and what is justified as sound reasoning and socially acceptable, is absolute insanity when held up to the standard of awareness and wisdom. This site shows how this deliberate, elusive, and unwitting state of confusion drives the elite of the world to serve a master they know little of.

ONE = WON = NOW = NWO – The New World Order subliminal is hidden in the number 1" - IM Quote

Illuminati HipHop Song!

"911 – The 1st DAY OF CREATION" - Explained by The IlluminatiMatrix.

"According to certain oral teachings among some Hebrew faithful, the day of September 11, or 9-11, is considered the 1st day of creation. The Egyptian Christian Coptic religion adheres to 9-11 as the 1st day of creation as well. Of course, there really was no creation, only a conjuring up of an illusory 3 dimensional plane. Immediately below is the source for the symbolic day of 9-11 being chosen as the 1st day of creation.

When the number multiply 111 111 111 is multiplied by 111 111 111 the sum = 123 456 789 876 543 21 .

Take a close look at what’s going on here. There are 18 number 1′s. Section off these 18 number 1′s into the number 11, and you have a total of 9-11′s. Multiplying, or regenerating the square root of 111 111 111, brings every other base number into existence, from 1 through to 9 and then in reverse back to 1. In other words 9-11′s, or the square root of 111 111 111, has the ability to conjure up any mathematical set of digits.


The mathematical concept of 9-11 is then, the centre piece, or the FOUNDATION ROCK, that includes 3 consecutive numbers, such as 1,2 and 3, and on this ROCK the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS has built its CHURCH.



This is the Sacred Geometry, or Sexual Geometry, that holds the conjured up illusion in tact. Without this mathematical wizardry, nothing would appear as 3 dimensional."

K-Rino The Plan!

"The Number 9 – Fall Into Death"

"Number 9 is derived from a number of sources. Three sets of threes – or 3 x 3 is the most obvious. The three primary colours, shapes and sounds each have 3 principle parts. The total of these 3 sets of 3 = 9. The senses used in this manipulative task are aimed at the sense of sight and the sense of sound. These senses were purposely conjured up within our illusory forms for their communicable characteristics, able to receive the THOUGHTS of the luciferian group of THINKING BEINGS, causing us to believe that these THOUGHTS are OURS.

COLOUR – red, yellow, blue (subtractive) or red, green, blue (additive)
SHAPE – curve, line angle
SOUND – pitch, rhythm, beat


Another representation of the origin of the number 9 is the CUBE. The CUBE has a volume of 3 times that of a pyramid. Religious systems using the cube as a symbol are still devoted to the same sun god. It really doesn’t matter what name you call your god, it just matters to the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS that you have a god, for they are all one and the same and the concept of god is always that supreme lunatic, the luciferian group entity of THINKING BEINGS.

Have a look at a simple Magic Square below. This is the basis for the power of the Magic Cube. A number is assigned to each of the 9 squares. Each row adds up to 15, even diagonally.

15 is the strongest number that represents the deity.

3 is the strongest number in regards to the form, or shape, of the deity.

… but 15 is the number most strongly associated with the luciferian god concept. It just so happens that 15 coincides with 3 on the 24 hour clock, or the 2nd clockface shown on this site. Then, when you total the three 15′s, you get the number 45. 45 coincides with the number 9 on the 3rd clockface. 9 is the number of the fall, the beginning of the FALL SEASON, and is the symbolic number of the FALL INTO DEATH, in respect to the 3 dimensional creation of the luciferian thought form. It is the 9th month, September, and the 11th day, that is regarded in oral tradition on the Hebrew Calendar, (to many Jewish faithful) as the 1st day of creation. The 1st day of the fall into death. 11 is the number thereby associated with death, as it is the 11th hour, the last hour before midnight and the coming judgment.

All of this is just symbolism, but symbolism implements the power of hypnosis, the power of the deity to control our eternal Paradise State. We’re in Paradise NOW, however the 3 dimensional experience that perpetuates the TRANCE, separates us from reconnecting to the WISDOM and ETERNAL POWER of our ORGINAL STATE. Becoming AWARE that this is what’s transpiring, completely liberates us from the TRANCE and we RECONNECT and RECLAIM the POWER and WISDOM of that ETERNAL STATE RIGHT NOW."

"The number 9 can also be derived from the Magic Square of Saturn, shown above. Saturn is another source for the name Satan. Satan is derived from the Arabic word SHAITAN, which alludes to the ONE WHO BRINGS ENLIGHTENMENT, or KNOWLEDGE. This is also the same meaning to the name LUCIFER, and though the exact terms are not originally found in the Bible, the whole Jewish / Christian Bible is completely devoted to the LIGHT BRINGER, who is Jehovah, and who Christians believe, is Jesus, the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. All these names, or terms, refer to the CREATOR / CONJURER, who should rightfully be referred to as the luciferian egregore group of thinking entities, who agree together to perpetuate deceit to manifest a hypnotic trance illusion. This illusion manipulates our reality through the CHRIST / ANTICHRIST concept, or the number 666, which, when inversed, are symbols of 999, or 9 x 111, which in turn represents the FALL into DEATH.

With this particular example there are 3 rows of 3 squares – one on top of the other. The numbers 4 – 9 – 2 are placed in the top row. 3 – 5 – 7 are placed in the middle row. 8 – 1 – 6 are placed in the bottom row. No matter which way you add these rows up – across – up and down – or diagonally, you always get 15. The number 15 is the number most strongly associated with the deity sun god. Saturn relates to the Greek god Chronus from where we get the term chronology. SATURN and the SUN, though appearing as opposites, together symbolize the DUALITY NATURE of worshipping the 3 dimensional experience as if it were real.

Chronology, the science of computing time, and another god related to Saturn, is the god Shani. This is a demi god of India. Any of these terms can be used with reference to the number 9. When you add up the 9 numbers in the magic square you get a total of 45. 45 coincides with 9 on the 4th clockface illustrated on this site, and is the number of the fall. 45 = 4+5 = 9. Divide 45 by 9 and you get 5. The connection to the 5 sense reality which is synonamous with the fall into death experience. This symbolism just keeps connecting all over the place, and is the motivation behind the term, SACRED GEOMETRY. Quite apart from being incidental, it is how we are all connected, and for that matter, how we ALL APPEAR TO BE REAL, to the manipulation taking place on a grand scale."

Whitney Houston was SACRIFICED by the ILLUMINATI for the Jubilee of the Queen Elizabeth! (1/2)

Whitney Houston was SACRIFICED by the ILLUMINATI for the Jubilee of the Queen Elizabeth! (2/2)


"February 12, 2012, and the symbolic significance of the death of Whitney Houston.

February 12, 2012 – 02/12/20-12 was the 203rd birthday of Abraham Lincoln, symbolic of the Lion King, and the Great Sphinx within this 3D illusory plane.

The 2012 Grammy Awards were held on February 12, 2012 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills California.

GRAMMY = Y-RAM-MY, or in reverse, MY-MARY. (Mary being the name of the biblical MARY, the mother of the fabricated Christ, and also suggesting the SEA / SEE, the Pacific Ocean, or Sea of Peace).

The Beverly Hilton Hotel is located at 34.0 degrees N (10 on the 3rd clockface), and
118.4 degrees W (10 on the 10th clockface). The number 118 = 1+1+8 = 10 as well. The number 10 suggesting inTENsity, and in this instance, extreme inTENsity. The number 34 = 3+4 = 7, suggesting PERFECTION and COMPLETION.

Whitney Houston died at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills California on the eve of February 12, 2012 and was pronounced dead at 3:55 pm Pacific Time. This coincides with 23:55 GMT, which is symbolically 2+3= 5:55, or 555. Suggesting sacrifice. The number 23 also coincides with 11 on the 2nd clockface, suggesting the number 11×2 = 22. The number 22 relates to the MARRIOTT HOTEL of the WTC attack, when it’s 22 floors were demolished beneath the falling Twin Towers. The MARRIOTT HOTEL is symbolic of the state of CALIFORNIA as shown throughout this site.

Whitney Houston died on the 4th floor, in her room, as she was preparing to be part of the pre-Grammy party. Being a beautiful woman in possession of one of the most talented voices ever to be heard on the planet, she was adored by many. However, she was found submerged in a TUB of WATER in her hotel bathroom and was unable to be revived. Whitney Houston was referred to as the QUEEN OF POP for 2 decades, filling the shoes of Aretha Franklin, and the Tina Turner (a singer synonymous the song PROUD MARY and ROLLING ON THE RIVER / the MISSISSIPPI).

The Tub of Water Whitney Houston was found submerged in, is a subliminal suggesting a watery death.

The term Queen of Pop, refers to the wife of the King, in this case, suggesting God.
The name of PROUD MARY = PROUD GRAMMY = AWARD SHOW for MY MARY, the best of the best in the music industry.

MUSIC = SONGS = SANG = SANGRE = meaning BLOOD in French.

On Thursday, February 9, 2012, Whitney Houston was singing her last public song in a spontaneous duet in Beverly Hills nightclub. The song was “JESUS LOVES ME”. She was later seen that evening to have blood on her hands and on her legs at the same nightclub.

On Saturday, February 11, 2012, Whitney Houston died at 3:55, or 23:55 GMT, or, as previously mentioned, at 5:55 GMT, symbolically speaking.

February 9 and February 11, represent another 9/11 sacrifice, on the eve of Lincoln’s Birthday. Exactly 2 years after the 2010 Olympics held in Vancouver, BC, which also began on February 12, Lincoln’s birthday.

This year, February 12, 2012, is a leap year, and this day is exactly 166 days from the start of the London Olympics.

The number 166 corresponds to 166 degrees W, and the coordinates of 66 degrees N, located at the Bering Strait and the coast of Alaska. Adding 166+66 = 232, a numerical anagram corresponding to 322, the Skull and Bones secret number. Dividing 232 by 2 = 116, which coincides with 8 on the 10th clockface, suggesting 8, the FLOOD and CONTROL, and 10 representing inTENsity once again. Adding 1+1+6=8, again, suggesting a FLOOD and CONTROL.

Whitney Houston was 48 years old.
The number 48 coincides with 12 on the 4th clockface.
Adding 12+4 = 16, the number associated with LINCOLN, the LION KING, the SPHINX and OBAMA.

WHITNEY HOUSTON, the name and number 48, is linked to the presidents corresponding to the death and rebirth associated with the SPHINX, which in turn, is a symbol of the PHOENIX BIRD rising from the ashes.

The WHITE HOUSE STONE corresponds exactly with YELLOWSTONE, the WEST WING of AMERICA, the HOLY STONE of JUDGMENT, the OVAL OFFICE / LAVA ORIFICE, symbolic of cleansing with FIRE and WATER.

The death of Whitney Houston coincided precisely with the Grammy Award show on the Lion King’s Birthday. Exactly as the death of Michael Jackson coincided with the summer solstice, when 3 days after the solstice, on John Baptiste day, Michael Jackson died, after pleading with his physcian, Dr. Conrad Murray to give him his “MILK”. The ‘Milk’ in question, referred to his medicine which ultimately was his curse, and symbolically suggested the MILK of the MILKY WAY, which is a massive subliminal suggesting the coming FLOOD CATACLYSM. Whitney Houston, in like manner, 3 days before the Grammy’s, was seen bloodied and distraught at the Beverly Hills nightclub, singing, ‘Jesus Loves Me’. The blood symbolic of MARY’s BLEEDING HEART, or MARY’s SANGRE HEART, or again, MARY’s SONG of SACRIFICE. In both of these instances just mentioned, the relationship to the fabricated CRUCIFIXION of the fabricated JESUS / Ye-ZEUS / ZEUS, who was crucified, shed his blood, and rose again, just like the Phoenix Bird, the Sphinx, the Lion King Lincoln, rose from the ashes.

This same Jesus / Zeus, who is symbolically, the ZEUS/SUEZ channel of water, that flows down from Mount Olympus in Washington State, and enters the state of California at Eureka (we have found it), … at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (the east gate of the old city wall of Jerusalem, where the Messiah will triumphantly enter in the day of Judgment, … and at Los Angeles, or LA, or ALLAH, … when the Judgment on the WHITE HOUSE STONE, the West Wing, the 11 Western States, will come to pass. In that day, and in that time, (illusory though it be), … Proud Mary will come ROLLIN’ DOWN THE RIVER, … the MISSISSIPPI RIVER, suggesting MISS ISIS, the Moon Goddess, the Flood Goddess, just another name for MARY … and perform the sacraments of purification in the SACRAMENTO VALLEY.

One more curious note in regards to the 2012 Grammy’s. Jennifer Hudson sang a tribute to Whitney Houston.

JENNIFER HUDSON = YENNIFER EYNN-FIRE = EYN ‘something out of nothing’ FIRE.
JENN = the arabic term for the spirit realm.
HUDSON = relating to the HUDSON RIVER bordering the WTC site and the 9/11 attack.
HUDSON = relating to HENRY HUDSON who discovered the Hudson River in 1609 and Hudson Bay in 1611, another 9/11.
HUDSON = DUH-SON = DEW-SON = WED SON = Wedding of the Son, the Marriage of the Lamb of God.

Whitney Houston died in Beverly Hills, at 118 degrees W.
Mount Whitney, the highest mountain peak in the contiguous USA, is also located at 118 degrees W, just north of Beverly Hills, … and bordering on DEATH VALLY." End Quotes...IM

Illuminati - The Music Industry Exposed [Full Length]

More on... "The number 11 is pivotal in the whole scheme of world history. The ancient Sumerian / Babylonian rulers were the royal reptilian brain based bloodline that was spawned by the intermarrying of luciferian thinking entities with human woman. The women these luciferian entities conjured up in the first place. These dominant elite bloodlines manifest themself in the world and in so doing, have assumed total control of every established society. Their genetic makeup is reptilian brain based. They are totally concerned with the physical 5 sense, 3 dimensional, illusory reality. Because of this deep hypnotic trance orientation it is very foreign for them to even consider connecting to the eternal wisdom state. As a result of this total devotion to the 3D illusory realm, the elite of the world take control of all things and in turn program this illusory body we call humanity to perpetuate the luciferian agenda.

Being that these thinking entities, (who manipulate the luciferian elite), have controlled humanity through physical intermarrying, how does this play into the number 11?

The cradle of civilization is in the Mesopotamian Valley of ancient Babylon. The rulers of this empire were the magicians – often referred to as the serpent reptilian gods of old – who were able to mesmerize the masses with their sorceries. These sorceries were the ability to perform magic – making things appear and disappear at will – as well as perform feats of levitation, changing shape at will, and so on. A very popular modern day example of this kaballistic understanding is witnessed in the activities of magician, Criss Angel.

Criss Angel has been working almost exclusively out of Las Vegas. In the following pages on this site, the significance of Nevada and Las Vegas, as well the 11 western United States, in these times of luciferian manipulation will be demonstrated. 11 is the number of death. The signifance of the 11 Western United States plays an incredible role in the luciferian agenda.

There’s also another group of 11 states immediately west of the Mississippi. These states form what is called Tornado Alley. In upcoming pages, this will be shown to be one symbolic representation of the luciferian elite name, Moriah Conquering Wind, with a strong connection to the last day of judgment, where the fabricated Zeus/Jesus Christ pours out his vengeance in the Great Day of his Wrath, with the suggetion implanted within the human psyche that the luciferian elite agenda includes killing approximately 90% of the world population. Whether this is literally meant to come to pass or not is irrelevant, as the psychological damage and control of our reality has already been achieved with the suggestion concerning the Wrath of God in the Day of Judgment." - IM


  1. Namaste brother, excellent post, must have been a good deal of work.

    In Lak'ech, living free....

  2. Thank you Brother Chris. Yes it's always a lot of WORK to expose the truth for the Sheeple (we are all sheeple to some degree, including myself as well our so called elites) everybody, etc. Many don't get it. The knowledge... information is to HELP AWAKEN! To look at "all" things differently. I guess you might call it Tough Love. :)

    I have much more hidden information where this comes from. I have been researching for years...hmmm...you might even say for a life time! It's seem, if I have any purpose here, it's solving mysteries & puzzles. Welcome to my world. Am at the end of my 6th decade living in this NON-Existant Matrix. Still, like it or not...its our reality for now. We just have to be AWARE...Watch Wait & Don't react.

    Oh...and for those that wonder...I do watch all the Videos posted. it all takes TIME...that doesn't exist! lol :) - DS888