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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Bridge To Nowhere from the IlluminatiMatrix!

The Bridge To Nowhere

As Sarah Palin came into the national and world spotlight, there was a great deal of attention given to the ‘Bridge To Nowhere‘. Again, a seemingly trivial event, except when you consider the subliminal messaging here. On the map, Alaska is the shape of a dipper. Alaska’s symbol is the North Star, representing the Little Dipper, and it pours into the Big Dipper as seen on the state flag. When you look at the panhandle of Alaska, that extends south along the Pacific Coast, the position of Alaska is an upside down dipper pouring out into the Pacific Ocean and the Ring of Fire Aleutian Islands. The tip of the panhandle is the tip of the Little Dipper, (which points North in the sky), but now that it’s symbolically pouring out in an upside down position (as seen in the map of Alaska), and the North Star is located at the south end of the pan handle. This is the location of the ‘BRIDGE TO NOWHERE’. The name of the city at this location is KETCHIKAN Alaska.

Let’s try spelling Ketchikan the way it’s meant to be spelled. KET-Ki-KAN, or 11-11-11. K is the 11 letter of the English alphabet, and here we have 3 – 11′s. This is a sacred number to Freemason’s and one more reason for there being 33 degrees in the Scottish Rite. The borders of the world have all been established by Freemasonic thinkers, right down to subdividing the whole of the mainland USA into acres, 66 ft. x 660 ft. This is the inspiration behind the white supremacist group, KKK. 11 is the number of death, and 3 is the number representing the shape of the deity, (the luciferian egregore), and that shape is the PYRAMID. The Great Pyramids of Giza are called Khufu, Khafre and MenKaure. Now, in Alaska, which is al-Aqsa, we have yet again, another Egyptian symbol of death, with the city of Ketchikan and the Bridge To Nowhere.

The symbolism of the Bridge is that of rising from earth to heaven. The word Bridge, as has been pointed out before, is the BRIDE’S EYE, and the Bridge to Nowhere suggests something cataclysmic. Ketchikan means ‘Thundering wings of an eagle‘. Thunder is Thor, who is Zeus, and the eagle is just a symbol of the Phoenix bird rising from the ashes.

The Coordinates Of Death – KKK – Ket-Ki-Kan

Ketchikan’s coordinates are 55 degrees N, or 5 – 11′s, 5 numbers of death. 55 coincides with 7 on the 5th clockface. 7 is the number of perfection and completion. 5 is the number of the baphomet, the sacrifice and humanity. Ketchikan is also 131 degrees W which coincides with 11 again, on the 11th clockface. 2 more 11′s on one clockface. Yet again, add up the digits 1+3+1 = 5, the number of the sacrifice. Even adding up the of the clockfaces involved in this scenario – 5+7+11=23 which coincides with 11, which is again the number of death. Just for good measure, 23, when added as 2+3=5.They’re not straying very far on the coordinates to say the least. This is the next 9-11, and it’s already in progress.
The symbolism connecting Alaska, the Little Dipper, and especially Ketchikan, being the North Star of the Panhandle of the Little Dipper, one need only look at the Great Pyramid of Giza and the it’s alignment. The Great Pyramid is the most accurately aligned structure in existence and faces TRUE NORTH with just 3/60th of a degree of error. Ketchikan is the North Star, symbolically speaking, and has death coordinates relating to humanity. The pyramids of Egypt are a massive graveyard, a necropolis, a temple to the dead, a Bridge to Nowhere, and both of these locations are symbolically linked to the North Star.

The symbolism has been building and moving right along with the earthquakes, cyclones and hurricanes that have been occurring since the year 2000. The pattern has generally followed the path from the Middle East, through the sub-continent of India, and the 2004 tsunami. Then continued, and is continuing through Indonesia and China, and is now moving into the regions around Japan and the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia. Little by little the focus is shifting around the Pacific Ring of Fire. When you compare the Pacific Ocean to Jerusalem once again, the Western Gate, or Jaffa Gate, on the West Wall of the Old City, is also called Abraham’s Gate. The gate of Human Sacrifice. It is through this gate that the sequence of natural disasters, and the so-called ‘judgment of god’ has entered the Ring of Fire. This is the judgment that comes out of Zion, or through the Zion Gate located in the area of New Zealand and Australia. Think of this area as New Zion and Oz-tralia. Out of Zion will judgment come, and enter through the Jaffa Gate, and then pass through the NEW GATE of Beijing, and on to the DAMASCUS GATE, symbolized by the Bering Strait, where the world will get it’s Bearing’s Straight. Even as the apostle Paul (or Pole), was on the road to Damascus and was blinded by the lord for persecuting the Christians. They supposedly will see things as they should be seen. The action will then shift to HEROD’S GATE, also called the FLOWER GATE, where the water will FLOW uncontrollably from the melting Polar Ice Caps. This FLOWING will come down past Vancouver Island and enter the Strait of Georgia, the Strait of the ROSE, which is symbolically connected to the Russian Bear invading Georgia and then turning around and leaving. The Russian Bear is the rising global warming flood that keeps being implanted daily. This water will enter under the LIONS GATE BRIDGE in Vancouver, then symbolically head south to San Francisco and enter through the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE and the saviour MARY and JESUS, or ZEUS and HERA, or JUNEAU and JUPITER, will cleanse the earth.

Good thing it’s not real!

Sarah was the wife of Abraham, the mother of Isaac, the first instance of HUMAN SACRIFICE in the bible.

SARAH = SA-RAH = SA-RA = ISIS RA, Sarah Sarah – what will be, will be

Ketchikan – Ket-Ki-Kan – Kick The Can

The next few paragraphs give a brief summary of interconnected subliminals connecting the 44th USA presidential election with the story of Muhammad, Islam, and the overlapping manipulation with the oil/energy crisis, the political/military crisis, the financial stock market crisis and the environmental crisis. All these are happening at the same time and are, in this illusory reality, establishing the devastation they wish for humanity to blindly experience so that horror and confusion will imprison us and separate us conclusively from our eternal paradise state. However, we now know the method and goal of the agenda. Therefore, they have failed miserably.

The K names in the state of Alaska almost defies luciferian logic. Just like the B and G names of the elite puppets and the symbolic pillars of temple sacrifice, the K words are giving up a bunch of insight. When the focus was on China leading up to, and during the Olympics, everyone must have noticed all the X names. K and X are essentially the same letter and sound, meant to instill confusion more than anything else. This simple letter shape and sound association in these different parts of the world sends a message, establishes a reality about what is to transpire, and goes about it completely undetected.

Looking at a map of Alaska, besides all the K names, which are almost endless, the amount of National Parks and National Reserves almost defies any common sense. The whole state is almost a complete national something. Remember, National Monuments, Parks, Reserves, and Forests are just front names, smokescreens, hiding the fact that they are shrines to the luciferian egregore god. They are places of worship and reverence. With this in mind, al-Aqsa Mosque is a religious holy shrine to Islam, situated on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. However, as we’ve discovered, al-Aqsa is Alaska, on the temple mount of the Rocky Mountains and the highest peak in North America, Mount McKinley, and this is why the state is so enshrined with nationally protected status. This is the location of judgment from on high. From the sides of the north. NORTH being the THRONE in reverse.

So when did this suggestion get established in our subconscious minds to become part of our reality? Of course, it hearkens back to the Pyramids of Egypt, and to the Night Journey by Muhammad on al-Buraq, his magic horse, as he flew to Jerusalem and then on to the 7th Heavens. But to really establish this as our reality, right now, in this time that we appear to be living in, consider when the mind control began.
KETCHIKAN = KET-KI-KAN. What does that sound like? Remember back to a game that many have played as children, in the dark, called KICK THE CAN. Everyone would run and hide, then the person protecting the can would try to find those hiding. If that person saw one of the kids hiding, they would run to kick the can before the one hiding could kick it. This little game has programmed our psyche, and assisted in establishing the reality we are now experiencing. The game of KICK THE CAN played in the NIGHT is the NIGHT JOURNEY of MUHAMMAD on BURAQ to al-AQSA.

Bear with me as I ramble out some subliminals that connect how the luciferian agenda has swiftly shifted from Beijing to Alaska and soon will shift to Vancouver and Mount Olympus Washington and then to London in 2012 as the ultimate goal comes to the fore:

the GAME = EYE AM = I AM of KICK THE CAN = KET-KI-KAN = Kill Kill Kill = 11-11-11,
is played under the cover of the NIGHT = KNUT = INUIT, unimportant Eskimo land and people


SARAH PALIN – PRO LIFE = Prince ROSE EFIL or Prince ROSE EVIL – and PRO GUN = Prince EYE-ON – Prince ION

SARAH = wife of ABRAHAM father of Human Sacrifice and Death – SARAH = mother of death
PALIN = PAUL-IN = POLE EYE = POLAR ICE = ISIS mother goddess to cleanse and regenerate the land arrives on BURAQ = BARACK = LIGHTENING and OBAMA = THUNDER, Donner and Blitzen pulling Santa’s SLAY from the North Pole the MAGIC HORSE = MAGI the gift of the 3 wise men – kings of the Orient – 3 stars of ORION’S BELT

– KKK PYRAMIDS of EGYPT – MAGI = I AM in reverse

and arrives in al-AQSA = ALASKA the furthest mosque from MECCA
and the water is poured out = LET JUDGMENT COME DOWN AS WATERS = the GLOBAL WARMING FLOOD = NOAH’S FLOOD and the BIG ONE = an EARTHQUAKE such as was not since man was on the face of the earth the JUDGMENT and EARTHQUAKE = KICKING THE CAN in KETCHIKAN = the NORTH STAR aligns with the KKK PYRAMIDS of EGYPT = the Little Dipper is poured out the LARGE UPPER ROOM has made ready the MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB = ICE LAMB the columns of water pour from BRITISH COLUMBIA = COLUMBE = the HOLY SPIRIT WATER – the DOVE of cleansing the SACRAMENTS are in place in the SACRAMENTO VALLEY as the Little Dipper pours into the Big Dipper

the GOLDEN GATE AWAITS for the Messiah to come pouring through
from MOUNT OLYMPUS Washington = GEORGE WASHINGTON = the ROSE WASHING ION = flood of ZEUS – JESUS and wash away the sins of the heathen


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