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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hitler – GAS – BP OIL – DEATH

Adolf Hitler is most remembered for sending the Jewish people, and others, to the infamous GAS CHAMBERS during World War II. The use of CHLORINE GAS, a pulmonary agent causing choking, and death, was employed. The first use of a pulmonary agent in modern history, was used on the British and Union armies, in the Crimean War, on APRIL 22, 1915, during World War I. This occurred at the Second Battle of Ypres in Belgium (a B and G word). The German army opened up with 168,000 tons of Chlorine Gas on the French, Canadian, and British Troops, as well as Sengalese and African Algerian troops.

The first use of POISON GAS was on APRIL 22, 1915.

The Deepwater Horizon sank on APRIL 22, 2010.

The sinking of the Deepwater Horizon on April 22, 2010 initiated the release of an array of POISONOUS GASSES into the Gulf of Mexico.

This event is a result of the suggestion conjured up on April 22, 1915. This is how the hypnotic Trance State works. For example, throughout this site, the 11 Western States can be placed over many different geographical locations where an implied Right Angle and an implied curve exist. This overlaying technique reveals many hidden subliminals. This same technique is also able to be applied to the date that events take place, which we refer to as anniversary’s, etc. This repeating of dates, with similar aspects such as the release of poisonous gas, work together to establish our illusory reality within the Trance State. Keep in mind, that this is hypnosis. Everything is just suggestion.

There is no such thing as Time, or Space, and the events that occurred on April 22, 1915, are occurring at precisely the same point in history as the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon on April 22, 1915. This same sort of Trance inducement occurred with the extraordinary similarities between the assassinations of Kennedy and Lincoln, which seemed to occur some 100 years apart, but in Reality, they occurred simultaneously. Grasping this concept is conducive to breaking the Trance State. This overlaying technique applies to all synchronizing aspects of the 3D illusory realm. There is, however, no actual synchronizing of events, dates, numbers, etc., … for what appears to be synchronization, is just the same event being intensified, in what only appears to be a later Time frame.

These events occurred 95 years apart.

95 coincides with 11 on the 8th clockface.
11 x 8 = 88
95 = 9 + 5 = 14 the number of Va-LENT-ine,
or VA, WA, Water, with a Hebrew value of 6, or SICKS.

The Deepwater Horizon was drilling for BP (British Petroleum – or Britannia, the Queen of Heaven Flood Goddess, and PETROLEUM, the YELLOW STONE, the YELLOW STAR), and as a consequence of the explosion and sinking, different GASES began to pour into the Gulf along with the crude oil. Some of these gases are said to consist of:

Hydrogen Sulfphide – allowable safe limits in Parts/Billion: 5-10 parts.
Parts pouring into the Gulf: 1,200 PPBillion.

Benzyne – cancer causing agent:
Allowable safe limit: 0-4 PPBillion.
Parts pouring into the Gulf: 3,000 PPBillion.

Methalyne Chloride – allowable safe limit: 61 PPBillion.
Parts pouring into the Gulf: 3,000 to 3,400 PPBillion.

During World War I, Adolf Hitler was himself, gassed with Mustard Gas.

Adolf Hitler died on April 30, 1945.
This was 65 years until April 30, 2010.
We are now into the 66th year since Hitler’s death with each passing illusory day.

65=6+5=11, the number of death.
Adolf Hitler was 56 years old.
56=5+6=11, the number of death.
56 coincides with 8 on the 5th clockface.

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889. As mentioned on p.55, 2010 is the 121st anniversary of Hitler’s birth. The number 121 = 11×11, a simple mathematical equation that relates to the creation, or conjuring up, of all things. The number 121 coincides with 1 on the 11 clockface. The number 11 is the number of death, and the number 121 includes the subliminal of at least 3 number 11′s.

Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 =1+8+8+9=26 =2+6=8.
Or again, 18+89 =107 =1+0+7=8.
107 coincides with 11, the number of death, on the 9th clockface. … another 9-11.

On December 8, 1915, the day celebrated by Christians as the Conception of Mary in her mother St. Anne, Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae’s classic poem “In Flanders Fields”, was published in PUNCH Magazine, and was inspired by the Poison Gas battle at Ypres. JOHN McCRAE = OANNES fish god, McCRAE = Son of SEA RA.

The Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, 2010. There were 11 crew members killed in this explosion. The numbers 11 and 20 coinciding with the numbers mentioned above, that relate to the birth of Hitler.

A closer symbolic look at the name ADOLF reveals a subliminal relating to the word GULF. Working backwards, using an anagram for ADOLF, then a different spelling of that anagram, eventually substituting a Y for a G, (in reverse of the usual G for a Y), the name ADOLF is suggesting the GULF.

Adolf’s last name, HITLER, also includes a subliminal relating to the Gulf of Mexico. HITLER is an anagram for High Water, in much the same way that HIAWATHA = HIGHER WATER, and HAWAII = HIGH WA-II = HIGH WA-EYE, with the EYE being the symbol of the ION, or the electrified Atom that conjures up CURRENTS, both electric and water.


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