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Monday, July 13, 2009

The last Great U.S.A. President - John F. Kennedy Assassination

Bill Cooper on Salt Lake city, Utah KUTV, 15 may 1991, discussing the JFK assassination; as it turned out, William "Bill" Cooper, as we know, was murdered shortly after 11 September 2001 in a suspicious police raid in the early morning hours of 06 November 2001.

Did the driver shoot JFK?
"William Cooper himself speaks on this video and various experts are consulted. I corresponded with Cooper, personally, in the days before he was shot to death outside his home by police and whatever you may think about his views, I believe he had integrity. In other words, he was capable of making mistakes but not of deliberately misleading people about the truth of our own military industrial complex." - smileycoyote

CIA arranged for several marksmen, at least 2 positioned at the Grassy Knoll. Instruction: ensure a shot to JFK's HEAD. If the driver was in on it, then when he saw a shot had only pierced JFK's neck, it would explain his turning to fire. However, another shot, the first fired by one James Earl Files, came from the Grassy Knoll to JFK's LEFT temple. Files had been aiming for JFK"s left eye. The driver may have missed, if he did fire. Implicated: G.H.W. BUSH & LBJ, and others in Shadow Govt.

This is the CNN report about recently discovered FBI documents at the national archives, which confirm that long time suspect, Carlos Marcello admitted to an FBI informant that he setup the assassination of President Kennedy.

Oswald associate, David Ferrie worked for Marcello and his attorneys and has also been a major suspect in the JFK case, who was brought in for questioning by the FBI, after a co-worker reported his association to Oswald.

JFK Assassination - Busted! - Or Not?

"Why did JFK's Driver shoot him in the Head at point blank range?" - SatansAgenda

JFK - Shocking New Footage! Stabilized, filtered and in high definition: 05/12/2009

This video replaces the one that was censored, due to the complaint filed by proponents of the theory that Bill Greer, the driver of the limousine turned around and shot President Kennedy.

"It contains absolutely no derogatory remarks about the intelligence or integrity of anyone associated with this issue." - Bob Harris

Did the driver shoot JFK? (revised).

"Clear evidence that President Kennedy was hit twice in the head - once from the rear and once from the front." - Bob Harris

The JFK Assassination - the Last Shot


- DarkStar888


  1. I really just watched that second to last video cause i was hoping it was what it was. I keep saying that is the forehead and hair reflection to people passing that other video around. I hate that misinformation video, it makes people look dumb IMO.

  2. Yes C, that's why I posted that much information. I agree, I don't think it's a GUN either, just the sun-glare. Unfortunately, it makes Bill Cooper & others look a little stupid doesn't it?

    - DarkStar888

  3. Looks like Cooper is wrong on this one.The driver did not shoot Kennedy.

  4. I think the CIA planted false information in Coopers hands to discredit him when he used it with the public. This way they could say he didn't know what he was talking about, to make people think about how much of all of his published information is really truth. I'll say this, the Elite aren't stupid, so you don't kill him but make him look stupid & a lier then kill him. Nice plan. They can suck in almost anyone. :)