"Always be aware, that humanity, the whole population of the world, is illusory. That includes the one reading these words. Humanity is not real or valid. The illusory body of humanity is not at all who and what we really are. We have simply been conjured up, given a 3D name, body, mind and spirit/energy, (all aspects which are fake), and then filled with endless suggestions in our illusory brain, that this is who we really are. From this point on, in our 3D life experience, believing that our 3 dimensional life experience is real, leads to endless confusion and suffering. This belief manifests the notion of being imprisoned. However, we are not imprisoned, but if we believe we are, then for all intents and purposes, we might as well be." - Bryan Kemila, IlluminatiMatrix


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Monday, October 5, 2009

Security Of The Person Small - Think Free - Rob Menard

The New work from Freeman-on-the-Land Robert-Arthur Menard examines the meaning of the term security of the person and how it relates to your relationship with the government. Did you know you owned stock and could hold that stock and collect dividends?

ThinkFREE is dedicated to helping achieve a freer and more just society, where authority is achieved without deception and exercised with restraint, understanding, accountability and compassion. We employ satire, comedy shows, guerrilla videography, Notarial justice, advocacy, public action and dance (seriously, never doubt the power of dance). Recognizing that justice is truth in action, we champion not only human rights but human dignity and firmly believe there is more than enough for everybody. Using the power of truth and simple questions we shine a light on those who seek to deceive and subjugate and once identified, we do not shy from the duty to peacefully and lawfully correct. http://www.thinkfree.ca/

Watch the Brand new longform Trailer for "Believers Beware",the sequel to "The Cause of Effect : Hijacking Humanity"!

Security Of The Person Small

Carlosanto...Thank you for the post idea.

I like Menard and have read about this beofore. Now it's time to act and claim our rights.



  1. I am glad you are doing a good thing with the info.

  2. carlosanto. There is a group of people, thinkers like us, that are intelligent, responsible people trying to alert the sheeple, which I feel is a waste of time, but we gain and share knowledge from our group discussions that we have on the internet. Max Igan is the Author of the Awakening, Big Picture, etc. He has a radio show and you can see that his web site has lots of useful information. http://thecrowhouse.com/home.html

    Max and others and I have become friends over the months. Several of us around the world communicate in Ventrillo (IP information on Crowhouse.com) or Skype. We exchange valuable information including rare hard to find information. Join us if you are interested. We either type or talk...matters not.

    Oh. There is post on my Blogs about the Rick Simpson Story...he is a freeman-on-the-land in Nova Scotia. And several of my internet friends are all reading the FreeMan stuff to arm and educate ourselfs. Email me if you would like more information or just join us in vent. Take care.

  3. 1. I never saw Cory Herter before. What he said about 75% of pharmaceuticals being derived from plants/herbs is interesting. I looked it up, and found that about 58% of drugs are from plants; but I don't know if it means 58% of the active ingredients (versus inactive) are derived from plants. Apparently it's very hard to produce very complex organic molecules through a chemical process unless you first start off with a complex organic molecule from a plant. Unfortunately, the one drug I take doesn't seem to be derived from a plant. I looked up the US patent to see how it's made, and it's a synthetic/chemical process. I read something about how the ancients would take herbs based on what they looked like. i.e., if you had hair loss, they'd take this mossy looking herb b/c it "looked" like it had hair. or if you had fertility issues, they'd take a root that looked like a baby. Whether or not that worked out for them, I don't know. But if it did actually work out, it makes you wonder whether some higher form of intelligence once genetically engineered these herbs as medicines and left these plants laying around the planet for people later.

    2. Re: the bill of rights in Canada guarantees you the security the person, i.e., the actual physical document that represents your share of the corporation known as Canada which pays dividends, where the feds are holding it as your fiduciary.

    Yeah, um, good luck trying to get a hold of that document and collect on it. I totally believe this concept though. It explains the boom/bust/war our favorite person keeps talking about. So when the money /resource ratio gets out of whack at the end of a boom cycle, and there's no way the population can pay back the interest on the debt because this money just doesn't exist, the "benevolency" can call in a portion of these documents/people as collateral on the defaulted debt, and they have license to kill people and/or reorganize the fiat money system to go through with war part of the cycle.

  4. Thank you for the comments Donny. Appreciate the feedback.

    The Freeman information is certainly worth looking into, especially if it can lead to a better way of life. I realize it is a long road of research because they won't make it easy (the Gov) to get your rights back...but hey, no harm in trying. What are they going to do...say no. They do that now. :)

  5. I'm still watching that last video. It has a lot of great legal arguments I'll keep in the back of my mind for cases later. I love his legal stories. That shit doesn't happen in real life in our firm's cases. But who knows, it might happen high up in the mason network. If you're flashing one freemason sign after another and say the magic legal terms, and your judge is educated in the "real" meaning behind some laws, then who knows. Maybe these weird legal results do occur. These concepts, such as the meaning of the terms "understand" or tax "remittance" aren't taught in regular law school though. Or commerce. In Const. law, the feds can regulate anything that affects commerce. They've stretched the term commerce to mean anything, so they can regulate anything they want even if it overlaps the regular health and welfare area of the local governments. But this guy's definition of commerce is very narrow.