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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Beginning Of Miracles - IlluminatiMATRIX...continued


The Christian celebration called epiphany is celebrated on January 6. This coincides with the Olympic Torch relay date with day 69 of the relay. The number 69 coincides with 9 on the 6th clockface. This celebration deals with observing the birth, childhood events, baptism, and the Wedding at Cana, the beginning of miracles, by Jesus, where he turned the WATER into WINE. However, its mostly concerned with the BAPTISM of Jesus, by John the Baptist. One such ritual occurring within the Epiphany celebration, is the Blessing of the Waters, where a cross is tossed into a body of water and swimmers go out to see who can retrieve it. The swimmer who claims it, brings it back to the priest who gives a blessing to the swimmer and to his whole house. (No need to elaborate on the suggestion here).

The Beginning Of Miracles At CANA

The 1st miracle of Jesus occurred in Cana Galilee. This is where Jesus turned the WATER into WINE. What’s being suggested here, in a subliminal sense, is hidden within the fabricated Swine Flu hysteria that has recently unfolded, and will continue to unfold, throughout the world. This suggestion involved the Sea Water being turned into Wine. This is the BEGINNING of MIRACLES.

CANA = CANADA the Sea/See Kills begin in Canada
SEA WINE = S-WINE the drink being served at the Marriage Supper

The beginning of miracles within the luciferian agenda will begin in Cana, or Canada. The suggestion is that at the Wedding Feast, which is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb of God, the Sea Wine, the Water of God, the Living Water, will begin to cleanse the earth. From these humble, yet miraculous beginnings, Jesus will eventually WALK ON WATER, and feed the masses with a few loaves of BREAD and FISH.

This preoccupation with WATER, corresponds to the FLOOD of the NILE. As mentioned on previous pages, this was celebrated on July 4th in ancient Egypt, and coincides with the birthday of the United States of America, which occurred on July 4th, 1776.

1776 divided by 2 = 888, or ATE ATE ATE, as in a FEAST.

This FLOOD, in turn, corresponds to the suggestion of WASHING, and President George WASHINGTON, the 1st President of the USA. The number 1 again.

Washington = WA or the value of 6 (in Hebrew), and is the sacrificer, or refers to the means and method used to initiate sacrifice.

Washington and the number 6 corresponds to Building 6 of the World Trade Center Plaza, where WASHINGTON STREET ran perpendicular to Building 6. WASHINGTON STATE, the location of Mount Olympus Washington, which suggests the gods of Olympus, borders on Vancouver, British Columbia, which coincides with Building 7, the site of the 2010 Olympics.

BRITISH = BRITANNIA the goddess of the Sea / the Queen of Heaven, the Moon goddess, the Flood of the Nile, etc.

COLUMBIA = COLUMBE the Dove / the Holy Spirit / that descended upon the Son and also depicted as the symbol of Mother Mary, the Sea.

The Dove is the symbol that corresponds to the story of NOAH and the Flood.
The name British Columbia relates subliminally to the name of SOLOMON = SOL/SUN and MON/MOON.

Building 7 corresponds to British Columbia in the WTC Plaza as shown 2 charts above.
The name British Columbia is referring to SOLOMON.
Building 7 was called the SALOMON Brothers Building. The SUN and MOON building.
The days of the week – SUNDAY and MONDAY – likewise refer to SOL and MON, and are thereby associated with Solomon’s Temple of sacrifice and cleansing.

The Sol/Sun/ corresponds to the Son God.

The Mon/Moon/Flood/Sea refers to the Mother Goddess, the Moon Goddess.

The flag of British Columbia is shown below, with the SUN/SON god and the WATER/MOON goddess shown as simple illustrations.

The Union Jack flag demonstrates the UNION of the Son and the Mother in Marriage, or MARY-AGE.
This again is the UNION of the LION KING, or LINCOLN, the Great Sphinx, which represents the Mother and the Son.

888 DAYS Till the 2012 Olympics
The subliminal numbers 1 and 2

In the previous century, the 20th century, the 3 dimensional illusory sphere, underwent the most radical changes ever encountered in the history of this illusion. The number 20 coincides with the number 8, the number of CONTROL.

Now, in this century, the 21st century, beginning with the WTC attack of 2001, (again, the numbers 1 and 2), everything appears to have undergone an extreme trance-formation and we’ve only begun to experience the 21st century as we enter the year 2010.

The number 21 coincides with the number 9 on the 2nd clockface, the number of the FALL. This symbolic number 21, or the numbers 1 and 2, when associated with the number 0, (which is a number of no value unless UNITED, or MARRIED with another number), is symbolic of the 10 times tables and the 12 times tables represented in the objects within Solomon’s Temple.

Its this symbolism, and the endless sacrifice associated with Solomon’s Temple, that is now being prepared to be fulfilled as the 21st Olympiad of the 2010 Games is set to begin, in the 21st century, in the province of British Columbia that borders on the 120 degree W longitude, the exact same 120 degree W longitude as the vertical border of California. Yet another use of the numbers 1 and 2, coupled with a 0.

British Columbia was also the 6th province to join confederation, the number value of the Hebrew term WA, or VA, the WAVE.

The 2010 Olympics begin in Vancouver on February 12, Lincoln’s 201 birthday.

Exactly 10 days later, Washington’s birthday occurs, on February 22.

Keeping in mind that this WASHING in the name WASHINGTON, is referring to the FLOOD of the NILE which relates to July 4th and the year 1776, or the number 888.

1776 divided by 2 = 888

The suggestion being, that 888, or ATE ATE ATE, or the time alotted for the MARRIAGE SUPPER, the cleansing will continue.

From the day ending on February 21, 2009, the day preceeding Washington’s Birthday on February 22, until July 28, 2012, the day the Olympic Games actually begin in LONDON, (the Opening Ceremonies take place on July27), 888 DAYS will have transpired.

This is the initiation of the cleansing period and the beginning of Jesus’ miracles, (which begin in CANA / CANAAN / CANADA), preparing the sacrifice to be offered. This is the period of whatever form the flood and cleansing might take. Be assured, the luciferian Mindset is not limited to utilize just physical water as a means of flooding and cleansing the world of whatever is deemed undesirable.

February 21 and 22 utilize the numbers 1 and 2. Just as the WTC Towers were also 1 and 2.

February 21 is a SUNDAY, or SOL day, the 1st DAY of the week. February 22nd is a MONDAY, or MOON daythe 2nd DAY of the week. Together they suggest the sacrifice of SOL-o-MON’s Temple and the cleansing of sin and a time of renewal.

From this symbolic date, February 21, 2010, for 888 days, until the 2012 Olympics begin in London, on July 27 and 28, sacrifices will be cleansed, made ready, and also offered in ritual.

1776 divided by 2 = 888 divided by 2 = 444 by 2 = 222 by 2 = 111 by 2 the number of creation = 55.5 the sacrifice.

The number 1776 divided by 2, 5 times = 5.5.

The 2010 Olympics are the XXI Winter Olympiad.

XXI = 21

The numbers 1 and 2 with inTENsity 0 are used throughout the luciferian cleansing agenda.

The year 2010 – the beginning of cleansing.

Lincoln’s birthday – 201 on the 12/02/2010
Washington’s birthday – 22/02/2010
The beginning of the cleansing – 21/02/2010

The XXX (30th) – London – July 27, 2012 to August 12, 2012

The cleansing process continues until XXX – the beginning of the London Olympics – 28/07/2012
The Olympics end – 12/08/2012

The Roman numerals of XXX, triple X SEX, 3 Kisses, also stand for 10/10/10, or triple intensity. As in the number 1000.

The word KISS is an anagram for SIKS, or 6.
The word SEX sounds like SIX
The last 3 letters of the English alphabet are XYZ, which again, is ZYX, or SYX, or SIX, or 6, in reverse, and substituting the Z with S.

The letters XXX are therefore symbolic of the number 666, or SICKS SICKS SICKS.

When XXX are added up as 10+10+10=30. The number 30 coincides with 6 on the 3rd clockface.
When 666 are added up as 6+6+6=18. The number 18 coincides with 6 on the 2nd clockface.

The day, month and year of 12/08/2012 breaks down like this:
12+8 = 20 coincides with 8 on the 2nd clockface
2012 = 20 coincides with 8 on the 2nd clockface
2012 is therefore another 8+12 = 20, which again coincides with 8

The day, month and year of 2012 is symbolic of 88, and the relate to the 888 days of cleansing which correspond to the Flood of the Nile, which was a time of regeneration, rebirth, and a new season.

Stop the war.

John F. Kennedy made this speech April 27, 1961

Please watch this. Until we realize the world is run by secret devils, we should stop the carnage that is taken place all over the world. The wars in Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan, of today and the wars of past years, WWI and WWII. The ill treatment of the Chinese people, Russian, Polish; the list is endless. We can, & should stop the progress of the new world order.

In this speech John clearly states the danger we are in from these secret societies. The Freemasons had been infiltrated by a deeper darker society with evil intent. They are "the Illuminati".


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