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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Boston Tea Party – T – SACRIFICE PARTY

The Boston Tea Party occurred on December 16, 1773. This was 236 years ago, on December 16, 2009. The word TEA = ATE = EIGHT = 8, the number suggesting the Flood.

The term Boston Tea Party really means, the Sacrifice Stone Sacrifice Party. This in turn corresponds to the 11 Western States, which form the Sacrifice Stone, which is the Foundation Stone set under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

236=2+3+6=11 Death.
236 divided by 2 = 118 coinciding with 10 on the 10th clockface.
118 divided by 2 = 59 coinciding with 11 on the 5th clockface. Death and Sacrifice.
59=5+9=14=1+4=5, or Sacrifice.

The Boston Tea Party eventually led to the Revolutionary War in the British colonies. The War started just outside Boston, in 1775. By 1776, the colonies had declared independence on July 4, 1776. As mentioned previously, July 4 is the day associated with the Flood of the Nile in Egypt. The year, 1776, when divided by 2=888, the number suggesting TEA TEA TEA, T T T, or ATE ATE ATE, or EIGHT EIGHT EIGHT, or 888. The number 8 is concerned with the Marriage Supper of EATING and DRINKING, which suggests the flood of cleansing the earth.

As for those silent letters in the word EIGHT:

and G, is suggesting an unfinished letter 8
H is the 8th letter and sounds like 8
T is the 20th letter and coincides with 8 on the 1st clockface.
Together, A888=8, suggesting the flood.

BOSTON = BA sacrifice STON stone.

The election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, on January 19, 2010, has coincided with the contemporary Tea Party movement of protest against government overspending. The subliminal hidden within this luciferian ploy, is that the Obama presidency is over taxing, and wrongfully taxing, and a revolution will have to occur, where a new country, a new environment and a new nation will be the goal. This in turn is suggesting the New Age with the New Primordial Mound rising from the ashes of the Old.

Misspelled Signs of the Tea Party!


  1. Hi Darkstar, cool post. I also suspect that is perhaps what is going on. Is Obama the "reverse spell" of Lincoln, the one who will oversee the destruction of the Union and who has made all Americans indebted slaves to the bankers. God, I hope I don't wind up in Palin's principality. Probably it will be Arnold's.

    Regarding your comment at gosporn about the connection of the volcano to The Oklahoma bombing, you appear to be spot on. Check out Loren Coleman's latest post about a man arrested today in ASHeville NC named McVey! I'm also reminded how Timothy McVeigh was seeking vengeance against the feds for the Waco Siege, which is perhaps another example of the "Horus avenging is father" archetype.

    What a week!

    Cheers, Michael

  2. Good point in your comment Michael. I agree. But I haven't researched the new episode concerning this new McVey and Obama. I'll look into it. :)

    Michael said..."Is Obama the "reverse spell" of Lincoln,"

    Actually yes and I need a little time to post the information. I may have done it before but regardless I look into it again...it will be a fun post. I'll let you know, thank you for your comments.