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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Broader Measure of U.S. Unemployment Stands at 17.5% - Looking for A Job? | Humor...Too Funny

The New York Times, November 8, 2009

Editor’s note: The unemployment rate during the Great Depression was %20.
For all the pain caused by the Great Recession, the job market still was not in as bad shape as it had been during the depths of the early 1980s recession — until now.

With the release of the jobs report on Friday, the broadest measure of unemployment and underemployment tracked by the Labor Department has reached its highest level in decades. If statistics went back so far, the measure would almost certainly be at its highest level since the Great Depression.

In all, more than one out of every six workers — 17.5 percent — were unemployed or underemployed in October. The previous recorded high was 17.1 percent, in December 1982.

This includes the officially unemployed, who have looked for work in the last four weeks. It also includes discouraged workers, who have looked in the past year, as well as millions of part-time workers who want to be working full time.  Read entire article

So if you are looking for work, here are a few ideas from the Big Boys.

In the radio pundit portion of his career, national leaders asked Will Rogers to address a nation struggling with the Great Depression. He often thought congress & administrations missed the mark, but he was never spiteful or hateful. We need his spirit in today's media. Remember that this Broadcast was in 1931...doesn't sound any different from today!

Tommy Tiernan Live - Fire and Unemployment

This is a most funny stand up comedy sketch to watch...Just for the Fucking Fun of it!


  1. JOB= Just over broke

  2. Shit, and I thought it meant...

    JOB = BOJ = Barack Obama Jesus!

    or = Barack Ob am a Jesus