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Thursday, June 9, 2011

2012 Olympic Torch Unveiled June 8, 2011 by the IlluminatiMatrix!

The 2012 Olympic Torch was unveiled, June 8, 2012.

As has been mentioned repeatedly on the IlluminatiMatrix, the Olympics are obsessed with the number 8. The number that symbolizes TOTAL CONTROL and the INUNDATION, or FLOOD. However, one might choose to interpret that notion.

Here are just a few of the number 8 symbolisms to surface so far.

The Torch was unveiled on the 8th day of the 6th month of the 11th year.
The number 8 coincides with 66.6 degrees on the 1st clockface.
The number 8 plus 6 = 14, the number symbolizing LOVER’S (February 14), and Oregon and Arizona’s entry into the Union on February 14. These 2 states correspond to Tower 1 and Tower 2 of the World Trade Center.
The number 11 symbolizes DEATH.
There are 8,000 torches being produced.
There will be 8,000 torch bearers.
The torch will travel 8,000 miles.
There are 8,000 holes cut into the design of each torch.
There are a total of 8,000 x 8,000 = 64,000,000 million holes (8×8) with a bunch of zeros, representing the number 10, or the INTENSITY of what’s to come.

Physical characteristics are 800m (30″) and 800g.

These symbolic numbers are suggesting notions that will contribute to the coming cataclysm, or the fabricated Day of Judgment and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Keeping in mind that this is only suggestion that assists in establishing the cataclysm within the Trance State, and is not necessarily indicating the Time, or When, events will unfold. What is extremely obvious is that this is intended to increase dramatically, the INTENSITY of the Trance State, which increases the likelihood of events unfolding, much sooner than later. In the luciferian agenda, things do not unfold linearly, but unfold when the intensity is heightened. These numbers and symbolic form of the Torch is intended to do just that, without the slightest comprehension of the elitists who are perpetuating the events.

The number 8 suggests ATE, as in feast.
The word TORCH suggests – T sacrifice – and ORCH=ROCH=ROCK, the 11 Western States.
The number 8 has shown up in past summer Olympics, such as SEOUL South Korea in 1988. In Beijing, on 08/08/08, starting at 8:08:08 seconds. With the Sichuan earthquake occurring 88 days before the Olympics began, with a total dead and missing of 88,000 people.

Now we continue the saga of all those CRAZY 8′s. Kinda’ makes one feel they’re behind the 8-BALL!

The whole of the United States of America was established on the Heliacal Rising of Sirius, the Star God, the Star of ISIS. And HIDDEN (HYDE) within the original JACKAL (JEKYLL) form of the Sphinx is the LION KING (LINCOLN) and the suggestion of the Flooding Nile. All this subliminal manipulation has been establishing the coming deluge, which has been building with record flooding in the Mississippi (Miss ISSI PPII) this spring. Record flooding in CAIRO Illinois, in the area referred to as Little Egypt. Record flooding in Memphis Tennessee, where water surrounded the Pyramid Stadium. Record flooding along the Missouri, the Red River, and massive flooding in Quebec (Kabaah), in Manitoba along the Assiniboine and Red Rivers, and throughout many other regions of North America. This is beyond anything relating to normal.

This flooding coincides with the 35 days before July 4th, which begin on May 31/June 1. This is the date that the Dog Star Sirius, the Star of ISIS, the Queen of Heaven, and the SUN / SON, begin to rise together. This is the Mother and the Son, Mary and Jesus, (in modern lingo), rising to the occasion, so to speak.
The date of June 1, 2011, also coincides with the return of the Space Shuttle Endeavor, after its 16 day mission to the International Space Station, on its last voyage.
This is why the launch of Endeavor was delayed 3 times so as to launch on May 16, 2011. The original date was April 29, the date of the Royal Wedding. This was the beginning of the Beltane festival, and the rituals associated with this Death festival. However, the launch had to also be linked to the simultaneous rising of the Dog Star, the Star of ISIS, so as to symbolically, and subliminally, further establish the coming cataclysm.
The coinciding rising of Sirius, the DOG GOD, and the SUN, the LION KING, ends on August 11 on the Gregorian Calendar. The 2012 London XXX Olympiad ends on August 11, 2012, with the closing ceremonies taking place on August 12, 2012, or 08/12/2012, where the number 20 coincides with 8 on the 1st clockface, or 8/12/8-12.
8+12=20 and coincides with 8. Repeating itself twice = 88, or 8+8=16, the number of the Flood and Lion King.
The LION KING was released at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver (Mount Olympus Washington region), on February 12, 2010, on LINCOLN’S 201st BIRTHDAY, with the Opening Ceremonies, and the Games beginning on February 13, 2011. This is EXACTLY 911 days until the 2012 London XXX Olympiad closes on August 12, 2012.
This is exactly 30 MONTHS, or 30 MOONS, which coincides symbolically with the 3oth, or XXX, Olympiad.
911 DAYS = 9-11

The unified rising of the DOG/CAT GOD, symbolizing the rising of the Mother and Son, or the Sun and Moon, is yet another subliminal relating to Solomon, the Sun and Moon.

Notice the RELEASE date of the Film... 7.1.11
7+1+11 = 19 (10 = Intensity, 9 = Fall... into death)
7+1 = 8 for control and 11 = death
7 = perfection or completion
1 = The One Supreme Being or the ONE, The Creator, The Elite
11 = Death

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