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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Inside story on the top-secret Navy SEAL Team Six which took Bin Laden down / RICHARD MARCINKO

"August 6, 2011 – Navy SEAL TEAM 6 – Suggests The 6th SEAL Of Revelation
The Navy Seal Team 6 helicopter crash on August 6, 2011 in Afghanistan includes a suggestion that THE 6th SEAL from REVELATION 6 is opened and is announcing a BIG EQ. This is the same unit (NAVY SEAL TEAM 6) that “got” Osama Bin Laden.

A DOG/GOD was on board the CHINOOK/SALMON/SOLOMON. These are the DOG DAYS with Sirius rising.

From Revelation 6: (King James version):

12 – And I beheld when he had opened the SIXTH SEAL, and, lo, there was A GREAT EARTHQUAKE; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

13 – And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind…" - IM

Here is a program that clearly shows what the USA is really good at... KILLING PEOPLE. And sparing NO EXPENSE to get their MAN. But did they really get him? Personally I don't care if the Seal Team killed Bin Laden or not! Or if he died years ago of kidney disease, etc. Either way he is most likely dead now and the subliminals here are that the US got some revenge for the WTC 911 event. Nothing is what it seems. I actually don't recall that Bin Laden ever personaly stated claim for the bombing, oops, WTC was an attack, right? Or was it a BOMBING...from the inside? :)

Discovery Channel: Secrets of Seal Team 6 [1/3]

Discovery Channel: Secrets of Seal Team 6 [2/3]

One thing I noted in the Seal Team 6 information that was stated on part 2 about 6:20 mins in to the video. Richard Marcinko said that the TRAINING BUDGET for 75 shooters, (his Seal Team 6 training cost), was more than the training budget for the WHOLE US MARINE CORPS for a year. And we wonder where the USA Gov spends all the money? lol I actually think it very easy to see that the Goverment LIES about everything. What don't people get about that. Or is it that people just don't care anymore?

Discovery Channel: Secrets of Seal Team 6 [3/3]

Infowars Ireland Predicted SEAL Team 6 Demise.
Strange Coincidence Surrounding a Known Conspiracy.
Article by Tony Cartalucci
Aug 7, 2011

"What is a known fact is that Osama Bin Laden was not killed earlier this year during the hyped-Pakistan raid, but rather died nearly a decade ago due to health problems. This means that whoever landed in Pakistan and murdered the people occupying the alleged “Bin Laden” compound, just a stone’s throw away from a nearby CIA safe house, killed someone else. It is quite clear that these people, alleged to have been members of the ultra-secret SEAL Team 6, would then be liabilities to whoever attempted to foist this hoax upon the world.

With that in mind, all the way back in May 2011, Infowars Ireland’s Declan O’Shea predicted SEAL Team 6 would be inevitably eliminated. It appears now, after reports of “US troops” dying in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, that a large part of SEAL Team 6 died with them. In fact, allegedly 22 SEAL Team 6 members are said to have died in the crash, just 2 short of the 24 that allegedly participated in the “Bin Laden” raid. The Pentagon was quick to point out that, even though the identities of SEAL Team 6 members are all closely guarded secrets – they are “sure” none of those who recently died had taken part in the “Osama Bin Laden” assassination.

Video: Declan O’Shea of Infowars Ireland, in May 2011, predicting that the SEAL Team 6 members that raided a compound in Pakistan were not long for this world and would be liquidated to tie up loose ends. The full video can be found here and just below. Coincidentally, a large portion of SEAL Team 6 was just killed in a recent helicopter crash in Afghanistan – either the liquidation itself, or possible cover for the liquidation, as explained by Alex Jones of Infowars.com.

One thing that is certain, the professionalism, training, and dedication exhibited by the US Navy SEALs or in fact, by any of America’s armed forces, is being exploited and abused by a callus, self-serving, criminal government. Despite all the hollow praise coming from Obama and his speech writers, the reality is they could care less about the lives of these men or the families they left behind. Whether it was murdering Pat Tillman, lying about Jessica Lynch, experimenting on unknowing military test subjects, or using false pretexts to start wars that feed tens of thousands of Americans into the horrors of combat for Exxon, Halliburton, and DynCorps contracts, US troops are but pawns in a power struggle, their lives, honor, and sacrifices maliciously used to perpetuate an unjust dishonorable agenda.

That the US government is so duplicitous that they arouse just as much suspicion as our “enemies” when US troops die in a combat zone should be a warning and wake up call for all of our brave armed forces. America’s enemies are not hiding in caves throughout the mountains of Afghanistan, they strut about with absolute hubris in Washington D.C. and along Wall Street. Now would be a good time to re-read Marine Corps General Smedley Butler’s “War is a Racket” and keep in mind just how the government and the corporate interests that drive them view its “hallowed military heroes.”

A Reminder...And let us, above all, remember that while the US government is full of pot-bellied, paper-pushing, treasonous, craven scum – America’s troops truly believe they are doing what is right. While in reality they serve a despicable agenda driven by a lust for power, they themselves have honorable intentions in mind as they risk their lives on a daily basis. They, like soldiers throughout time, do not wake up every morning swearing allegiance to their leadership’s megalomania, but truly believe they are defending their nation from an enemy they have been told is very real. We must make sure that we continue fighting with that in mind, to match their bravery and sacrifices with the truth and a truly noble cause."


- The SYMBOLISM behind the Osama Bin Laden situation and quotes from the IlluminatiMatrix.-
May 2, 2011 Osama Bin Laden Shot In Abbottabad!

"Osama Bin Laden was supposedly killed in an early morning USA Navy Seal raid on a compound in Abbottabad Pakistan. Then, in a desperate attempt to honour their sworn enemy, they took possession of his body and supposedly received Islamic clerical advice on how to bury Osama at sea in accordance with Islamic tradition, laws and customs. Only problem is, according to Islamic clerics at the largest mosque in Cairo Egypt, you can only be buried at sea if you died while on a boat. Otherwise you must be buried in the ground with your head pointing to Mecca. This is the correct way to be buried according to Islamic law and tradition.

Obviously, this is another attempt to manipulate the world population with deceit, to inspire anger, to instill fear, to add to the confusion, to GET A REACTION. However, it’s not the USA administration that orchestrates this, as is suggested, it’s the mathematical sequencing of the luciferian Mindset, and is how the egregore group of Thinkers, (which is the Thought Process), unfolds in the 3D scheme of things. This mathematically constructed 3 dimensional illusory realm cannot help but manifest yet again, as we’re witnessing with the fabricated death of Osama Bin Laden, in a fashion that conjures up the intended illusory 3D reality we’re meant to experience.

Osama Bin Laden is a type of LION KING, even as Lincoln, Kennedy and Obama are types of the Lion King, which is symbolized with the Sphinx of Egypt.


This is the symbolism of the SPHINX, which is the SUN and MOON, the SON and MOTHER, which is SOL-O-MON’s Temple.

Osama Bin Laden was supposedly SHOT IN THE HEAD, just like the Sphinx has had its nose shot off as these illusory centuries have past by. The same for Lincoln and Kennedy, both types of the Lion King, were shot in the head. And now, the suggestion is becoming very potent, as the name of OSAMA and OBAMA are becoming inexplicably linked together in one nasty subliminal. All one has to do is switch the BS, and we obtain this:


In other words, the Lion King, the SUN/SON of sacrifice, is LADEN WITH SIN, which are the SINS of THE WORLD and this world deserves to be judged and cleansed. It was just yesterday that Obama publicly ridiculed DONALD (Trump) concerning the DONALD’S comments regarding his nation of birth. Obama played a clip of the Lion King movie in a gesture of back-handed humour, (so much deserved by Trump), to establish his birth event, and yet, the suggestion is, of course, that Obama is the Lion King. Even though Obama has no idea of the suggestion that he’s implanting, or the seriousness on a 3D level, that this will create for himself.

The DONALD = The DAWN of ALLAH = The Judgment of God
TRUMP = T, or Sacrifice, to Conquer

Lincoln and Kennedy were shot in the head in their last year in office of their first term. Osama was supposedly shot in the head and buried in the ‘SEA’. The Sphinx was shot in the head and buried in the SANDS of the SEA, or the SAHARA SAND, or RAAAHS SAND. Ra is the Sun God, the Son of God, and is symbolized by the SEA/SEE, who in turn takes on the male/female aspect of mythological gods, and appears also as the Mother. This Mother Sea is RA’s Sea, and will RAYS UP, or will RAISE UP, or will RISE UP, and will be the one that ROSE UP to cleanse the earth, by sacrificing her Sun/Son, so as to be a sacrifice for the world, that none shall be LADEN WITH SIN anymore.

This is the Night Journey of Muhammad on his magic horse Al-Buraq, or AL-BARACK, the BA, the Sacrifice ROCK, that ROSE UP TO THE 7TH HEAVEN to talk with Allah. This Night Journey began in Mecca and in 1 night, continued to the Al-Aqsa Mosque/ALASKA, the ‘Furthest Mosque’ from Mecca, and then just a few metres to the Dome of the Rock/The Foundation Stone/The 11 WESTERN STATES, which are literally the 2 hottest earthquake regions on the North American coast of the Pacific Rim, whereupon Muhammad leapt into heaven, the highest heaven, the 7th heaven, to talk to god… and to negotiate a deal for his followers."

"August 7, 2011"
– World’s Tallest Building
– In 5 YEARS

Albawaba Business quote: "Saudi billionaire, Alwaleed bin Talal, is building a 1000 METER TOWER that will include a hotel, luxurious residential apartments and offices. Talal’s company, The Kingdom Holding Company, announced the execution of the agreement between Jeddah Economic (one of the partner companies) and the Bin Laden Group. The Kingdom Tower will be built in Jeddah on the Red Sea.

The tower will be the highest tower in the world costing 4.6 billion Saudi riyals. The Kingdom Tower will be taller than the Tower Khalifa in Dubai, which is 825 meters tall, built by the Emaar Real Estate."

Where have we heard that name BIN LADEN before?
Why 1000 metres tall?
Why is this announced now?

Jeddah on the sea, is just a few short miles directly west of MECCA Saudi Arabia." - IM

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