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Monday, September 28, 2009

Why give a speech on September 8? IlluminatiMATRIX...contd!

French Vervion of the text in this post & my previous post (IlluminatiMATRIX). Follow the link below. Enjoy Komar, My friend :~)



But WHY SEPTEMBER 8, 2009? Simply because 08/09/20-09 = 08/09/08-09. This is the NATIVITY of the QUEEN of HEAVEN. The day set aside in sun worship, as the Day of the Birth of MARY. Of course, Mary is the Sea, or the SEE, the All Seeing Eye. Being that a pregnancy lasts 9 months (a very symbolic length of time in consideration of the year 2009 and the number of the FALL), Mother Mary’s mother, SAINT ANN (Satan / Shaitan) conceived Mary on December 8.

At the pronouncement by the angel Gabriel (a G and B word), known as the ANNUNCIATION DAY, Mary’s IMMACULATE CONCEPTION of Jesus Christ, the supposed messiah, occurred when the great god, Father Khufu (named after the tallest of the Giza Pyramids), or Father Fuhk-u, impregnated Mary on March 25, 3 days after the Spring Equinox, just as the Sun / Son rises high enough in the sky, to make the days longer than the night, and exactly 9 months before Christmas Day, or 3 days after the Winter Solstice. Once again, the story of Christ is nothing more than astrological lunacy.

It just so happens that December 8, the Immaculate Conception of Mary by Saint Ann, is 66 DAYS before the Vancouver, Mount Olympus, Victoria, Whistler Olympics of February 12, 2010 begin. Symbolically, this day, December 8, refers to 66, Saint Ann / Satan, and Mary, or MAR, the Sea.

The elite luciferian illuminati who call themselves Moriah Conquering WIND must be WHISTLING a happy tune about now. They’re on the verge of entering into the final stages of implementing the Big One, the major distraction, that will see them redirect the power and strength of the Paradise State into their coffers.

James Bay Water Agenda – On The ROCKS

Below is a map of Quebec and the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Charlottetown(named after Queen Charlotte, mother of 14 children), Prince Edward Island (meaning Prince of THEO, or THEODORE, or EDWARD, or God) is the location for the signing of Confederation of Canada. Saint-Pierre & Miquelon Islands are controlled by France, and symbolically refers to Satan ROCK Michael. Newfoundland sports the nickname of the ROCK. Quebec is a major part of the Canadian Shield, the exposed part of the largest ROCK formation in the world, the North American Craton ROCK.

QUEBEC – CUBE of Mecca
Quebec, the Cube of Mecca lies next to the Mecca Fish of Ontario, or AT ORION. As with all other ROCKS in the luciferian agenda, when the 11 Western States are overlaid on the ROCK being presented, the corresponding bodies of water always flood the state of California and Arizona. The source of the water always comes from Canada, the Arctic and Greenland, and from the South Pole. The water always enters in at the Strait of Juan de Fuca into Washington State, or somewhere near the BaJa in Mexico. By rotating the Province of Quebec with the Maritime Provinces 180 degrees, (the Maritimes also have a strong French connection and influence), this very same water inundation occurs. The names throughout Quebec and the Maritimes have a very strong symbolic ring. Also, take note of the Octagon corner shared with Ontario, which again is simply an anagram for AT ORION.

Whenever the Octagon angle shows up, (as it does in about 8 or more places in Canadian borders), this will be a reference to ORION, or the WATER ION, the electrically charged Atom, and the foundation of this illusory 3D life experience. The Octagon is the DOUBLE CROSS as mentioned in previous pages.

For instance, MOSES was drawn from the WATER by the Pharoahs DAUGHTER.
MOSES was adopted by the Pharoahs DAUGHTER and raised as a PRINCE.
MOSES had a brother AARON who became the first HIGH PRIEST.

MOSES = MUSES = 9 WATER NYMPHS of APOLLO, or A POLE, the North or South Pole.
PRINCE = P=RINCE = P, Pi, Pan, the foundation RINSE, or foundation of WATER that this illusory 3D world has in abundance.

P is the 16th letter of the English alphabet. 16 coincides with 4 on the 2nd clockface. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president, prince, or high priest, and Barack Obama is the 44th, or 4×4= 16. The letter P represents, the Prince, the Pi, the Pan, the one who rules, the circle, or the expanse.

Things are just a bit fishy!

Current Electricity-Water-Time-Money
The chart immediately above lists how the term CURRENT applies to electricity, water, time and money,. The Thought Process is so completely flawed that they must use the same term, albeit, in a subliminal sense, or the illusion falls apart. The current of flowing electricity, water, time and money conjures up, and supports, and perpetuates the 3D illusion. Without this constant flow of thought, the 3D life experience would cease.

On the Old City Walls of Jerusalem, one of the North Gates, at the east end of the wall, was called Herod’s Gate.


It was also called the FLOWER GATE. The name Flower refers to the FLOWING PRINCIPLE of the 3D illusion. When comparing the Old City Walls of Jerusalem to the Pacific Ocean (see page 16), the Flower Gate coincides with Northern Canada, the Arctic and Greenland. This is the area that the luciferian agenda has symbolically included in their hideous plan, to be the source of a massive FLOWING of water to cleanse the earth. In modern terms, this is referred to as Global Warming and Global Climate Change.

Today, September 22, 2009 – The FALL EQUINOX witnessed another religious ritual being played out in the UNITED NATIONS. This day reads as 22/09/09, or 2×11 plus 2×9. The religious celebration at the UN, or NU, as in NEW, was called to voice concerns about CLIMATE CHANGE. However, here’s what the religious celebration was really about.

CLIMATE = KLIM-ATE = MILK-ATE = MILK Flood / 8 Control

The term climate change is actually suggesting that its time to have the King take Control through the Flood event. This is all part of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Speaking of SUPPER. Is anybody HUNGARY?

The Prime Minister of Hungary rang the Closing Bell at the NY Stock Exchange, (NYSE = SION). His name is Gordon Bajnai – yet another B and G name, on the verge of 23/09/09. The Stock Market is booming right now. Almost at 9900! It closed today at 9,829.87. This is the week of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, which continues till the 28th. This is the reason for all the Health Care Reform and Climate Change chatter. The subliminals have to be established very hard and fast right now. This coupled with the fabricated Terrorist plots uncovered in New York with a Denver connection, and our reality is being established for us.

September 23, 2009 - 23/09/09 = coincides with 11/09/09

September 23 – 2009 – NYSE / SION – the Opening Bell was rung by VISA credit card company. These are the same letters in the name AVIS Rent a Car.

VISA = AVIS = VA-IS = VAV the number 6 in Hebrew.
VA-IS = WATER Sacrifice ISIS

CURIOUS NUMBERS at NYSE September 23-2009

The NYSE / SION reached a high of 9891, by 3:45 EST. (Close is at 4:30 EST). Basically 9900. The closing number still has to be accounted for. Then immediately fell 143 points to 9748.
The Closing Bell was rung by His Excellency Abhisit Vejjajiva, (another type of B and J word), Prime Minister of Thailand.

HEBREW #6/strong>



  1. Yes we are all sick, but is not our fault, we are sick because of this evil empty creation, we do not know who we are and that is been hidden from us. We are sick because we are not completed, our inner being has been broken down by the "Energy Sucking Master" since the beginning of the manipulation. We do not know what we are doing in this place (Planet) we do not know where we are going, we do not even know Who we are. So, if we do not know these basics, how can we be not lost? Being lost make us insecure, make us weak! We have to help other family members, and many times we fail, this is because we are not completed as beings. We miss our true "nature", we need to reconnect, and the only way is to mind our own business and not the Master's.
    Posted by carlosanto at 10:22 AM 0 comments

  2. Great Comments Carlo. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Thanx for the link DarkStar, this etymological break down stuff is fascinating.

    Take care bro.

  4. Your welcome Komar.

    The IlluminatiMartrix expalins a lot of things & it makes sense. I know I have tried to show this to many people, but you know, they just don't get it. Hey do you think the followers at hives (the other type of sheeple) would read this? NO! Because they think they aready know everything and there are going to get deep dark secrets from him. WTF!. What a joke.

    You will find more secrets in these blogs and the 50+ I follow that give much better knowledge and than most. Take Care. Enjoy!