"Always be aware, that humanity, the whole population of the world, is illusory. That includes the one reading these words. Humanity is not real or valid. The illusory body of humanity is not at all who and what we really are. We have simply been conjured up, given a 3D name, body, mind and spirit/energy, (all aspects which are fake), and then filled with endless suggestions in our illusory brain, that this is who we really are. From this point on, in our 3D life experience, believing that our 3 dimensional life experience is real, leads to endless confusion and suffering. This belief manifests the notion of being imprisoned. However, we are not imprisoned, but if we believe we are, then for all intents and purposes, we might as well be." - Bryan Kemila, IlluminatiMatrix


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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Laws of Power in the Matrix! Really Now?

Lack of awareness puts a person into the domain of illusion and misconception. Once there, it is easy for the matrix or its operators to inject false speculation into the minds of the intended targets of sabotage. The less information one has about a particular situation, the more he will tend to speculate. Like a game of Wheel of Fortune, the less letters already chosen by contestants, the greater the possibility that the hidden word could be almost anything. Because there are so many possibilities that would fit the limited facts one has, such possibilities must include a great portion of incorrect guesses, illusions. Because such possibilities are weighted equally until another piece of information comes along to shift favor to one or the other, it is during speculation that the matrix finds an opportune time to nudge a person’s perceptions toward false conclusions. It can do so directly by emotional manipulation and memory suppression, or it can do so with false data introduced to him synchronization. Not all data you could encounter via synchronicity is false, but be aware that some of it surely is.

Such sabotage typically happens to split apart two people or a network which poses a threat to the matrix’s agenda. This happens best when one or more of the people targeted is much more unaware than the other, and therefore becomes an easy conduit of attack. Whether one is unaware or both are, between them there is usually a lack of full understanding of each others' personality and circumstances. This may be due either out of social custom not to be nosy, lack of time to become more acquainted, or fear, mistrust, and ignorance. The latter factors make a relationship most vulnerable to sabotage. Fear causes mistrust, leading to ignorance of facts contrary to paranoid speculations, and limits the informational exchange between people involved. With lack of information, speculation arises, and such speculation is manipulated by the matrix toward false conclusions and soon the relationship breaks apart due to misunderstandings on both sides of the cleavage. It is a tactic of divide and conquer. This is why love and trust between two or more aware people is the biggest threat possible to the matrix — it forms an invincible and indivisible unit more powerful than the sum of its parts. The matrix must then resort to treating this unit as a single entity and manipulate other people into attacking it from the outside…but the network or relationship is now stronger than any single person.

Such a network is impossible between individuals who are not collinear. Col-linearity is the quality of sharing the same direction of spiritual evolution, even if there are differences in awareness. Two individuals who are collinear but not equally aware can provide for a pleasant teaching/learning experience. But two who are not collinear will be in conflict because each will be resistant to the other and both are going different directions in life. Among collinear individuals, it is merely separations in awareness that allow the matrix to create misconception and disruption. So it is important for a collinear couple to be completely honest with each other and on equal ground.

I don't agree about the 12 Universal Laws although it does explain why so many people are truly miss-guided and TOTALLY UNAWARE!!! And... LOVE has NO-THING to do with it!

The 3 dimensional illusion is CREATED BY THE THOUGHT PROCESS. Thinking is not being aware. Thinking is that thing any conscious being APPEARS TO DO to attempt to manipulate the future, or relive the pain/pleasure from the past. Both these time zones, the future and the past, do not exist. Therefore, thinking about them to manipulate them is a deception. However, to consider what is happening in this moment is not called thinking. Staying in the moment and meeting the needs of the moment is awareness of the 3 dimensional space, albeit, an illusory space. To function within this 3D space requires that needs be met. Reality, and our true eternal wisdom state, extends beyond the 3D illusory forms, and that wisdom state simply knows everything through awareness, ALREADY. Our eternal wisdom state knows the manipulation process of the luciferian egregore group of thinkers. Wisdom knows that this luciferian group plays god and plays the devil. Both of which are none existent. Wisdom, through awareness, sees how this group mindset bands together to manifest the reality they want all humanity to follow.


  1. Such is the MATRIX web of deceit the illuminati use to manipulate. The MATRIX is the womb, the mother, where the symbols and systems of deceit grow. The mother goddess of deceit has within her the father and the son. Likewise, the son is of the father and the mother. No matter which way we look at it, or try justify our belief system, we are all manipulated by the system. Together the triune godhead of deceit has hypnotized the masses.

  2. Namaste brother, a very interesting post looking forward to the video later.

    In Lak' ech, prosper in truth live in love...

  3. The 'Wheel Of Fortune' analogy is very apt! A good way of explaining the situation to the uninitiated. I may have to use that one in the future!
    All the best my friend.
    Carl (The 'Guide)

  4. Chris...Thank you for your visit. You will find the videos very interesting.

    Carl...Yes I like using metaphors that hit the mark...and this seemed to work! Much more to come. :) Thanks for the comment.

    Peace Brothers.